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A Progressive Majority Waiting To Be Convinced Government Can Work


A Progressive Majority Waiting To Be Convinced Government Can Work

Isaiah Poole

The conclusions of a new extensive survey released today by the Pew Research Center are not surprising to people who have followed our chronicling of the Populist Majority over the past two years: Solid majorities of Americans accept a significant role for government in ensuring a strong and fair economy, in ensuring access to quality education and health care, protecting the environment and in helping people get out of poverty.


Yep. The answers y'get depend completely on the questions y'ask.

Resentment of the working-class Takers, whose numbers are growing thanks to bad examples coming from the Takers at the top plus the liberal love of big, central governments, is a very good reason to implement a Benefits of Citizenship plan: food, shelter, healthcare, and edu all as public tax-paid benefits, the way clean water, sewage treatment, and roadways are today.

Add that to the expectation that everyone will contribute to the common wealth as best they can, and there'd be a lot more attention paid to who's productive and who's getting a free ride.


Most Americans are progressives but they call themselves conservatives like the oligarchy requires.


defunding government programs for the last 35 years is a big reason for inefficiency. Corruption at all levels begins at the top and trickles down better than trickle down economics. The takers at the top show the people in the middle/bottom how to screw the taxpayers and/or they see the takers at the top and decide they better get what they can while they can as it will explode sooner or later.


yes. and many "govt." programs are at least partially contracted out to private corpses, that seem to be made for deception and corruption. you don't realize it's not really the govt. until you have to deal with them one on one.

too bad we can't get the opposite message out--it's the private sector that's become inefficient, expensive, and corrupted to its bone. And our "leaders" are handing over more and more of our basic necessities over to them.


Seeing how so many small business owners continue to cling to a GOP that screws them, the "opposite message" needs to be fined tuned to emphasize the increasing efficiency of small business contrasted with "inefficient, expensive and corrupted" big business that owns the GOP and democratic Party and screws small business as much or more than it screws the rest of us.


True. Thanks for mentioning the many valiant small business owners.


Big business creates jobs abroad while small businesses create more jobs in the US, despite propaganda that spreads the myth that the 1% and their megacorporations are the big job creators in the US.


Hilarious misspelling!


Purposeful. Been calling them that for a while now, off and on. :O)


I think I've figured out why. Most folks I know who are self employed make large tax payments to uncle sam & their states. These small business folks live "paycheck to paycheck" and have that money spent when it comes in and there isn't any sitting in the bank for paying taxes. Thus, taxes are bad and government just collects taxes and "mis-spends" them, so they're bad too. And all republicans believe this too. The reason here is simple: anything that doesn't directly benefit them is their proof of mis-spending. (-And they must be able to make that connection in 400 milli-seconds or it doesn't count, right? Military! Fix their potholes!)

Any candidate who promises to cut taxes they love, all the way! This is only the right who promises this. Then they get screwed and blame government even more, or, if it's not bad gubmint, then it must be something else: bad liberal owned media!

We on the left need to connect government services they like with their paying taxes, in their minds.


Yep, it's how they ask the questions.

As long as corporate Constitutional rights exist, and as long as corporations can drown political campaigns in money because it's considered First Amendment protected free speech, the government is going to dance to their tune, not ours.