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'A Reckless Advocate of Military Force': Demands for John Bolton's Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran


There is plenty of US firepower in the region to keep Netanyahu placated.

And although I’d put no walkback or abrupt change of course past the utterly confused Trump, his tweet warning Turkey to eave the Kurds alone indicates he’s serious about this Syria withdrawal:


I thought he was picked because no one else wants on that Trump train.


When you have no brain the fist becomes your only tool.


Yep, the geopolitical chessboard is a landscape of fluid alliances,

If there’s one thing that unites China, Russia, and Iran, it’s their desire to form the foundation of trading in a currency other than the US petrodollar. Still, Putin would throw any ally under the bus if he saw some way to profit by doing so. Nonetheless, you might note that 7 months after the Al Jazeera article you linked to, Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria are still a bone of contention – in other words, Putin is adept at biding his time, especially as his side wins the war.

That said, Iran is piteously weak militarily, but the US – even under the Trump, Bolton, Pompeo nexus of warmongering/stupidity – is probably not crazy enough to occupy Iran.


I know I’ll get branded as a Putin apologist, again; but, what’s your historical evidence for this statement?

An Iran War Would Destroy the United States – Jul 30, 2018 - Philip Giraldi - ahtribune

Given the size of Iran, its large population, and clear intention to resist any U.S. attack, military action against the country, which many in Washington now see as inevitable, would be by missiles and bombs from the air and sea. But it would not be a cakewalk. In the past year, Iran has deployed the effective Russian made SA-20c SAM mobile air defense units as well as the S-300 VM missile system, which together have a range of more than 100 miles that could cover the entire Persian Gulf. Radar has also been upgraded. They are the centerpieces of an air defense system that could prove formidable against attacking U.S. aircraft and incoming missiles while ballistic missiles in large numbers in the Iranian arsenal could cause major damage to U.S. bases, Israel, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.

All of which means that Americans will die in a war with Iran, possibly in substantial numbers, and the threat by Iran to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz is no fantasy. It has threatened to do so if its own oil exports are blocked after November 4th, even if there is no war. And if there was war, even if subjected to sustained attack, Iran would be able to threaten ships trying to use the Strait with its numerous batteries of anti-ship missiles hidden along the country’s rough and mountainous coastline, to include the Russian made SS-N-22 Sunburn, which is the fastest and most effective ship killing missile in anyone’s arsenal. Fired in volleys, it would be able to overwhelm the defenses of U.S. warships, to include aircraft carriers, if they get too close. With the Strait closed in either scenario, oil prices would go up dramatically, damaging the economies of all the major industrialized nations, including the United States. A major war would also add trillions to the national debt.

Iran also has other resources to strike back, including cadres ready and able to carry out attacks in the United States and Western Europe. The reality is that the United States has no motive to go to war with Iran based on its own national interests but seems to be prepared to do so anywayunder pressure from Israel and Saudi Arabia. If it does do so, Iran will certainly lose, but the damage to the United States at every level might possibly be very high.

See also:
Iran vs. America: Just How Bad a War Could Get – May 6, 2018 - Robert Farley - The National Interest

It would be hell.


Shocked? Anyone that is shocked is either very naive or have not been paying attention. I am shocked that they have not been able to attack Iran with some kind of false flag…YET!


Another tough guy chicken-hawk like Trumps, George W, Cheney and the lot of the neocons who avoided military service but have no qualms about sending our youth to bottomless pits of violence in the Middle East…the fact that they are not tarred and feathered shows how ill-informed and uninterested our people remain,


Bolton avoided Vietnam - do your research!!!


The inmates have taken over the asylum. And he is certainly mental.
The US, to which I immigrated in 1973, is not the country I came to. Our politicians are all for lucre and position, there is no real and honest “service”, though they all claim to serve the people. What a mess!


Neither Russia or Iran are good allies. Nations don’t have friends, they only have interests!


The US is a whole owned subsidiary of the Talmudist State of Israhell!


And Trump; and dim son, Bush; and Cheney and too many more to list here. Amerika is a military, fascist, dictatorship. And what more proof does one need than the 58,000 on the Vietnam, Wall ( which one was an older friend of our family) and the fascists like Kissinger and many other war criminals have not been incarcerated for war crimes even though it has been proven they are guilty as hell!


Just remember, most of those trillions would go to the MICC as it supplies weapons to all sides of the conflict. Of course, most of those trillions would come out of the pockets of We the People, many of whom will die in combat.
*As a surviving nuclear veteran, I have a pretty good picture of how it will end. The religious right may well get their Armageddon.


Nobody said they were/are “friends”. They are “strategic allies”, both economically and militarily.


I agree with you all the way Uncle Fester. Bolton is just a small part of the problem concerning not only national security but global peace in general. The real problem is all of the neocons infesting all aspects of our government. Neocon ideology includes both military and economic hedgmony and their original goal was for U.S. hedgmonyover the entire planet ie Pax Americana. These middle eastern wars are all part of their original plan to have control over the Middle East and all the natural resources they possess. The situation with Iran has zero to do with nuclear weapons but has everything to do with regime change just as it was with Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. This same ideology is the reason for our persistent needling of Russia and China. Both country’s favor a multipolar global economy which is in direct conflict with the neocon goal of a unipolar global economy/government so again the goal of the neoconservative (both democratic and republican including Hillary Clinton and the Bu$h family is regime change for nations that fail to be vassal states to the U.S.). Fortunately Russia and China are a roadblock to the neoconservative goal. Unfortunaly the neocons like Bolton, Clinton, et al are so damned crazy they are willing to risk a nuclear conflict to see their crazy plans to realization. The solution is to eradicate our government of the neoconservative ideology. Only then will the wars stop.


Hi minitrue.

Here’s a little something to get your blood boiling. I’ve sent it to CD as a newstip; and it will be interesting to see whether they end up presenting it to everyone.

The following two links contain, essentially, the same information; but, I would suggest that you

  1. Read just the text of the article at the first link below, then:

  2. Listen to the entire video interview of Katherine Austin Fitts at the second link.

"Secret Money For Private Armies" Austin Fitts Exposes America’s "Open Running Bailout"

Originally published on on Jan 13, 2019 as

Secret Money for Private Armies – Catherine Austin Fitts

Essentially, Wall Street, via changes to the standards imposed by the U.S.'s Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), has created a back door to the U.S. Treasury, which enables them to secretly transfer our tax dollars to private corporations, with no accounting, whatsoever. So far, they’ve transferred at least $50 trillion. There are also changes which enable the financial industry to seize your property, without your consent – Before you decide that this is fear-mongering bull, listen to the entire video, keeping in mind that Austin Fitts and a Dr. Mark Skidmore (Michigan State University) were the researchers who determined that $21 trillion has gone missing from the DOD, between 1998 and 2015; and that Austin Fitts is a former Assistant Secretary of Housing.


Of Course, malicious intent in support of the capitalist imperialist project has always been part of U.S. geopolitics. But even the Dulles brothers and Kissinger went to great lengths to obscure their treachery. What I find unprecedented is that these lunatics have abandoned any pretext of rationality and brazenly threaten military invasions of Iran and Venezuela in the absence of ANY justification or support from the rest of the world. At present our ‘allies’ consist of Israel and Saudi Arabia, two of the most criminally illegitimate regimes on the planet. The Idiot-Trump seems to think picking a war with these countries will work to distract the American people from his other mundane crimes. The crazy End-Timers he has surrounded himself with are happy to use him to bring about their long awaited world conflagration. They have recklessly put down a bet of hundreds of millions of human lives that no one will call their bluff. If they are wrong we all die in a nuclear war; if they are right, we all become subject to totalitarian rule until we die in a mass climate driven extinction. I still say that the recklessness and magnitude of the threat posed is unprecedented and very real and the odds of and options for avoiding it are diminishing quickly.


I’ll stick by my assessment:



Sometimes it becomes expedient to own a large, loud, vicious dog. Those who successfully employ this tactic always know to keep him on a heavy chain, and that eventually they will have to shoot him.


At least get something that’s up to date. Your article of choice was written in 2010; was last updated in 2015; and, states:

Iran, however, has no meaningful missile defenses…This situation will change, however, if Iran acquires operational versions of a more modern system like the S-300.

And, you should know that Iran deployed S-300 systems by the summer of 2016. I won’t wasle my time picking apart the rest of that out-of-date Cordesman’s analysis.