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A Progressive Organic Farmer's Fighting Chance in Virginia


A Progressive Organic Farmer's Fighting Chance in Virginia

Laura Flanders

For a while last week, I thought I was in the wrong place. While the nation’s eyes were on the Kavanaugh hearings, and half my women friends were in Washington, I was in southwest Virginia with a congressional campaign in rural America that big donors and DC Democrats don’t seem to care that much about.


While Flaccavento is certainly better than his Rethug opponent (it would be impossible to not be), he is decidedly pro-gun, silent on single payer and especially silent on militarism, empire, progressive taxation and progressive wealth redistribution. (In the U.S., we can’t even discuss things like nationalization of resources, utilities, transportation,the conversion of the Federal Reserve to National Bank, etc.).

His only reference to the rest of the world is in relation to immigration and he does not cite the centrality of climate change and its threat to human survival.

As the article says, he has a decent chance to win. As with other purple swamp “progressives,” even if he does win, the status quo is pretty much assured and any positive changes are sure to be PR spin and cosmetic.

So goes the (s)electoral “progressive” movement in the U.S. that continues to tie itself to the capitalist, imperialist duopoly.

This is a serious problem, maybe a fatal problem, because these “progressives” sap so many of the few resources and so much of the energy of what is left of the U.S. “left.”

Begging the question: What the hell are we “left” with?