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A Progressive’s Lament about the Trans-Pacific Partnership


A Progressive’s Lament about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Katrina vanden Heuvel

It has come to this. To sell his trade treaty — specifically the fast-track trade authority that would grease the skids for passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), President Obama is mobilizing a coalition anchored by corporate lobbies, the Chamber of Commerce and Republican congressional leadership.


And yet, vanden Heuvel won’t say it: "Barack Obama is indistinguishable from any Republican on the TPP, as he colludes with those monsters. Therefore, I have concluded that Barack Obama is our enemy. Barack Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton, another supporter of this greatest economic rape of the middle class and the poor, must be abandoned and fought by all people of conscience."

It’s telling that the Comments section on this article in The Nation was closed, before a single comment could be posted.

vanden Heuvel talks a good game, but she refuses to tell the real truth.


I don’t know what is going on over at The Nation but comment sections on all of its articles are closed and have been so for some time.


I just checked and some of the comment sections are now open, others are closed.


Although vandan Heuval implies that the Democrats have given the 99% “half a loaf”, FDR’s New Deal didn’t even give us half a loaf, and for the past 40 years the Democrats have barely tossed crumbs while taking back most of what the New Deal gave us.


Good expose on these sickening treaties being bamboozled through via “Fast Track,” Ms. Vanden Heuvel.

Perhaps now you fully recognize what a Trojan Horse Obama is, and why Big Money paved his path into the White House.


You should read Jim Naureckas’ piece today as your frame runs parallel to that which is used by mass media to paint the police as victims.

An HONEST political assessment would point out that Big Money has bought both parties. That in today’s media-controlled climate, where Face Time is essential to the success of any candidate’s campaign, and where media time costs a fortune; that it’s only those who possess–or can amass that fortune–who are in positions to attain public office.

The deregulation begun under Reagan (with his anti-govt. rants in place to push that agenda) opened the way for wealth to accrue to fewer and fewer hands.

By the time “centrist” Clinton came in, corporations were almost in FULL control of what passes for the U.S. electoral process.

That means BOTH “teams” cater to the same interests. The system is fueled by large streams of capital.

Phil Grahm pushed Clinton to deregulate the Bank-stock market relationship so that the wall in place to protect against dangerous speculation (Glass-Steagall) could be taken down.

It’s not Democrats who tossed crumbs. In fact, the frame that sets up a competitive (sports-frame) relationship between Dems and Repugs misses the point: that it is Big Money, in the form of ALEC, Pete Peterson, The Chambers of Commerce, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Agri, Big Coal, Big Oil, Big War Profiteers, Wall St., and the Big Banks THAT RUN IT.

Those who spend time here focused on demonizing the Democrats, liberals, progressives and MOST of the writers featured by this site have AN AGENDA.

As has been documented, ALL Republicans are onboard for the TPP and TIPP… among Dems, that is not the case. There still are some Dems forced to work within a dangerous disproportionate system of failed checks and balances who DO care about the Public’s interests.

Ultimately, so long as Big Money controls the scope of candidates and their exposures, the problem is systemic in nature. It’s petty to focus on personality politics in the place of a more honest in-depth analysis of what ails U.S.


Keep this in mind all those other countries that the US government is trying to force this on, their citizens will not forgive Americans for this and the attempt to force vassal status to US corporations, will destroy foreign relations for years to come. It will get really ugly and it will become the focal point of anti-US sentiment and they will see it, as accept vassal status or be economically attacked, threatened by the US military and be subject to hostile espionage activities.
Why they would continue to push this in the face of very strong opposition is beyond me, sort of an insane push for self destruction.