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A Prayer for People and Planet: 500 Clergy Hold 'Historic' Mass Gathering for Standing Rock


A Prayer for People and Planet: 500 Clergy Hold 'Historic' Mass Gathering for Standing Rock

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a "historic" show of interfaith solidarity, 500 clergy members prayed along the banks of North Dakota's Cannonbcall River on Thursday where they "bore witness with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation," which has faced intimidation, violence, and arrests for protecting their sacred land and water supply from the threats of a massive oil pipeline.


Unlike many of the MSM issues, this one actually clashes directly with the corporate agenda. A win for the Sioux, is a win for the 99%. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. What is at stake is billions of dollars in profit for a handful of super wealthy industrialists on one hand compared to the rights of the 99% to save their water, a broken democracy and the planet.
My guess is that the rich will eventually resort to violence (history repeats itself far too often!) and crush the protesters with a military type of assault followed by mass arrests. How we respond to this will ultimately decide whether the 99% has the guts to stand up to oppression or whether we will cave in to the demands of corporate America.


This heart felt show of support is just what is needed now. The overlords need to see we will stand with our Native brothers and sisters, as well as our black and brown brothers and sisters.
This confrontation is meaningful on so many levels. The Oligarch knows no end to it's lust for profit and power. We must show them we will not give up our right to live, drink clean water and breathe clean air for their profits.


It just occurred to me that this election is really all about #DAPL - Standing Rock - the Cannonball and Missouri Rivers, the process of reconciliation, if that is possible, between the Colombian migration to the Americas and the indigenous Peoples who were already here.

A continuation of #OCCUPY - if you will.

The surreal political landscape is being replaced with reality - with real economic issues - water - land - people - who need both to survive.

To quote from a favorite movie, "Geronimo: An American Legend";

"Where is your heart?"


500 clergy. Thank you.


Thank you clergy members.
Funny, when I went to sleep last night found myself imagining a national day of prayer declared in solidarity with and toward undeniable recognition of call for justice and for it to be realized.

No news yet on any response from Kelcy Warren, owner of the Energy Transfer Partners building dapl. to Indigo Girls and colleagues letter... while we all wait patiently and listen for the swell of rising voices.

Wonder how the consciences of stockholders are beginning to feel. Any journalists addressing that?


"Columbian Migration" was, in fact, an invasion from Europe-from Spain to Portugal to the Anglos. And along with them they brought their guns, racism, diseases and intolerance. The churches, particularly the Catholic Church stole the lives, language, culture of the indigenes' children (forced boarding schools) and not many Lakotas like them to this day. Glad to see that at last there is the acknowledgement from the "Christian" community of this wrong. The Doctrine of Discovery was and continues to be a crime. Contact the Roman Catholic Pope and demand the catholic church renounce this doctrine:


His Holiness, Pope Francis PP.
00120 Via Del Pellegino
Citta' del Vaticano


My brief message:

His Holiness, Papa Franscico

Please rescind, denounce the Doctrine of Discovery that was responsible for the "justification" of the many crimes committed against the indigenes of the Americas. I ask this in the spirit of reconciliation and the many lost lives to the brutality of the European invaders.

Thank you.


YES!!! Space_cadet you nailed it!!! This whole battle basically boils down to the financial interests of a handful of already far too wealthy money changers versus the rest of us who want clean water for our children and their children. In a functional democracy there would not be any conflict as the solution, that which protects a resource we all, including the rich filth need to survive, is obvious to even the most blind. What we have here is a battle similar to those battles where the railroad companies used the Pinkertons to resolve through violence. The bottom line is this: unless those who are unable to control their greed and lust for power are marginalized by the rest of us, they and their insatiable greed will kill us all. The solution here is so obvious yet law enforcement and the greedy republicans insist on placing more money for themselves over the good of the masses. I say no, no, and HELL no!!! We the people are going to stop you, like it or not!!!


All migrations have consequences - calling them invasions is OK with me, if you prefer.

When the first Americans came here to the Americas, ca 15,000 years ago, perhaps sooner, I doubt the resident Mammoths, sabre-tooth cats, the American horse, and the fifty or so other megafaunal species welcomed their arrival. Those megafauna all went extinct, just to hammer home the point.

We left Europe for good reasons, having trashed, over-civilized and degraded the 'environment' in which we lived - or is it survived, for most of us. Of course there were the rapacious few, as there always has been and always will be, unless you know how to change human nature?

Better I think to acknowledge our common humanity, which is not always pretty.

Every tribe and clan and band in the Americas migrated or invaded from one place to another over the span of many thousands of years - displacing, assimilating, or simply removing those in their path.

We are all the same.


What makes this a lost cause is our hyper-dependency on privately-owned motor vehicles. This is true of millions of people who do have access to public transportation, but don't wish to bother with the inconvenience.

High fuel prices and long lines at gas stations can damage political careers. This fact gives US oil corporations extraordinary power. The Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 made Americans aware (if only briefly) of our "urgent need" to break our dependency on oil -- not just imported oil, but oil itself. 43 tears later, virtually no progress has been made. Every effort to invest tax dollars into a comprehensive, Euro-style mass transportation system, necessary to reduce the number of vehicles in use, has been fought.


One inititative that might get off the ground is a boycott of South Dakota. This is having an effect on North Carolina over their anti-gay legislation.

I do believe one was orchestrated against the State of South Dakota about 10 years ago.


Yes. Thank you for recalling the heart of the matter.

In fact, we DO know much about how to cultivate what is beautiful inside humans, and how to discourage that which so readily creates ugliness. It is no more difficult than tending a garden.

But it requires FEELING. Feeling our participation in "a communion of subjects" (Thomas Berry).

To do this requires us all to give up the short-term satisfactions of protecting ourselves from pain by retreating into the dissociative intellect.

It requires us to give up the illusion of control brought on by living from that divisive mind, for to that mind we always look like "the only subjects in a universe of objects." And whatever we perceive as an object, we feel entitled to use, exploit, destroy...

The change in inner orientation can come in a moment, and transform our world more thoroughly than we imagine.

May we humble ourselves in the arms of the Mother, and be the change Earth wants to see....


Hi DHFabian- good starting point.....but it goes way beyond the car. As long as we are very dependent on both $$ and fossil fuels, these conflicts will continue. We need to get off both fossil fuels and the $$..... Either we do it, or it will be done in other ways.


Fascism is a system of government in which big corporations and politicians work together as business partners to repress and control the population by force in order to maximize regime/corporate wealth and power. Domestic hallmarks of fascism are large-scale police brutality, the militarization of the police, and the use of corporate gangs of thugs/mercenaries to attack any citizens who protest. The construction of fascism typically begins with violence against a minority as a way of getting the majority used to police behaving as thugs but then spreads rapidly to the general replacement of rule by law with rule by violence. In tandem with the installation of a police state, foreign policy is typically transformed from a normal policy of diplomacy into a foreign policy based on permanent war, invaluable for creating a sense of crisis that further lulls the population into accepting violence. Wars of aggression overseas are used to justify corporate/police repression of the domestic population. Once a war party is in control of foreign policy and able to attack other countries with impunity and corporate/police power has the ability to employ violence against protesters with impunity, it is extremely difficult for a population to resist.


My sympathies are entirely with the protestors and their supporters. However, how do any of us know whether we might be entangled with the pipe line company through our investments? We are all encouraged to buy mutual funds and have 401K accounts and buy stocks that will give a good yield and celebrate when we see the bottom line on the quarterly statements go up. Many of us have no idea what companies we own stock in and whether they are good stewards of the land, our resources, and care anything about the human impact of their business. Certainly the people at the top will benefit hugely from this project but stockholders are also expecting a payoff. We demand a growing economy. We need to think about the tension between our capitalist system and the sustainability of the health of the planet and ourselves.