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'A Pretty Amazing Line of Questions': Ocasio-Cortez Applauded for Getting Cohen to Dish on Where to Find Trump Dirt


'A Pretty Amazing Line of Questions': Ocasio-Cortez Applauded for Getting Cohen to Dish on Where to Find Trump Dirt

Julia Conley, staff writer

In under five minutes of pointed questioning late Wednesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) put Congress a significant step closer to getting to the bottom of President Donald Trump's long history of alleged fraud and financial crimes.

The New York congresswoman elicited some of the most concrete information that was extracted from Michael Cohen during his testimony before the House Oversight Committee Wednesday.



This Freshman Congresswoman just put many Senior Congress-Critters to shame.



Notwithstanding her gender or ethnicity, AOC is a prototype of whom the founders of the nation foresaw as needing to lead the discourse of the nation’s business.



The smartest thing AO-C did was to thank those who helped her formulate questions that got to the point. And in fairness to the windbag Dems who missed their opportunities to dig deeper, some of them did cover much of the turf AO-C walked in earlier questioning.

And I was actually thrilled to see Rashida Tlaib rile up Mark Meadows (r-NC) over his using a black Trump administration staffer as a prop to counter Trump’s blatant and repeated racist dog-whistling. And I wish Cummings had stood a bit more forcefully behind the point Tlaib and many other d-party questioners were making about Trump’s obvious racism.



This is what they should have been going after Trump with in the first place and not that “russia-gate” crap. I suggest part of the reason they did not is there a number of persons in Congress that have been doing the same types of scams Trump has been doing.



She wants his Tax Returns… We all want his Tax Returns. If Trump is innocent, what’s the problem? There’s enough evidence right here in New York to send Trump to jail without even bringing up Russian Collusion. His pattern with devaluating his Real Estate holdings to pay less taxes is all too obvious. Great job AOC!



Trump definitely needs to be convicted of non-federal crimes to prevent any future POTUS from pardoning him.

Trump is now telling the world that “Cohen said there was no collusion” when Cohen actually said he could not provide evidence of collusion. Expect Trump to also mischaracterize AOC’s and other Congresscritters’ questions and comments.



Golly Gee I don’t know … Maybe she should just sit back watch and learn somethings like Whoopi Goldberg suggested.



:heart_eyes: Excellent!

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YES, this is how it’s done Reps and Senators. I’m a pharmacist and have been watching the Senate questions to the Pharmaceutical big wigs, which pales in comparison to AOC’s questions. Just like whenever they come before congress for questioning. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Just one more reason to get BIG money out of our democracy.



AOC is simply amazing, maybe we need more bartenders to run for congress!



Finally we have a few congresspeople who are there to represent the interests of the people of the United States and not some vested financial interests or foreign governments. She’s smart and tough. Pelosi - you might learn from her before your time is up.



AOC did and does what I would hope everyone in guvmint would do, make working for the guvmint Fun. It’s no good if you can’t have fun, right? We all enjoy watching her work, it’s Fun.



And janitors, garbage workers, waiters and waitressess, cooks…some real people with common sense and an understanding of the real life most of us live. Not the fakes we have now. They belong in a country club not on capital hill.



I have to disagree. I think the founders created a system which led to what we have today. The nation had some inspiring words and principles but they have somehow failed to reign in the corruption of humans. The creation of the Senate and its structure is a prime example of an elitist institution over which we, the people, have little control. Same for the electoral college. Perhaps we all need to reflect on the principles and values that were written and then the real life behavior of these men. We need much more understanding and I think there is a need for truth and reconciliation in the United States. Yes, there were things in those principles - the constitution - that have helped us to move forward. That is part of the greatness but there is a lot of downside.



True, and that is especially true of the Republicans that were on the committee. Seven hours of testimony which was suppose to be about Trump, but the Republicans made it about the interrogation of Michael Cohen. Not one question about Trump’s being a liar, a corrupt, con man and a cheat.



Yes, they really showed that they have no principles and are not interested in the best for our country. How can people keep voting them into office?



Hopefully AOC’s performance satifisfy’s the needs of the anti-duopoly crowd. Just curious, and serious.



Why weren’t the other Democrats on the panel incisive?

I don’t think it’s AOC’s staff as much as her large and well-constructed political network putting her right on target. Just a guess, somewhere online there’s a committee of friendly lawyers CC-ing each other. What counts in a political network is trustworthiness, is the underlying integrity of the participants. The Republicans had a “large” network of people telling them to get crude in calling Cohen a liar, but their strategy was stupid in not once defending Trump against the accusations. So Trump is most likely guilty of embezzling and other felonies, even to his base now.

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I’m surprised more republicans didn’t support Meadows. And it was disgusting to watch the stepping back of Cummings and Tlaib. They didn’t need to cede that ground.
They gave in to the loudest, not the righteous.