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A Quiz


A Quiz

Christopher Brauchli

It was as true as turnips is . . . It was as true . . . as taxes is. And nothing is truer than them.
—Charles Dickens, David Copperfield


The underlying generic defunding issue is addressed very well in Thomas Franks' The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule.


The wealthy have larger carbon footprints than anybody else, and corporations exceed them. Greenhouse gas emissions are much greater in wealthier nations than in "developing" ones. Money and wealth have everything to do with the state of our environment.

Defunding the IRS is part of the conservative toolbox to shift income upwards. Outside of providing profits to their friends in the Collections Corporation of America, why else is their solution to tax avoidance to subcontract out to collections agencies, which they know don't work any better?

Profits are the only language they understand. Collecting taxes is one of the few tools the people have to curb abuses. So while collecting taxes is not a direct solution to the problem of catastrophic climate change, failure to do so contributes to the expansion of climate change by reinforcing bad behavior and the inability of government to fund a rapid transition to a sustainable green economy.


You said what I would have said... and did so eloquently. Thank you for saving me the time.

I could add that in any area where the privatizing forces can snake their way in to eke out a profit and break the chain of accountability, they will do so.

How about all the private soldiers in Iraq being paid 4-5X what normal military personnel are paid?

Janine Wedel explains how this works in her book on "The Shadow Elite."

The goal, as Grover Norquist once opined is to make government small enough to drown in a bathtub. Were it not for the generous contributions of sociopaths like the Koch Brothers, a maniac like Norquist would have been kept in a straight-jacket inside a still remaining open Mental Institution. Instead, his brand of "starve the poor to comfort the rich" has become "the standard wisdom" of the land thanks to a corporate MSM repeating narratives favorable to its owners.


You didn't deflate my balloon. And I don't disagree with you. That said, there still remains a huge connection between wealth and climate change, and every other problem we face. As I said, tax collection doesn't fix the problem, failing to do so exacerbates it. In solving problems, most folks will agree the first thing to do is stop making it worse. Diminishing funding for lavish lifestyles seems an appropriate action to me, along with many assorted others.