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A Privacy-Focused Facebook? We'll Believe It When We See It.


A Privacy-Focused Facebook? We'll Believe It When We See It.

Gennie Gebhart
In his latest announcement, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg embraces privacy and security fundamentals like end-to-end encrypted messaging. But announcing a plan is one thing. Implementing it is entirely another.
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My expectation is that the only thing that will remain private is how Facebook collects information and what that information is about anyone that comes into its sphere of influence and what they do with that information and to whom they provide it and what they get paid for it.

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Nice analysis and explanation. Trust FB as far as you can throw Mark Zuckerberg. (i know he’s little, still that’s not very far!)

We need much deeper reform than better regulation of FB and other tech giants. We need to take these profiteering corporations into public ownership, with strict limitations on data harvesting or resale, with ownership of personal data remaining with the person, not able to be signed away to corporate colonizers through any Terms Of Use agreement. We need a new Bill of Rights.

Otherwise the future of information and communication looks bleak, with everything tuned to enhance the power and profit of these out-of-control giants, as the whole system evolves toward accelerating Artificial Intelligence.



Actually the concept of a New Bill Of Rights sounds great.

Start by defining “person” to abolish constitutional rights for any “corporate persons.”

Define “speech” so as to block any “free speech” defense for political bribery through campaign funding or “lobbying.”

Account for the astonishing development of communication media and technology.

Forbid contracts in which one side (the “consumer”) signs away constitutional rights like the right to sue or the right to privacy, while the other side (the corporation) gains the right to unilaterally change the terms of the contract at any time. Among other “terms of use” abuses.

What else?



HI webwalk and LOL. Maybe there is no difference between the NSA and facebook. I never joined— I suppose wherever I go on the internet that something is tracking me anyway.
Somehow that old AT&T ad of “Reach out and touch someone,” has gotten really creepy : 0



Violating privacy is Facebook’s entire business model.
Collecting and selling users information is how they get paid, and e2e encrypted messaging, supplied by Facebook no less, won’t change that.
That just means that in theory Facebook wont be able to see your private messages.
Of course, as the supplier of said encryption they could also have access to encryption keys, a master key and backdoors etc.
As Snowden revealed, no amount of encryption can prevent the NSA/CIA and the rest from collecting all information directly from the trunkline, so your “private” messages will never actually be private.
In any case, that is ultimately irrelevant as they will still retain access to everything you post, visit, watch and follow which is where the bulk of information is found anyway.
Unless this announcement comes with the release of a subscription model and a pledge to stop collecting any and all data it is just meaningless PRBS for the masses.