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A President for Nationalizing Major Industries? Please Can We Have ‘76 Bernie for 2020


A President for Nationalizing Major Industries? Please Can We Have ‘76 Bernie for 2020

David Goodner

On the same day moderate Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke declared his candidacy for president, CNN published an exclusive report: Bernie Sanders in the 1970s urged nationalization of most major industries.


Translation: Many of the positions he held at the time…could provide fodder for the MSM to cast the Democratic presidential candidate and his beliefs as a fringe form of Socialism that would be harmful to our corporate owners."


Man, fuck CNN.


And Fox, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC. The only networks worth a shit are LINK and FSTV which I can’t get through my cable co.


I’m all for nationalizing (or whatever the appropriate term may be: democratizing?) energy industries and all utilities that we rely on. Then, I could accept the use of Eminent Domain for building pipelines; plus we’d be able to vote on the building of pipelines and be able to do things like keep pipelines away from Standing Rock or get off fossil fuels altogether- in theory at least. I hate that right wingers try to say gov’t can’t run anything; yet they love their army and police and ICE. Sure, if right wingers deliberately sabotage public utilities like they did, they get to have their fabricated excuse that “gov’t can’t run things.” But its more accurate to say “right wingers sabotage public utilities in order to provide an excuse to privatize utilities because they are trying to scam you for more money to put in their pockets.” We need to call them out on their scams.


A publicly owned, national power grid is vital to confronting the climate disaster in any way that matters. Necessities should not be commodities.


Excellent point in this article. Hope these issues get in the menu of public conversations…and the (not genuine) intentions of the likes of CNN backfire.


We’ll see…for a number of reasons, not sure it’ll change the 2020 picture much.

Ideologically, I think Sanders’ 2016 ‘rank and file’ supporters - the near-half left liberal wing of the Democratic Party and left-of-Democrat independents - will stick with him. Or so I’m hopefully guessing. But will they respond w/the same grass roots enthusiasm and donations…dunno…hope so, because this will make a dif.

In U.S. communities of color, Sanders is better known and liked than before…Enough to increase voting? Especially in the midwest, where people of color turnout was low? Dunno…but important in primaries and a general election.

Ideologically again, don’t think it will change the opposition of the right liberal “Hillary” bloc - the Democratic Party, its mainly right liberal elected representatives, or its rank and file base…whose predominantly right liberal journalists will claim Sanders is ‘too ideologically out of step’ to be elected.

And ideologically once more, I don’t think it will alter the 2016 right wing attitudes of most Republicans. Here the question is will the hysterics over “socialism” cause the self-described conservatives that voted for Sanders in the primaries but Trump in the general to vote Republican from the start this time…would think they’d see Trump as having let them down…but dunno.

Healthcare for all was the big Sanders issue in 2016, it’s more popular now, and to extent his campaign is identified with it, I’d expect it, and lambasting corporations and the rich, to influence voting more than anti-communist hysterics…


Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! I can see clearly now the rain is gone, it’s gonna be a bright, bright sun shining day! Let’s have clear 2020 vision and help elect our best choice to save our country from the Nazi regime in Washington. Peace


His comments are more relevant today than in 1976.

In 1976 Union jobs were still plentiful and the union membership rate was much higher.

Corporations had ALLOT more loyalty to its workers in 1976 than now. Those were the days when a person could work for one company for their entire career and retire with benefits.

Look at what GM just did. The times have caught up to Bernie’s message.

I am all for nationalizing all these major industries until they start to work on behalf of the citizens of this country and not just the shareholders.

Corporations are NOT people and should be made to work on behalf of the US citizen.

FDR nationalized some industries during the war https://slate.com/business/2012/12/fdr-nationalized-montgomery-ward-the-war-economy-and-the-postwar-years.html


they are a DNC corporate tool


“Hope these issues get in the menu of public conversations.”

Yea! On the upside, at a time when Cold War/McCarthyist anti-communism may have receded generationally - and when, in a recent poll, a lot of young Democrats had a positive view of socialism vs. capitalism - it might be possible, for the young especially, to talk about Sanders’ democratic socialist calls for nationalization of key industries.

Instead of shutting up and delegitimizing and stigmatizing left wing ideas, there might be a ‘counter-reaction,’ where, among the young particularly, socialist ideas got more mainstreamed.

After ‘the fall of the Soviet Union,’ much talk of how ‘capitalism had triumphed’ and ‘the end of history,’ in the sense of conflict over economic systems. But without the bogeyman of existing communism to point at, “public conversation” about a fair and democratic economic order may be more possible.


This part of Sanders comments are just good policy in general, nothing socialist about it:

“Sanders’ plan would require large businesses attempting to leave cities to get permission from the towns and the workers in them. If the company did not get that approval they would be required by law to pay a guaranteed two years of severance for workers and 10 years of taxes for the town.”


and by the way fuck Beto ! i will never vote for a corporate democrat for the rest of my life

if it wasn’t for sanders i would have absolutely no interest in what fucking democrats were running


Absolutely. Possibly the worst manifestation of that scenario, with the longest-lasting damage yet to come, is the willful destruction of the US public school system. It’s rapidly devolving into a credential-industrial complex, with rigged college admissions scandals at the pinnacle.


Venezuela nationalized its energy industry. That didn’t go so well. And no, the government is terrible at managing the army, police and ICE too. It’s the same story.


While I favor socialist government, from the perspective common to day that “democratic socialism” is a redundant phrase, I am looking ahead 30 years to a time when either humankind will be on a path to a sustainable economy and society, or the possibility of a sustainable economy and society that is not anarchic chaos (not necessarily equating those terms) will be behind us. I am suspicious of all predictions, especially now, but the first scenario is simply not possible within the current socioeconomic framework.

Just as Allen1 points out above regarding FDRs nationalization of certain industries in wartime (and, I might add, stringent regulation of others), in this crisis as in that one coordination is essential to survival. Competition hasn’t a chance. Incidentally, few species this planet has ever spawned have survived through competition alone. And certainly the “rugged individuals” who peopled the vast prairies of North America that we of European descent stole from their previous settlers would not have survived without a level of voluntary cooperation that is virtually unimaginable today.


Go Bernie. Don’t run from this. Embrace it. It is much more mainstream than CNN or any of the MSM outlets want us to believe. In 2016 they all told us that democratic socialism was dead in the water. In 2018, the voters said otherwise and it is only gaining momentum. If anyone can articulate the importance and necessity of public ownership of industries that currently own and control us rather than vise-a-verse, it is Bernie.



Public ownership of their oil was going very well for Venezuela until the USA intervened with crushing economic sanctions and attempted coups. Public ownership of Venezuela resources brought an end to centuries of harsh and cruel wealth inequality. The country was thriving and was even sharing their wealth and good fortune with other South American nations.

The prosperity and success of socialization is largely the reason for the USA coop. The USA cannot let a socialist Latin American nation succeed.

That is not to say that the Maduro Government carries no blame for the current affairs but public ownership of resources is certainly not to blame.

Here are a couple of perspectives regarding current affairs from the people of Venezuela: https://popularresistance.org/giving-a-voice-to-the-venezuelan-people/


Sure, it was so much better when US and EU petro-companies could freely steal Venezuela’s resources. Chavez did the unimaginable such as spending money on education and healthcare. The destruction of the Venezuelan economy has nothing to do with 10 years of sanctions and plummeting oil prices but because of a socialist government (which they are not)?