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A Question from Afghanistan, "Can We Abolish War?"


A Question from Afghanistan, "Can We Abolish War?"

Dr. Hakim

Hadisa, a bright 18 year old Afghan girl, ranks as the top student in her 12th grade class. “The question is,” she wondered, “are human beings capable of abolishing war?”

Like Hadisa, I had my doubts about whether human nature could have the capacity to abolish war. For years, I had presumed that war is sometimes necessary to control ‘terrorists’, and based on that presumption, it didn’t make sense to abolish it. Yet my heart went out to Hadisa when I imagined her in a future riddled with intractable violence.


More evidence that ordinary people, when unconstrained, are peaceful, cooperative, and helpful.

It's the psychopaths, few as they are, who create essentially all the strife in the world.


When it becomes unprofitable for US Big Banks to launder drug money from Afghanistan's heroin then maybe the strife will end there.


Can we abolish wars?

My answer: We will probably never abolish all wars, but if we could abolish industrial greed and the trillion $ profits from wars and somehow make peace and non-violence profitable, in my view, that would go a long way towards abolishing the majority of wars.


More evidence that the fellow-feeling ordinary humans display when unconstrained is also displayed by members of other mammalian species:

Apart from exposure, thirst, and hunger, both dogs were fine.


We can no more eliminate war than we can eliminate the conservatives that cause it. It could take generations for conservatives to evolve into humanists. Of some consolation is knowing that in the end, liberals always win.


We are unlikely to ever abolish war but war is now likely to abolish us.


To paraphrase MLK Jr. If we do not learn to live together we will all surely die together.


Not so, luckily.

If we box up the psychopaths and provide non-violent dispute-resolution paths to everyone based on fairness, war will go away. We'll still have a little interpersonal violence by individuals whose issues aren't detected in time, but we won't have wars.

Who would agree to put on a uniform and go off to war if they were required to knowingly and freely put their signature on an agreement such as this: