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A Post-Election Strategy for National Unity: Focus on Future Generations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/07/post-election-strategy-national-unity-focus-future-generations

Yep humans must choose to go long…

De -growth ,Share everything, any new products made must be built to very high specifications so to be used by the many alot of the time .Not bought by the few to sit idle .Less going to landfill .All products to be recyclable.

Move from a Power and Possessions economy to a Use and Access model so everyone can have access to the stuff of Life ,not having to own your individual copy of everything. This is absurd.
This idea has not been widely taught but we could make it the New Normal.
There is enough of everything if we share and share alike .
Its actually very simple ,just follow the law of Love.
What would Love do now ? Who you are is Love !
Go with the soul its the highest feeling of Love you can imagine.

End the concept of ownership .We have an extraction economy only benefiting the few.
It’s crazy with greed out of control due to fear of not enough to go around.
This myth of Insufficiency is rooted in capitalism and our whole economic system which is primitive.
Hoarding and hiding wealth is a massive problem ,but nothing changes inappropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny so we must shine the light of truth .
Every single monetary transaction must be transparent.
Visibility being another word for truth.

We must all be stewards of the truth.

I almost forgot, use Hemp ,it can substitute for so many nonrenewable resources at a tenth of the cost.
A lifeline for Humanity .

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