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A Question for Republicans on Trumpcare: Who Would Jesus Kill?


A Question for Republicans on Trumpcare: Who Would Jesus Kill?

Robert Dodge

The Republican controlled house of representatives finally executed their plan to take health care insurance away from Americans and in so doing initiated a death sentence for thousands of Americans. Classically in the guise of "compassionate conservatism," and so often touting family values and piety, this action paradoxically took place on the National Day of Prayer.


Thanks, Obama, for putting the Shoe in the Door for the Insurance Industry by taking Single Payer, which
Dr. Dodge here advocates, Off the Table BEFORE any negotiation had even taken place, even as the Presidency and both Houses of Congress were under Dem Control.

Then, in 2016, they kneecap Bernie, who made it clear clear that Health Care for All was his Unequivocal Priority.

Some Opposition Party!

All that these Rep Jackals are now doing is Running the Ball, which the Dems HANDED OFF to them, further downfield.

At this point, NEITHER of these Organizations truly represent US Citizens, any longer.


Concerning Jesus and Trumpcare... I think Jesus would begin telling Republicans the parable of the Good Samaritan for obvious reasons. Trumpcare is the modern equivalent of Leave them by the side of the road.


The sooner these Abrahamic religions fall into extinction, the better for humanity.
None of these rightwingers realize that they are essentially the exact same kind of people who Jesus protested against before he was executed by them. Jesus was a progressive- pure and simple.


Despite the reworking of history, Jesus was killed by the Romans not the Jews. The Romans usually killed off any of the royal line who didn't collaborate with them. Actually they would wipe out or enslave everyone in the royal family.

INRI >>> a Roman billboard announcing to the Jews under occupation what will happen to anyone who they called their King.

INRI >>> Jesus (Iesus) of Nazareth King (Rex) of the Jews (Iudea). Only a Roman would write that. There was no letter J in Latin.

Respect the rights of others, one of which is freedom of religion.


Actually, we might note that the headline is the only place in the OP where religion appears (plus slight mention of the "day of prayer," whatever that may be).

I appreciate Dodge's passion, but I think it's better applied, especially in the CD context, as a physician than by bringing up the stalking horse of religion.


Why don't you go tell that to the christians?

Jesus was a progressive- pure and simple.
Who ever actually pulled the trigger on him is irrelevant. The fact remains that jewish authorities wanted Jesus dead for challenging their (power,authority, assumptions, economic order, etc) and nothing you said denies that fact. So step down off the soap box...

Sure I respect the rights of others to continue to believe archaic superstitions and all the lies and misinformation that goes along with it. But they need to respect my right to not be dragged down and held back by their ways.


Wouldn't it be better if doctors were government employees? Does a man really need to be paid $300 to spend five minutes looking at a person and asking how they are doing each and every month? If doctors charged less more people could go see them. We have service academies for military officers, why not medical academies for doctors?

It seems mercenary to want single payer so people could afford your high fees. The government should do whatever it takes to insure health care is low cost, not just squeeze trillions out of taxpayers to support millionaire doctors.


Overhead, @Daddio123, overhead.

My dentist, who had 2 treatment rooms and a receptionist, was forced by his own health to retire. The guy who bought his practice (and called his records of my mouth "totally useless") has probably a dozen staff, 5? treatment rooms, and provides lavender-scented hot towels to clean yourself up after he's done rummaging. It's really appalling. And my paltry insurance coverage, which is really a limited-fee program, would be exhausted for the year by the 2nd root canal, under old crowns. I'm walking on.