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A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society


A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society

Thomas Piketty

Anthony Atkinson occupies a unique place among economists. During the past half-century, in defiance of prevailing trends, he managed to place the question of inequality at the center of his work while demonstrating that economics is first and foremost a social and moral science.


It will be interesting to see if the Sanders campaign gets down to specifics in the course of the next year, regarding specific proposed US tax rates on income; estate; property etc, as Atkinson outlines in his book for the UK. And if Sanders’ top rates are in the range of 65%, as Atkinson proposes.

Has Sanders’ campaign made specific proposals for top tax rates in various categories at this point? Any quick citations are appreciated.


i watched the Richard Wolf video that BuddahNature posted yesterday. Wolf praises Piketty’s work but says he’s a bad writer. i don’t find this book review poorly written at all!


“The battle for fiscal progressivity” must consider what reformers like Bernie Sanders overlook:

“Your boss wants to control your vote: The real reason to fear corporate power”



i like this quote from the article you link “The real problem is that workers are the instruments of their bosses’ will.”

The writer is referring specifically to corporate influence over “employees’” political activity, but of course the “instrument of their bosses’ will” is the fundamental construct of the “employer / employee” relationship. “Employer / employee” pretty literally means “user / used,” and the fact that that language is “employed” even by “employees” as the standard formulation, without apparent conscious comprehension of the literal meaning of the words, speaks volumes to the depth of penetration of capitalist ideology into the popular consciousness.

Did you view the Richard Wolf video that BuddahNature posted yesterday, about democratization of the workplace as the foundation of radical, not progressive, reform? 108 minutes but if you can watch / listen while doing another mindless activity, you can double-task:



I will watch Richard Wolf’s video tonite while watching Game of Thrones. One brain hemisphere for each. Thanks webwalk.


As it goes the article does attempt to approach the issue of finding methods to reduce social and financial inequality in society. However as with many economic views of the world it is too narrow in its focus in the sense that it is centered on human beings and doesn’t bring in the human relationship with the Earth. We know that everything is connected and so if we continue with a capitalist system to create the social justice Piketty is suggesting here in the end we will still exploit the natural world until exhaustion and death. In essence Piketty’s writing is really a manifestation of a particular set of stories or views of the world that he has inside himself. As such they resemble, despite his attempts to socialize economics, a reductionist and technocratic view of the world. So in my world the next step would be for Mr. Piketty (perhaps with other people) to expand his horizons and include an examination of the approach he suggesting above in relation to ecology and human psychology.