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A Real Super Tuesday Calls for a Strong Progressive Media

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/28/real-super-tuesday-calls-strong-progressive-media


It certainly will not be The View. Here we see Whoopi slamming Sanders for saying anything positive about heath care and literacy in Cuba.

There then a clip from Whoopi commenting on Obama whom she praised after saying the same thing.She does a 180.

She another outright Corporatist fraud.

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More importantly, why is Cuba’s Health Services successful in lowering infant mortality and improving life expectancy? And, how is education proficiency or literacy measured? These are great questions?

Why is it that progressives disagree?

Some of my favorite progressive media are Nomiki Konst, Kyle Kulinski, Kim Iversen, Jimmy Dore, Krystal Ball and more. I stay away from corporate media and mostly watch YouTube and Twitter now and go to sites like CD, The Intercept, Truthdig, Truthout. More are appearing daily it seems. Corporate media now seems to have genuine competition from progressive media. I’m pretty sure the corporatists are figuring out ways to counter it. Like Jesse Ventura says “stay vigilant”.

Guys, we know we are not going to get a “real” super Tuesday.

We know that there will be some move to steal the nomination at the convention, though we do not know just how brazen it might become.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate to let everyone and particularly the party particulars know that we are not going to “blue no matter who,” so that it might be a little better, for anyone who might be sitting on the fence, to not try us?

Norman, Sonalhi, do we really want another round of this again? Do the principals really not know where they wind up?