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'A Profoundly Troubling Pick': Progressives Slam Biden Choice of Gov. Raimondo for Commerce Chief

AGH. The governor who opened the door to bars while the pandemic was manageable. RI is a party state. People didn’t wear masks, and drank, and laughed close together. Things changed quickly. RI is and has always been corrupt. This is nuts


Yep, she’s kinda like Biden was 40 years ago. What the right can’t win, with militarized OathKeeper© cops herding nazi thugs into das Capital Complex (where the REAL 0.01% coup happened, 40yrs* ago) while our reactionary yuppies, their media & neoFeudal Tech Billionaires’ social networks installed kleptocrats, who KNOW how to get things done?

*Hey, wait just ONE cotton-picking MINUTE… HMMmm?

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/funders-of-the-insurrectionist-gop (Wasn’t CNN’s “debate” down there?)



~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/01/08/coup-j08.html (have a NICE evening. Thanks for overthrowing…

Back To The Future.
Does she drive a DeLorean?

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Biden: a republican in democrat clothing…

With all of the available distractions, it will be pretty easy for Joe to pack his administration with Republican wannabes and third-way , corporate Democrats, just the way Barack did. The electorate needs a better, multiparty system to work with; we need more, and better, choices.

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Boy oh, Boy- Biden and the Dems need to look at these rioters that attacked the capital. No one can or should condone what they did. But anyone with a brain needs to ask WHY?? they did that. Going back to same old same old with a choice like this woman is a HUGE mistake.