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A 'Probably Carcinogen,' Monsanto's Glyphosate Most Heavily Used Weed-Killer Ever

A 'Probably Carcinogen,' Monsanto's Glyphosate Most Heavily Used Weed-Killer Ever

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup, is now the most heavily used week killer ever and its use has exploded in the past decade, a new report finds, a fact that may portend "a host of adverse environmental and public health consequences."

The new paper on the global use of the herbicide comes less than a year after the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified it as "probably carcinogenic to humans."

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I remember trying to get “insurance” when I took on consulting as a chemist. Thought it would be easy. Turned out not to be that at all. I was told that insuring an mechanical engineer against bad bridge design is not that much risk.A bridge collapses. Few people are killed. New bridge is built. However, it takes a chemist to really screw up things. And so nobody wanted to take that risk. What do you do with Monsanto? Clearly there is no way that they have any ability to pay for the damage they do. If it isn’t Roundup, it is GMO seeds. Monsanto has purchased a bunch of seed producers, and it is clear that they will end up having a monopoly that makes seeds “compete” with Monsanto seeds. (Here compete means that the seeds will cost at least what Monsanto sells their stuff for.) Certainly it must be our goal that companies pay for the damage they do. And that means they pay for loss of soil fertility from land their products poison. And for health costs for ag workers. And for sick kids. However seems like this turns our to be a trillion dollar sort of problem, and Monsanto could manage a billion dollar fine. Maybe.


Remember a lifetime or two ago, when we used to talk about things like the Precautionary Principle?

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It’s not either, or, Industry Shill. BOTH can be carcinogenic. BOTH are unhealthy.

The Zika virus has been known since l947 or thereabouts. Why is it that all of a sudden, 2000 babies born in Brazil end up with deformed heads?

I think the cover story that global warming and deforestation are both enlarging the mosquito population pool is only part of the calculus. And while I am against all of the senseless deforestation, and well-aware of global warming, NEITHER accounts for the sudden influx of cases of microencephaly.

What is known is that drugs can cause deformities and genetically-modified substances can cause Cancers and tumors, and some of the detritus of previous wars (like depleted Uranium) can cause birth defects.

Also known is that U.S. military gets millions of dollars to fund studies in bio-weapons.

Brazil, part of the BRICS nation pact has begun to set up an economic system that will give the U.S. dollar less hegemonic control.

It is not outside the realm of probability that some bio-weapon was launched and that its impacts would escalate due to the proliferation of mosquitoes (an inevitable outcome due to both global warming and deforestation).

Living in Florida with a reptile for the state governor, and that reptile just declaring parts of Florida a state of emergency makes it likely that the bastard will start an air-borne pesticide program.

Like the chem trails that only a few brave doctors tell the truth about; and like the vaccines poured into babies’ bodies with only a few brave medical researchers telling the truth (Autism) about; and with prior lies about Agent Orange and more recently, troops exposed to Depleted Uranium in Iraq… the safety of any pesticide program is questionable.

Ebola may have been a test run.

The elites want to reduce the population. I don’t think there IS another explanation given that so little has been done to remedy the radiation gushing out of Fukushima (as if the matter passing out of the “news cycle” somehow makes the reality cease to exist); added to the methane plume just East of L.A.; added to the lead in the water piped into homes in Flint, Michigan; added to the deregulation framework that TIPP and TPP will usher in (think all that Bird Flu in chicken, or Mad Cow disease in beef… entering the U.S.); added to not just spreading wars, but wars fueled by a continuous derelict trafficking in global arms. And so forth.

NONE of these behaviors suggest any remote concern for life. What they hold in common is the likelihood of spreading diseases, Cancer, and death.

That’s why some major anomaly that “just pops up” deserves scrutiny that goes deeper than the Official Story.