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A Radical Vision for Food: Everyone Growing It for Each Other


A Radical Vision for Food: Everyone Growing It for Each Other

Peter Kalmus

Consider the gift economy, brilliantly on display every Sunday in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, California.


There’s another version of “everyone growing it for each other” going on in Seattle, where the volunteers who run the Beacon Food Forest are growing free, open-harvest food on 7 acres of public land. (Well not 7 acres yet but expanding to 3.5 acres in 2018, expanding again to 7 acres in a couple more years.)


Food for thoughtfulness


“From each according to ability. To each according to need”


Better red than dead.:us:


This sort of mutual aid is exactly what’s needed to begin dismantling capitalism—to begin building the new world in the shell of the old. How else might we feed ourselves during a prolonged general strike?

Further, how might we arrange care for our children, seniors and the infirm? What about education, housing and transportation? Our new institutions must be explicitly and comprehensively anticapitalist to ensure success.


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