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'A Reckless Advocate of Military Force': Demands for John Bolton's Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran


And soon after the earth will be an irradiated wasteland and the sad tale of humanity will be at an end.


I wouldn’t put too much confidence in Russian support for Iran. My guess is that it would be covert and in the background. Putin doesn’t have the guts or the firepower to go into a full-blown military confrontation with us.

Also, I think that we would ‘win’ a war against Iran quite quickly. Then, as usual, we would ‘lose’ the protracted occupation that would ensue. Russia would be laughing on the sidelines.


Oh it applies to Bolton, look up his quotes about the Vietnam War. Bolton’s a chicken hawk of the highest order, if he had longer hair, Trump could grab him by the p***y.


At this rate they might as well have Cheney & Rumsfeld return. At least we will have all the “crazies” in one place. Only in America!


Haven’t read all of the article as yet, nor any of the replies …
but my husband was expressing concerns the other day about some
revelations about Evangelicals – Pompei, Bannon, Trump in the White
House and their seeming fascination with an “the end times.”
Not sure what he had been reading –



The “Religious Right” and Middle East War By no means is this below a criticism against all Fundamentalist Christians, but rather those who have moved from forecasting Armageddon to trying to bring it about.

This trio seems to be registering enough craziness to actually bring it about …!!




We’ll see. Iran is much more important, strategically, to Russia than is Syria; and, Iran will not be the push-over that Iraq was. Iran already has Russian S-300s, plus their own version, which they claim has been upgraded and is now superior to the S-300. There would be American deaths via loss of planes, perhaps even ships, etc.


Your passion is commendable. However it rightfully should be expanded to many administrations previous to the current. General Smedley Butler was equally disgusted - even wrote a book about it.


What is Iran’s great crime? They want to chart their own future. The Empire and its lackeys cannot tolerate that.


Russia does not consider Iran to be en equal ally in the Middle East and in fact competes with Iran in oil and gas production. Russia’s policy towards Iran is a realist one and Russia would sacrifice its relationship with Iran if geostrategically necessary.

According to one analysis on Aljazeera.com;

“Russia as a self-perceived superpower views itself on a par with the United States, not the Islamic Republic, and is basically indignant at the West’s persistent refusal to treat it as such. Along these lines, the Kremlin has historically used Tehran as a counterweight or source of leverage to balance its relations with Western powers, particularly Washington.”

“Today is no exception and Iran is likely to fall victim to the Russian desire for big power recognition and respect as soon as a strategic opportunity presents itself to Moscow.”


They used to pretend they knew everything. I don’t think they even try to pretend anymore. I think they just operate on brute power.


Thank you for the detail. I wonder.

These caravans along with the roundups of illegal immigrants in recent years…The men are given an option of military service…Soldiers with Spanish skills for this massive invasion that you are speaking of?


To think, there was a time when those posing a treat to the public were … institutionalized. Now they are advisors to presidents.


I’m glad you referenced 1953. Most Americans are still woefully ignorant about that CIA coup and how the CIA and Mossad helped train the SAVAK in committing the crime of torture for the 25 years after that coup.

They also do not know how the U.S. supplied Iraq in its 1980-1988 war against Iran (while also supplying Iran!), and, no doubt, choose to forget about the 1988 shooting down of the Iran airliner by the guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Vincennes


The Perfect Match The Trumpster and the Walrus. He knew that Bolton was insane when he brought him on board.

Why would he hire a psychopath who goes around the world threatening to bomb and kill people? Because Trump is obviously showing signs of onset Alzheimer Disease.

This entire administration belongs in the Dust Bin of history.


See the comment from Ithurielspear below.

If the US is crazy enough to occupy Iran after an attack, then US personnel will die in guerilla attacks.


It’s really more like Netanyahu’s puppet. Now that Trump wants us out of Syria, Netanyahu is displeased and has sent in “the adults in the room” to try to make him fall back in line with their neocon regime change plans.


There is plenty of US firepower in the region to keep Netanyahu placated.

And although I’d put no walkback or abrupt change of course past the utterly confused Trump, his tweet warning Turkey to eave the Kurds alone indicates he’s serious about this Syria withdrawal:


I thought he was picked because no one else wants on that Trump train.