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A Progressive Electoral Wave Is Sweeping the Country


A Progressive Electoral Wave Is Sweeping the Country

John Nichols

With a clenched fist held high and the promise of a “movement of the people,” Chokwe Antar Lumumba asked the voters of Jackson, Mississippi, to elect him as their mayor in a race he pledged would lead to the transformation of a Deep South city in a deep-red state. Victory for his civil-rights-inspired, labor-backed campaign for economic and social justice would “send shock waves around the world,” said the 34-year-old human-rights lawyer as he vowed to make Jackson “the most progressive city in the country.”


“This is the essential first step in breaking the grip of a politics that imagines large parts of the country will always be red, and that says the only real fights are over an elusive middle ground where campaigns are fought with lots of money but little substance.”

To me, this is the money quote…and my fondest dream.


Awesome. I had seen a story or two about progressive wins in individual races, but this news is very encouraging… and so welcome after 4 months of insanity from the WH and Repugs in Congress. Too bad major media outlets are shaping the conversation to their own agendas. I like Rachel Maddow, Chris Hays, Joy Reid and Lawrence O’Donnell at MSNBC, but even though Rachel is holding the #1 spot after the train wreck at FoxDeceptions, I know the news from the evening lineup at MSNBC is incomplete (to be kind, they have their directives from on high). I am concerned about the new leadership at NBC and the whole Megyn Kelly fiasco - sure hope it continues to blow up in their faces. Wrong direction, NBC!


93% of the vote! WOW! Lumumba might just turn Jackson into “the most progressive city in the country” with voter support like that. Good job!