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A Pro-democracy Movement Against Boris Johnson Has Been Born—Are You With Us?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/29/pro-democracy-movement-against-boris-johnson-has-been-born-are-you-us

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It will be a hard crash brexit exit.

The competition between the britz empire, germany and russia will get real rough.

London Libor control (interest rates) will vanish. The pound drop like a rock. While the outgoing bank of england guy wants to replace the USA dollar as world trade denomination with a cartoon internet transfer marker.

This is a very good time for USA and Canada to declare independence from England.

the “pro-democracy” label is appealing, but lets remember the British people voted for Brexit, this movement is intended to overturn democracy because they disagree with what the people voted for

Unfortunately, in this age of internet-based mass-mental manipulaton, voting and democracy are two different things. Recent polls show a very large majority of British regret their brexit vote and now do NOT want a brexit.

And at any rate, few on the left save for the tin-foil-hat set supported brexit. The Brexit vote wa the equivalent of the election of Trump - the same racist, nationallis, xenophobic memes - many of them manufactured in the troll farms of St. Petersburg, drove both…

No, the majority didn’t vote for what Johnson is proposing and trying to impose on the UK which is a No Deal (with the EU) Brexit, he and his despicable reptilian neo-liberal cronies have no mandate for that (all polls reveal that to be so), in that at the time of the 2016 EU referendum people where promised a great trade deal with the EU, (amongst other things) 'having our cake and eating it was the phrase Johnson himself used, and they voted for THAT. Yet when this, like most of the promises made by the brexiters with their secret neo-liberal agenda, turned out to pure fantasy and the EU hasn’t given us this wonderful trade deal that’s as good as being in the EU whilst at the same time being out of it, they are they now trying to suspend democracy in order to force this Brexit without a deal on the country without consultation with Parliament or, as many people here are now crying out for, a second referendum now that people know the truth instead of the lies, false promises and bullshit the brexiters promised circa 2016.