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A Public Plan for Peace


A Public Plan for Peace

Robert C. Koehler

The American will to wage war — endless war, pointless war, total war — is, I fear, impervious to public opinion and even political action. It remains alive deep in the underground bunker of American militarism, protected from sanity.

This goes beyond the staying power of our loser generals, who have ever freer rein in the Trump administration to expand the war games of the 21st century. There is a quiet determination among those who serve the god of war — or so it seems — to engage in, and presumably win, a nuclear war.


Doesn't scare me so much in terms of Russia and hardened missile silos as in the intensified rattling against NKorea. djt spoke (inappropriately) of these submarines to clarify his "armada" claims when the Vinson misplacement was pointed out to him, "much more powerful than the aircraft carrier." It scares me that the most reliable stay we have on his hand is Chinese President Xi, schooling him on the history and geography of the region. I actually have to be glad he entertained Xi at Mar-al-Ego, and grateful to Xi for staying on that weekend after djt showed off his firepower with the silly Syrian attack. I'm somewhat reassured that Kim didn't do anything over Easter weekend to allow Pence to fulfill his wish to be at ground zero of the Rapture, and hope that the low simmer might now go back to a lower temperature. But the threatening is all too public as djt tweets away. I'm afraid this thing of the missiles on the submarines, ready to obliterate NKorea, may have been the substance and purpose of summoning the Senate to a classified briefing (though it couldn't have been highest level, because not all Senators have that clearance) on White House turf. It would explain the shrugging response of the most responsible Senators.


This country is a long, long way from having any kind of peace plan, be it public, private, secret or otherwise. Can't even get a discussion on it, let alone a plan. Peace now joins poverty as an issue MIA in our political system for decades. Peace and poverty, as issues go, are considered political dead ends by both corporate, money-obsessed parties. Just not good for business. Even now, Obama is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming $400,000 paid speech to his Wall Street buddies.


The more I read of Mr. Koehler, the more significant and important his view of the world becomes. It is not enough to deplore the policies of the current government, or the last few governments. It is essential to develop a new national consciousness which abhors war and other inhumanities. The great danger is not that not everyone endorses such a view, the great danger is that the topic is not even part of the national discussion.


If you step back from the artificial reality of the US MSM, & imagine how an educated person outside the USA might view our government, you can see that the best description for our system is 'a military dictatorship thinly camouflaged with the trappings of pseudo-democracy.'

We have permanent war because the seat of power is the Pentagon, no matter who is president, no matter who is rich & famous.

I think if we hope to change this arrangement we need to acknowledge this fact.

i for one looked so forward to the end of campaign 2016! why? simple, i hoped we could return the issues most important to us putting an end to all this politics 24/7--issues that impact us, we the people, on a daily basis. unfortunately, with this tweeting president the media, the opinion writers and the public get to discuss "the popular kids" every waking moment. thank you, bob koehler, for this topic seeking our input! must admit as i read the title my heart sank just a bit. will this be yet another appeal for us to get out in the streets to shout our demands which always seem to fall on deaf ears? however, the first paragraph reassured me.
— endless war, pointless war, total war — is, I fear, impervious to public opinion and even political action. It remains alive deep in the underground bunker of American militarism, protected from sanity.

"protected from sanity"! love that expression!

we keep hearing that #45 has thus far earned the title, "least popular president ever in u.s. history." with a current approval rating of 44%. that translates into over 100, 000, 000 people who approve this twit. also, trump got a surge following the attack on syria's airbase. even my mexican/german mix neighbor who always looks for the good in others felt elated when #45 spoke of those "beautiful babies."

and believe me this, my friends, IF---that big little word---#45 and his generals begin a war with n. korea, that ingrained pavlovian patrotic response mechanism will see his approval surge just like #43 enjoyed after our illegal invasion of iraq.

so? how do we the people enact a "public plan for peace" in the face of such odds? remember the ARK or acts of random kindness? each of us must double our efforts to bring kindness and compassion back into our public discourse. stop calling our fellow citizens names like "ignorant, lazy simpletons," quit taking every opportunity to call hillary, trump and other politicians ugly names. they'd prefer we admire them, but as long as wall $treet love$ them, they feel quite happy an flattered that we acknowledge their power over us. take every opportunity to give a sincere compliment to a family, member, friend or neighbor even those like mine who cheer, "trump! he's our man! build that wall! build that wall!" when you disagree with their politics, say so with a smile on your face and look for that opportunity to say "i admire so much the way you . . . plant seeds for peace and nurture them every moment of every day. and when we fail and give in to the hate rhetoric around us--forgive yourself as you would forgive others!

p. s. gee, we're missing that member who would have delighted to see koehler mention, "the god of war." anyone know what happened?


She did not like that it was pointed out that she was saying the same thing over and over again, and that she kept attacking a certain racial and genderal group . . .

That being said, the warfare state is engraved on millions of psyches in this great land; they truly cannot imagine another way to live, and that the long-term and short-term futures of their country are at risk from the incessant warfare. _


To stop wars of choice, we could bring back the draft.

Direct Democracy


yes! nationalism, blind patriotism or loyalty to the ruling elites as a virtue has been handed from one generation to the next for thousands of years---at the behest of the ruling class, of course.


I would propose that for 3 days every able bodied working American take to the streets in a massive peaceful protest that would make the marches of the 60's pale by comparison. The over riding theme must be to demand and end to ALL wars, now or commerce stops. I guarantee someone on the Hill will notice. Then about 3 months later, or sooner, do it all over again except make it for 4 days. If this doesn't work... I don't know...get drunk. Keep trying anyway!!


Military propaganda on TV is constant. From the worship of Marines,to the flyovers at NFL games, America is bombarded with MIC indoctrination. Until the false flag attacks are exposed ; Gulf of Tonkin, 911 we will be goaded into wars of aggression, war crimes ,according to the Nuremberg Prunciples. PEACE is verboten in the land of phony macho where only third world countries are bombed. Countries with no real defense capabilities to provide the illusion of victory. We and the little country in the Middle East that rules us are the real evil in the world. MLK was perceptive in his 1967 Riverside speech.