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'A Recipe for Disaster': Consumer Safety Groups Sue USDA Over Trump's Effort to Privatize Inspections for Pork Industry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/recipe-disaster-consumer-safety-groups-sue-usda-over-trumps-effort-privatize

Why don’t we cut to the chase here and stop all slaughtering of poor, defenceless, sentient creatures kept in disgusting, inhumane and unethical conditions.

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The only problem with that is the population would grow rapidly if not for the health hazards of eating meat.

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We’ve tried letting the private sector inspect its own handiwork. Didn’t work out so well, witness the Boeing 737 Max. Same thing will happen with food inspections. Unregulated private enterprise always, always, always leads to the triumph of greed over the common good.


And then what would happen to the “pharma”. :))

Just another reason to go vegan.
If you insist on eating tortured dead animals and drinking milk meant for baby cows or the products made from it, perhaps whatever diseases you get are just a form of cosmic justice.

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Right or wrong, over 90% of the world is partly carniverous.

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I hear you.
The last time I looked at stats, less then .5% of world population is vegan.
Vegetarianism isn’t any ethical sub for veganism, as one still consumes animal byproducts, fish, etc.
Having compassion for non-human animals other than pet animals and a few of the “cute” animal species such as koalas doesn’t appear to be in our DNA and it certainly isn’t taught in human culture. In fact, animals are everywhere depicted as mere fodder for our consumption, vivisection, sport, rodeos, torture, etc.
We are the ultimate apex predator; the dead animals/baby cow milk industries will never be without customers.

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I recall, about twenty years ago, seeing fellow workmate driving along side of me and taking a swig out of a water bottle. I was curious why when everyone else was drinking sodas he opted for plain, plain water. Things have changed with water consumption since then. We could make inroads on our diet of meat, if we are influenced enough.

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Now might be a good time to consider kosher or halal diets.

The Bloated Orange Hitler wants his commission(s) from the food industry .

We have successfully returned to the days of Sinclair Lewis’s The Jungle. Maybe we can feed Trump some deadly hotdogs or bacon…


How ironic that it took a pig to neutralize the regulation of the slaughter of pigs.