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A Radical Agenda for Hillary Clinton


A Radical Agenda for Hillary Clinton

William Greider

Some of the best minds of our generation’s left-liberal thinkers and political agitators are busy these days composing and publishing “to-do” lists for Hillary Clinton. Their sincere suggestions are worthy ideas for economic and social reforms, nothing very radical but smart measures that will make life better for lots of people. Raise the minimum wage, pay equity for women, reform college loans, abolish usurious lending, paid vacations for all workers and many more similar proposals.


“This vision is for the long term, obviously, not for the next electoral season.”

Well Bill, i like your stuff, by and large - thought “Who Will tell the People” was great, and you are correct that this time is not like '29, but not for the reason you state - this time we have no time to fool around and experiment, we have to get it right lickety-split - if we don’t, there is no “long term”, at least not for us …


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Did you even read the article? Its topic goes way beyond the usual dynasty candidates propped up under the illusion of choice.


“I have a hunch many of these proposals will become part of her program. Hillary Clinton will run on them…”

Of course she’ll run on them. She’ll run on all sorts of promises and distortions. But none of it will ever happen. Has this author never heard of Barack Obama? He ran on all sorts of “progressive” promises too. Has he taken even a cursory look at who Killary is, her history, and who owns her? Haven’t we figured this scam out yet?

Yea, sure. Change from within is going to happen. And truth and justice will out, in the end. Right. Not on this planet.


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In reality the real reason that systemic breakdown a taboo subject and not addressed by the Political leaders is not out of some fear or unwillingness to do so.

It is because they see and know it is coming and are busily enacting policies so as to ensure that they and their friends are best able to PROFIT off that collapse. They are setting the stage for the next cycle to ensure that this ones “ruling class” the one and the same that have driven the world to ruin , are the NEXT cycles ruling class with even more power concentrated in fewer hands.


You’re joking, right? To begin with, VP Joe Biden will be the 2016 Dem candidate (launching campaign later in summer). Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, of course. While Clinton has had the best campaign publicity that money can buy (primarily, MSNBC), and the elite just adore her, the “masses” aren’t buying. This is due to her long, solid record of support for the right wing agenda – pro-war, anti-New Deal, pro-“free trade” (was busy promoting the TPP shortly before deciding to play Candidate Coy). We had our fill of “Third Way” Democrats. An issue of particular concern to older voters: Bill Clinton was the first president to begin “reforming” Social Security, the way he “reformed” our former poverty relief programs. He targeted the disabled, and there is little doubt that H. Clinton would pick up where B. Clinton left off. 2016 is likely to be a repeat of 2014, for the same reasons. That’s unfortunate. Democrats should have been able to figure out from Gore vs. Bush that they can’t win elections with the votes of middle class Dems alone. There aren’t that many middle classers left.


Yes, we have no time to waste. Depending on one office - even how powerful it is supposed to be, to implement the changes we need to move forward at speed, right now - is not going to work. The movement for real change is up to us, and while I hope, and do all I can to make that change, I see a great morass of apathy, despair, and blind greed that is so huge, it seems impossible to remove and reach true sanity. Yet, maybe stubbornly or better, with determination, somewhere, every day, I see that we can do it. So I am not quitting, and I am loving every effort from all the people who are putting their lives and sacred honor on the line for life and happiness.


Please don’t start. Because you are leading nowhere. This sounds like the type of thought around Nader 2000-the Democrats are useless, don’t bother, they will never help you, etc…
Meanwhile, voila! We get less than nothing. Personally, I don’t like HRC, I’m for Warren. But for each person who writes off the Democrats in totality we have spades of committed voters who are trying to do what’s best. We do not have the luxury of multi-party state, I sure wish we did.


Maybe Grieder’s hoping for a job with the Clinton channel (a.k.a., MSNBC). I urge anyone who would even consider voting for Clinton in place of Biden (Clinton would first have to run against Biden for the Dem Party nomination) to take the time to do a little research. Clinton has been a consistent right-winger on issue after issue. I can understand “Republicans for Hillary” (Google it), especially when it comes to war and upward wealth redistribution, but am fascinated by the way certain media marketed to libs are used to market her. As for The Nation, yes, that has been a disappointment under its current management. But it’s a weird thing about certain media marketed to libs in recent months: They’ve gone into over-drive to sell neoliberal Clinton, trying to “disappear” Biden, knowing that there is so much opposition to Clinton among likely Dem voters.


The Left is alive and well, and out of patience with Dems and the liberal bourgeousie (the middle class elitists). You don’t hear them because they don’t have the public (media) microphone today. The top priority of lib media is to appeal to middle class consumers and campaign donors, ahead of reporting the information that the public needs to know. That’s just the way it is in the US today.


No, Greider is WAY off track this time. First, he must surely know that VP Joe Biden will be the Dem Party candidate, launching his campaign later in summer. Any Dem pol can challenge Biden for the nomination, of course. This is normally avoided because it splits voters, and the party loses the White House.

On the other hand, at this point it looks like Dems are going down, regardless, although for a different reason. Think back: Clinton/Gore targeted the poor. In Gore vs. Bush, the poor (and those who get why unrelieved poverty is sinking the country) voted third party or withheld their votes, and the middle class picked Bush. Twice. The poor overwhelmingly voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit discussion about our poverty crisis. That didn’t happen. In the weeks before the 2014 election, we learned of Dem plans to deeply cut Social Security Disability (a necessary step toward ending Social Security in whole), and Dems were wiped out. As our attention increasingly turns to 2016, Democrats and liberals have gone into overdrive to utterly alienate these millions who would have otherwise voted Dem. Democrats can’t win elections with the votes of middle class Dems alone.


I don’t recall any of Obama’s promises, other than to state what he would work to achieve, stressing that if the people really wanted something, they would have to get to their feet and MAKE Congress listen. I think most of us learned in school about how Congress works, and the differences between the legislative and administrative branches of government. So, what were those promises?


This is so sad. To see what is left of the left pleading to harness some progressive agenda to the corporate demos. the social Democrats, of which Greider is, have not seen that the two party system is dead. Nader was so right.

Clinton repealed the New Deal and FDR’s policies. Without Obama there might have been actual prosecutions.

The corporate demos have put into place policies the reactionaries could not even have imagined.

This is a Billie Holiday moment. Sad and blue.

Hillary Clinton will never be elected and only 22% of the people will vote. No, Jeb Bush is your next Emperor of the American Scheme. Fascism is saddled up and ready to possee up. If you cannot see that the American people do not elect their leaders, the military, the banks, Wall St. , the Saudis and the Zionists do, then you are dumber than dumb.

Google: "Hillary Clinton and the Plutocratic Swindle’

And as to Jeb, take a good look at your new ‘leader’ – the corporate Mussolini of America

Google: ‘Can America Stomach anotehr Bush’


You must be kidding? What left?


This is all smoke and mirrors about candidates like Biden. This man couldn’t raise money to send a child to charter school. Can’t people see the fascism/ The false flags, the hand of the military and the banks? How can they even think that they elect their brutal dictators for the flop house


I disagree with siouxrose in that this article does not, in any way, go beyond the usual dynasty candidates. Mr. Greider says we must “stick to the political system called democracy and the economic system called capitalism.” WRONG!!

What we have is a far way from any democracy. The elected people in positions of power are in the plutocracy and they pay absolutely no attention to the people they claim to ‘represent’. What we are suffering under now is no way capitalism. When our government will not allow a badly run and clearly failing organization to fail, that is no way capitalism. Badly and/or criminally run corporations should be allowed (if not forced) to fail.

The idea of starting all over with a new system is a great idea but first we have to talk about what a new system could be and what the people really want it to be. First task is to inform the people that both the Democrats and the Republicans are one and the same in serving the wildest desires of the extremely wealthy people who fill their pockets with 'donations". We need to break the two party system and get rid of the evil twins.

The people must gather and discuss ideas for change and select amongst themselves good moral people who will promise to listen to the people.

The first task is to expose the voting records of our present "representatives’ to show that they NO WAY represent the people. It is going to be hard to reach the loyal democrats and equally loyal Republicans. But most of these people are really getting old. The new generation are our best hope for change. They know the level of corruption and they are suffering the most with the collapse of our economy. We must all stop voting for either a D or an R. Sweep them out!! and find amongst the working people a candidate who has NEVER been in any elected office. People who have been in office have adapted to the corrupt system and they will go along to get along. We need NEW BLOOD.


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Hillary has been announced by MSNBC as a progressive democrat. Will that moniker stick? My guess is that it will in spite of fiscal policies which will be center right, social policies that will be mild reforms of right wing corporate extremism, and slight changes in our government to make it appear more democratic. The genius of ClintonIsm is that a compliant Democratic party will go along with it. I don’t think I can vote for that. If Hillary succeeds In calling herself progressive I don’t think I will be able to call myself that any longer. Progressive Democrat is misnomer. The PDA will never have a significant voice in this corrupt bought out excuse for a party that is supposed to represent the interests of ordinary citizens. . I need a new party affiliation and a new way to identify myself on the political spectrum. Democrats are by and large more than a dissapointing to me, they are an embarrassment.