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A populist challenge to Hillary Clinton


A populist challenge to Hillary Clinton

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Hillary Clinton’s decision to “go small” by formally announcing her presidential campaign in a video, before heading off for “intimate” meetings in Iowa, touched off saturation national press coverage that other contenders can only envy. The former first lady, former senator, former presidential contender, former secretary of state has been in the public eye for nearly a quarter of a century.


An evolutionary challenge to the system is a given. Favorable or not, it brings changes that take place in the disorder of an entropic ecosystem about to be reborn in dynamic stability
Candidates and parties seeking cohesion in such a state matter little in the scheme of things. What matters is the cohesion


Madonna just showed Hillary how to hold on to Obama’s supporters by sticking her tongue down the throat of a (MUCH!) younger black performer at some concert recently (the look on his face just afterwards is priceless).

The only question would be who? She wants to steal some votes from the other side so how about J.C. Watts? Are there any black republican women? Hillary could nail another demographic in the process.

Boy, politics is complicated!



“Clinton’s campaign acknowledges, the central question is still about the economy: how to make this economy work for working people once more, to rebuild a broad middle class, increase wages and reduce income inequality. Here, although Clinton has been in the public eye for decades, her views are largely unknown, if not unformed.”…Katrina

“Unformed,” in her seventh decade, wife of, and co-president with, hubby Bill, in charge of the aborted Clinton Rube Goldberg health care project, a veritable fixture at Goldman Sachs, dear friend of Bob Rubin, and yet remains a tabula rasa? Years of committees, panels, seminars, Senate conferences, and jet setting around the world with the Davos crowd, and she is unformed. All those Renaissance Weekends hobnobbing with Nobel Laureates in Economics, poetry, et al and still a tabula rasa? From dodging bullets on the tarmac in Sarajevo to arranging Chelsea’s “modest” wedding the woman is clueless about things economic? Oh heck, what’s the use, check out Counterpunch’s series about Hillary and Bill from their archives, a great refresher course.




The nation deserves Hillary. She is a conservative monster.


“Historically, after eight years of one party in the White House, voters are ready for change.” And we have learned that no matter which of those two dinosaur parties we give power to, nothing will change except everything will continue changing for the worse.

Hillary is recycled everything, even the promises which we all know are already lies.


Systic ping. TheNewSystem.org. Reaffirming~ I hold no support whatsoever for the US Presidential election process, particularly as we know it today. My conviction in that regard has only expanded, because of the pervasive hypocrisy justified by a complete and constant TVganda conviction that the naked emperor is STILL dressed better than ever.
Elites have stolen the health and well-being of all humanity and failed their responsibility for the Earth by disrespecting her entirely. Now they tell us everything is fine and the only choice anyway is to go along, because they hold all the guns and money.


Hillary will meet the populist challenge the way Bill did, make promises, give some half hearted support for them, when those initiatives fail retrenchment into a conservatism that assures her corporate funders that they can still have their way. The problem is not what Hillary will say or promise but with what intensity or sincerity she will execute her promises. Hillary, the Walmart board member, dear friend of Robert Rubin, Hillary the millionaire will be champion of everyday Americans-ludicrous. The more amazing thing is that she can sell it. Only in America, only with an electorate as distracted, gullible, ignorant and uninformed as they are would this be possible-and we are that country.