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'A Reckless Advocate of Military Force': Demands for John Bolton's Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran

Just remember, most of those trillions would go to the MICC as it supplies weapons to all sides of the conflict. Of course, most of those trillions would come out of the pockets of We the People, many of whom will die in combat.
*As a surviving nuclear veteran, I have a pretty good picture of how it will end. The religious right may well get their Armageddon.


I agree with you all the way Uncle Fester. Bolton is just a small part of the problem concerning not only national security but global peace in general. The real problem is all of the neocons infesting all aspects of our government. Neocon ideology includes both military and economic hedgmony and their original goal was for U.S. hedgmonyover the entire planet ie Pax Americana. These middle eastern wars are all part of their original plan to have control over the Middle East and all the natural resources they possess. The situation with Iran has zero to do with nuclear weapons but has everything to do with regime change just as it was with Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. This same ideology is the reason for our persistent needling of Russia and China. Both country’s favor a multipolar global economy which is in direct conflict with the neocon goal of a unipolar global economy/government so again the goal of the neoconservative (both democratic and republican including Hillary Clinton and the Bu$h family is regime change for nations that fail to be vassal states to the U.S.). Fortunately Russia and China are a roadblock to the neoconservative goal. Unfortunaly the neocons like Bolton, Clinton, et al are so damned crazy they are willing to risk a nuclear conflict to see their crazy plans to realization. The solution is to eradicate our government of the neoconservative ideology. Only then will the wars stop.


Of Course, malicious intent in support of the capitalist imperialist project has always been part of U.S. geopolitics. But even the Dulles brothers and Kissinger went to great lengths to obscure their treachery. What I find unprecedented is that these lunatics have abandoned any pretext of rationality and brazenly threaten military invasions of Iran and Venezuela in the absence of ANY justification or support from the rest of the world. At present our ‘allies’ consist of Israel and Saudi Arabia, two of the most criminally illegitimate regimes on the planet. The Idiot-Trump seems to think picking a war with these countries will work to distract the American people from his other mundane crimes. The crazy End-Timers he has surrounded himself with are happy to use him to bring about their long awaited world conflagration. They have recklessly put down a bet of hundreds of millions of human lives that no one will call their bluff. If they are wrong we all die in a nuclear war; if they are right, we all become subject to totalitarian rule until we die in a mass climate driven extinction. I still say that the recklessness and magnitude of the threat posed is unprecedented and very real and the odds of and options for avoiding it are diminishing quickly.


I’ll stick by my assessment:


Sometimes it becomes expedient to own a large, loud, vicious dog. Those who successfully employ this tactic always know to keep him on a heavy chain, and that eventually they will have to shoot him.

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The first thing Israel will bomb are the missile installations.


To highlight the role of the hirsute Walrus in this mess, I offer this minor change in wording:


Must ache” can also refer to the discomfort felt by an unpartnered and unsatisfied walrus* during mating season - so we get this:


Yes, he’s aroused for war - and he wants it bad!

Here’s more unsettling news: With global warming sharply affecting the Arctic, the walruses will be"in heat" for longer periods.

[*Some literary license may have been taken in the comments above.]

P.S.: “Each of the cartoons usually ends with Mr. Peabody making a bad pun.”.

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Take a chill pill, the result is precisely the same.

If we look at the mid-east as the toes of a foot, there is one little piggy that remains sovereign.
A pain in the ass of the “New World Order.”
And by gummit we will take them out if we have any republican war mongers left.

Who the fuck voted this neocon, zionist asshole into public office. Oh, I thought so. Get your ugly walrus face out. Who gives this schmuck a voice ? Naturally the controlled zionist media. No Chris Hedges quotes but this wacko gets press.

What a great fullback you were !

Well, we’ll see whose prediction turns out to be more accurate.
It looks like Pompeo has set up a ‘let’s attack Iran’ tour.



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And a lot of unanswered questions here –

“The Pentagon complied with the National Security Council’s request to develop options for striking Iran,” the Journal reported, citing unnamed officials. “But it isn’t clear if the proposals were provided to the White House, whether Mr. Trump knew of the request, or whether serious plans for a U.S. strike against Iran took shape at that time.”

The Journal’s report, which comes just days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an “arrogant tirade” of a speech vilifying Iran, sparked immediate alarm among critics of the Trump administration’s biggest warmongers—who, over the past several months, have been accused of fomenting unrest in Iran and laying the groundwork for war.

Daniel W. Drezner, a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, called the news “a reminder that when it comes to Iran, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are batshit insane.”

Yeah – “batshit insane” –
and also reminding me of Dick Cheney and his ability to run everything while VP –
including on 9/11.

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You don’t have to be a dove to tell Bolton to stick his war mongering head up his ass. And it’s disgusting that our congressman and senators are not lined up daily to tell him so.

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Advocates of war convince themselves they can win: sometimes they do, if the fundamentals and luck are with them. But eventually neither is with them. That is the lesson of history no one has yet learned.


This walrus - Bolton - as ugly and vicious now as he was in the worst days of George “Dubya” and the terrors unleashed on Iraq and Afghanistan. As understood from here in Australia with its own US-government/military adventurism-loving Deputy Sheriff kind of governments - tell this nation what to do - pat us on the head and invoke our eternal friendship - and we’re with the US wars 100%. (And we’ll spend our tax-payer billions not on education or health but on WMD sourced from the US oligarchs. Dreadful!

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Think that happened at least by GHWB but could have been much, much, much earlier.
Would be shocked to find it’s not the control for the deep state/secret government.
Very highly involved in “alien presence” but for deep state.

we “don’t Let these people stay in power”: we are trapped into waiting for Mueller to find the or several smoking guns pointed directly at trump.

Tho I understand, as other trump threats come and go by day, I and many others are holding our breaths until Mueller has enuf evidence against trump to complete and release his final damning report!

As we wait though, trump orders more and more inhumane and nation-destroying disasters!

It is completely understandable that people feel impotent and trapped into waiting for Mueller or some other governmental agency to save us from this imminent threat. There are several problems with that view. The first is the misconception that Mueller ever intended do anything other than return power back to the neocons and dark deep state he has served his entire career. His major career-making tasks on behalf of the FBI have all been whitewash jobs meant to mollify, not to correct. Second is the absolutely FATAL misconception that the people have to wait on the elected officials. Power will NEVER concede ANYTHING. The system is too large and corrupt to be changed from the top down, i.e.- by hoping to be able to vote for ‘woke progressives’ every four years. Real change MUST come from the bottom up. Civil Rights and Voters’ Rights legislation did not come about because we voted all the racist dinosaurs out. It came about because mass public demands put a gun to their heads, and the racist dinosaur-whores voted for the legislation out of self preservation. It is the ONLY thing that will work, and a massive popular movement is the only way to make it happen. There is no reason to put off a mass movement for even one more day. The only thing keeping Trump and Pence from being gone tomorrow is the lack of will of the American people to take action - to take to the streets - to TAKE back our government. Because, sure as hell, no one is going to LET us have it back.

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