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'A Reckless Advocate of Military Force': Demands for John Bolton's Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran


'A Reckless Advocate of Military Force': Demands for John Bolton's Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Reminding the world that he is, as one critic put it, "a reckless advocate of military force," the Wall Street Journal revealed on Sunday that President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton "asked the Pentagon to provide the White House with military options to strike Iran last year, generating concern at the Pentagon and State Department."


The Western arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them is bathed in blood And failure.


Why stop at John Bolton??   It’s too late to “Drain the Swamp”, but maybe we can Clean Out the Cesspool — or, at the very least, “Pump Trump”.


In one thread we have questions about Trump being Putin’s puppet.

In another, we have the Trump administration – or at least a possibly rogue Bolton – setting up a war with a Putin ally.

So which is it, Putin puppet, pain in Putin’s ass, or total incoherence? I’m going with C.


Only keeping people in a perpetual state of panic about 1 perceived enemy or another will allow them to unite against that one enemy. Give them 20 different imminent threats and cohesion becomes much harder.


The war-mongering of this administration - Bolton, Pompeo and Trump - constitute an unprecedented threat, not just to this country, but to the entire world. The destabilization of vast regions all around the world are clearly meant to promote war, imperialism and fascist totalitarianism. This country’s recent history of illegal aggression in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Iran are clear. A recent article by Thierry Meyssan regarding their co-ordinated provocation of and preparation for war here in the western hemisphere is one of the most frightening things I have read in years.


The obvious and transparent plan to militarize South America with U.S. military bases in Colombia and Brazil in order to wage a military invasion of Venezuela has proceeded much farther than I was aware. The destabilization and coups promulgated in Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, and Brazil along with the U.S. sponsored governments now in place in Colombia and Argentina have set the stage for a full blown assault on the ‘Other America’ to bring it under the thumb of their rapacious would-be northern Lord and Master.

These people obviously do not care about pissing off the rest of the entire world. They have abandoned any diplomatic pretense and intend to seize control of the whole thing by military force. They are WITHOUT QUESTION the greatest threat to freedom and self rule humanity has ever faced. Why we let them remain in power for even a single additional day speaks volumes about our ignorance, our delusions and our impotence.


Cohesion is going to be difficult in terms of convincing allies outside of Israel to help us destroy Iran.
The world isn’t so aligned behind the US these days.

Cohesion will be difficult because trump likes to brag about low oil prices – they’ll soar if we attack Iran.
Saudi production will be a target, too.

Cohesion will be easy for Russia and China – they’ll support Iran in the background.
Probably just covertly, but who knows?

Cohesion will be especially difficult if the entire region erupts – and it just might.
Can Israel fight on its own borders and in Iran? They sure as hell got cold feet in fighting Assad.


Duel citizen Bolton must go. Yes, I spelled it with an “e” because in the contest between his loyalties it has always been clear which one will vanquish the other. So many others with joint citizenship status behave in essentially the same manner, although rarely so blatantly. The USA itself has no real beef with Iran. If it wants to shout “1979” it should be prepared to hear “1953” in the echo.


Bolton is one of many war criminals from the last several administrations (Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and Trump) who should be serving life sentences for their many war crimes and crimes against humanity.


This is not the least bit “unprecedented”. Learn your national history for petes’ sake. Every U.S. administration, at least since WW2 - and most going back long before - regularly threaten the nations and the peoples of the world on behalf of the U.S. capitalist imperialist project. Did you every actually look at what the Monroe Doctrine is? That’s just for one.




The subversion of the zionist entity of US politics, elections, Congress, our foreign policy and much else is a grave threat to our republic and treason by any elected official that holds first-loyalty to that foreign power over our own nations and people’s interests! Such is clearly the case with the utterly depraved bolton and the sociopath nutter that appointed him!

BDS! End Israeli subversion!


Deleted by writer.


Well, Trump got to drop the “Mother of all Bombs,” so maybe Bolton could drop th, "e Father of all Bom"bs-----and what would that be? It would be Bolton himself ---- free falling from any plane that would take him ------ and drop kicking him into the DEAD SEA. I think that’s appropriate.


In the words of Ron Paul “What is Bolton doing there?”


Some are worse than others.


Trump’s sudden desire to withdraw from Syria is intended to bait Iran into Syria. Whether they actually take the bait or not is irrelevant.

Like the mythical WMDs in Iraq, Americans will be presented again with the intelligence and facts being fixed around the policy to go invade Iran. This time the “facts” will be Iranian troops movements seen through sketchy satellite images.


Editing needed; A strike on Iran is also a strike on Russia and China.

Korea will unify. Japan will continue to rearm. And pentagonian testosterites seeking promotions will keep picking fights until the united states goes broke.


Sick twisted twerp desperately seeking “manliness” in duping young Americans to fight off his demons by terrorizing others.


These fools need to be out there leading the charge, but oh they managed to avoid the draft (probably does not apply to Bolton) but point is they think nothing of sending others to die while they are perfectly safe and feel that murder is just fine when state sponsored. How in the hell do these killers develop that mindset?