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'A Really Exciting Proposal': Elizabeth Warren's Education Overhaul Would Wipe Out Student Debt, Provide Free Public College

'A Really Exciting Proposal': Elizabeth Warren's Education Overhaul Would Wipe Out Student Debt, Provide Free Public College

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel part or all student loan debt for 95 percent of Americans and make public college free for everyone—the latest, and perhaps most ambitious, policy proposal for the 2020 Democratic contender.

Warren announced the policy in a Medium post Monday morning.

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I love Warren but still would rather see her in the Senate in 2020 as Majority leader. Gotta get Schumer out of there if we want to get anything done with a Sanders presidency. Khanna or Jayapal as Speaker of the House. Put Nina at VP and Tulsi as Secretary of State and now we are cookin’!


Higgins sez:
“The Massachusetts Democrat told readers that her own past as a waitress who was able to attend public college due to the school’s low cost is now unattainable for most Americans.”

Ayuh. For me, coming from a low-income family, it was a BEOG (Basic Educational Opportunity Grant), paid college work-study in the school’s publications office and part-time eves/weekends at a pizza joint, all complemented by a summer job with the local public works department through CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act).

Six months after my graduation, it all came crashing down when USAns elected Saint Ronnie Caligula and and ushered in the era of usery.


Warren has some great proposals. She’s high up on my list of Prez candidates, though she would be even higher if she stepped up her rhetoric on climate change and Green New Deal.

Democrats often have great proposals when not in a position to implement them.
“I am a capitalist to the bone” Warren, may be miles ahead of the likes of Schumer etc, but she is still far removed from what is required to give our species a minute chance at continued survival.


You are so wrong: she’s right where she needs to be at this moment: making well designed policy proposals that other Dems can rally behind to get excitement going against the Clinton/ Balony/Chuckie wing of the party, all of whom haul out socialist as a perjorative. Her ideas of capitalism are about the same as FDR’s who turned capitalism into the engine that suports socialist programs. Europe did it for years. It was the unchecked rise of corporate capitalism that destroyed this country, led by Reagon and finished by Billy BJ. and the Yuppies.
Warren’s problem is that she is under a very dark star this year. Next year, 2020, it will all shift, and she’ll have the same good luck behind her that Bernie had during his rise to popularity. KEEP FIGHTIN’ LIZ!!!

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We are nearing the end of a global extinction event in which an average of 200 species has gone extinct every day for over 6 years. The permafrost is leaking methane, and the scientists studying the permafrost in Siberia all agree that we may have as little as 7- 35 months left until it becomes a full blown rupture, which would be the end of sentient life.
Depending on temperatures we may not even survive this summer.
The oceans are heating up and acidifying faster than any accepted predictions, and may be completely dead within a decade, which is also a death sentence for all of us.
Have you heard Liz even mention global warming?
Our only shot at survival is a global revolution, which means the removal of both duopoly parties.


I think a duel presidency would be in order: Bernie- Liz, Liz- Bernie tag team to take down the corporate oligarchs that are actually behind T-rump. (Not the Russians, you idiots). We’re in a state to have a Revolution just like the 1st one, but this time, let’s do it w/o war. Let’s rearrange the uses of power in the executive branch, just as T-rump is doing but with the citizenry in mind, not the corporations. That means taking out the Corpracrats too, so get out there and help us get a progressive senate and more house members that hate Balony and her minions. We could do this, but only if we stop the circular firing squad that Lefties are so good at.

That’s your solution, it’s not Gretta Thurnbergs (sp?) solution and she’s winning, not whingin’
Besides your soul sucking doomsday list, what have you done lately to promote your solution. Besides ALWAYS being on CD.

She’s one of the best on the issues. But her shrill voice and schoolmarm demeanor doesn’t excite, like Bernie or Trump.

Representative government is a cult of personality.


You got her mixed up with Hillary, who’s voice could grind rocks. Liz has a great voice, and she uses it to excellent purpose. I’m wondering if it’s only boy voices you like, because T-rump’s voice is grotesque to me.


Absolutely unfair to everyone who:

a) has not attended college;
b) paid their own way through college; or,
c) paid off their loans.

This is simply Warren trying to pander to the youth vote with other people’s money.

The reason there is so much debt is that the cost of college has grown at more than 2x the rate of inflation for the past 50 years because colleges have no incentive to keep costs down.

Additionally, if college is not worth the debt incurred - don’t go. Given that most studies show that a college degree (at least in the right fields) can be worth $1 - 3 million, if you want one, pay for it yourself. You’ll make back the expense, assuming you pick a major that actually makes you employable.

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The Republicans are probably going to introduce student loans for primary school pupils to pay for tuition. Charter schools…

Bullshit. I won’t go into the myriad ways that allowing 1.2 Trillion that would be sucked up by the government and into the DOD, to instead be SPENT into the economy benefitting everyone, and swelling tax coffers which could serve to further erode the enormous wealth gap by serving to further pay for social programs.

Secondly, as someone who has two degrees in computer science but still has no job due to the overwhelming number of candidates who are COMPETING with H1B Visa holders and the large number of bootlickers who seem to think that it is A-Okay to work for free as an intern.

You are also not considering the large number of graduates who reside in zones where the job outlook is grim, but is the only place where housing is actually affordable.

We are WAAAAY past a ‘normal’ capitalistic society now. What used to work, no longer works. The ONLY way to fix this drowning ship UNTIL we literally toss out the corrupt political parties and fix our Constitution is a UBI and things like debt-forgiveness. Don’t let jealousy affect your judgement. If you have benefitted from a degree and have an income, you are LUCKY. Many of us have nothing after hundreds of resumes and months of lost time trying. Many of us have no income and only can pay to keep our electricity on by virtue of not having completely wrecked credit. Bear in mind, that even those who may not receive a loan forgiveness WILL benefit by virtue of increased wages and/or increased subsidies, increased services, and lower prices by the enormous boom to the economy it would create.


Why would anyone trust “progressive” positions that candidates like Warren have adopted within the past two years? There is only one candidate whose positions never change, and who has never stopped working to improve the lives of working families like mine, decade after decade: Bernie Sanders.


Not bullshit at all.

First, rather than spending the money (and either increasing the deficit or taxing), try starving the DOD and letting people keep their money. If they keep it, it will likewise either be invested or spent, doing more for the economy than having the government taking it first.

Second, cut back on H1B visas (and all immigration) to improve the job prospects for people who are already here. I thought the mantra was that immigrants were always a net good, and that they weren’t taking jobs from Americans, so we should welcome everyone (sarcasm added).

Third - move where the jobs are. I’ve moved for jobs five times in my career. If the job outlook is “grim”, go where the jobs are. Although when unemployment is less than 4%, it’s hard to consider the job market “grim” - I’ve lived in much worse job markets.

If the college degree is valuable, pay for it yourself. If it isn’t valuable, don’t pursue it. But don’t expect everyone else to pay for it for you.

Jealousy isn’t affecting my judgment - What you’re looking for is a bailout for academia. I opposed the bailout of the banks, I opposed the bailout of the automobile companies, and I oppose the bailout of the academic establishment. The whole reason we have a “student debt crisis” is that colleges have increased tuition at more than 2x the rate of inflation for more than 50 years because they don’t have to worry about how much they charge - students are conned into borrowing to cover it.

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Warren is really trying hard to copy Bernie Sanders while still calling herself a capitalist. How can she fight the entrenched Wall Street interests as a Capitalist? How did Congress choose her to manage TARP funds go to the bankers? How did Obama choose her to create the CFPB that took power away from government agencies and moved them under the private “Federal Reserve” bank resulting in toothless regulation?

Bernie’s free college plan would cost $47 Billion per year which is less than half what Warren’s bill will cost: https://www.usatoday.com/story/college/2017/04/17/heres-how-much-bernie-sanders-free-college-for-all-plan-would-cost/37430393/

Is she really “as a capitalist” fighting to the left of Bernie now? Don’t trust it at all.

Warren is splitting the Bernie Sanders vote to make sure he loses to Joe Biden. Joe Biden was the cause of all this student debt.

Warren is lying to us. She couldn’t tell the difference between Bernie and Hillary in 2016 and declined to endorse Bernie. That was conniving, hypocritical and horrible judgement on the issues she portends to be fighting for.

Don’t trust a politician making promises during an election. Trust their past actions.


Biden is also a proponent and supporter of the hugely expensive and misguided “war on drugs”.


Offering people free stuff is great for click bait, PR, and to get folks into the store. but not sustainable as a business or legislative/Executive model based in expanding freedoms and repairing the damage and unbalancing done to the system in the past 20 years.

This is a great policy. Why did she wait until now to bring it up? She has been there a long time.

After Obama’s “God is in the mix” turnaround, and Hillary’s “private vs. public opinion”, I’m now painfully aware of how “identity politics” is a weasly way to get Republican policy passed (Endless war, Romneycare, DOMA, DADT, etc…).

Sen. Warren, a recent Republican, might be another jack-in-the-box hiding yet another unfortunate surprise for Democratic voters.