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A Presidency Built on Racial Divisions


A Presidency Built on Racial Divisions

Peniel Joseph

Racial violence that gripped Charlottesville, Va., causing the governor to declare a state of emergency represents a case of what Malcolm X famously characterized as “chickens coming home to roost.” President Donald Trump’s bluntly facile appeal to deep-seated racial divisions would be comical if it weren’t so dangerously effective.


“Please don’t be too nice.”~Trump’s words to an auditorium full of police officers.

Well Donald, the Chicken’s come home to roost.

You have achieved your “Real” mantra, “Make America Hate Again.” Not that imagined one.

Your Legacy and your fate is sealed!


Trump’s base exposed.


What a great piece. If I could write like this, I’d be working for one of America’s great papers or magazines. Mr. Joseph, your writing is clean, cogent, and correct.


Bravo to Peniel Joseph!

“President Trump’s immediate response proved morally and politically bankrupt”
“the racially motivated political violence that Trump’s presidency feeds on. From executive orders promoting Muslim travel bans to a Justice Department tasked with pursuing allegations of reverse racism against white college students, the president has signaled, loudly and boldly, where his priorities lie” - and those priorities lie NOT with racial, economic, political, environmental, or world justice! …“the GOP’s so-called leadership has largely followed Trump’s lead” - kissing his ass at every opportunity! The DINO “opposition” has also been craven and complicit to trumps pathological agenda.

Such is the contempt trump holds for almost all others - except the few like-minded walking zeros - trump has not a shred of decency, only his malignant myopic world-view built on wealth, ego ambition, ignorance, with an utter lack of integrity/moral compass, understanding, or empathy - an empty tiny human lacking any visible virtues.

Anyone who isn’t outraged has not been paying attention!


Trump, his closest advisers, and his base, embody all of the worst traits of America.


Our last truly great president - John F. Kennedy would have never degraded people of other religions, races or nationalities. Unlike our current leader, he lifted people up and gave hope to the world. He would have never even thought about building a wall anywhere to separate people.

Our greatest leaders were taken from us by assassination in the 1960s. I think the lesson was learned that those who want to control things will stop at nothing. They are the same ilk that spread terror among the black population after the civil war and including Jim Crow. They are still here and they seem closer to total control of our government. Instead of a nation of principles and laws, we seem to be one of money and power. The spirit of those leaders of the 1960s is our guide. We need to hook into that spirit and do something to stop this.


How to stop the slide into Fascism? That is my question. Seems too late. This administration MUST be brought down.


So now he’s read out a properly crafted, Presidential statement. But I’ll bet the price for leaving out the “all sides” was that prologue about the economic advances for which he claims credit.

@reader321, please remember that JFK nearly started nuclear war with the USSR, and played a large part in stepping into the quagmire of Vietnam. The era of pure virtue never was, especially for Presidents of the USA.


I think you need to read a little further on JFK. He actually stopped a nuclear war that many of the generals wanted. He also was also in the process of removing US troops from Vietnam. This is all well documented but there has been a very concerted effort to demean and degrade Kennedy thereby taking the light off those who wanted him out.


How about you give some of your documentation? But do it in an appropriate topic.