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'A Red Line Crossed': Nationwide Protests Declared for Thursday at 5PM After Jeff Sessions Fired


The Attorney General is nominated by the President and appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate. Clearly he feels since the GOP retained control of the Senate after yesterday’s elections he doesn’t even have to go through the process. He needs to be taught he is no different than any other President. And if this chickens*** Congress won’t do their job and tell him, we the people must.


The war in Afghanistan is longer. Still going on.


First the US fascists succeeded seizing the Supreme Court.Now, after the midterms and a majority in the Senate, they will succeed seizing the entire US judiciary, mostly unchallenged would be my guess. Trump inherited 107 vacancies for judges.Shills really, to the head figure of a criminal enterprise and his right-wing fascist ideology.
These are historically classic moves fascists make to solidify their power and control…


So no protests would thus be relevant?


Doesn’t follow, Adam.

“I flipped a coin. It landed heads. Flipped coins always land heads.”


Jeff Sessions resigned. No need to lie, Common Dreams.


This is somewhat of a manufactured crisis. The real crisis is that corporate America continues to manipulate the American public into believing that they live in a democracy and the world’s greatest country. The real crisis is that most Americans vote for either corrupt Democrats or corrupt Republicans. The real crisis is that millions of Americans are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect Wall Street, Big Oil and ruthless dictatorships around the globe. The real crisis is that most Americans know more about a handful of entertainment celebrities than the people in charge of their government. The real crisis is that nuclear weapons, global warming universal healthcare and democracy don’t make the headlines and no one seems to care.
Protests are useless if the public doesn’t have a replacement solution ready to go. Even if the public gets their wish and replaces the maniacal Trump with the evangelical imbecile Pence, the 99% are no better off. The media is doing their job well, as once again the nation is side tracked from the real issues we should all be addressing like installing representative government and ending corporate control of all three branches of our government…


The scheme is set up so you can do okay if you bust your ass and earn your 75-100,000 a year. If you can’t you better be willing to kick er in the ass harder with some extra hours to make up the difference. The rest of us are worthless. Dead weight that costs the treasury too much to support.


We need more of this.


yeah, i know, brilliant, but nobody protested it because they thought it was legitimate, anyway its the same war. war against Islam.


I cant always be there to make every connection. Going to have to make some of their own.


I think the problem goes a lot deeper than that. He doesn’t even know what the process is. Investigations are carried on according to Procedural Law. Trump doesn’t know anything about the law at all, with the possible exception of having a small amount of knowledge in Commercial Real Estate Law. Other than that, his understanding of the law is nil. His tragically reckless use of the word “treason” shows how little he knows about the law. A president needs a formal education in Constitutional Law, International, Procedural Law, Criminal Law and lots of other areas. Even Bush was a C student in law school. But in Trump’s mind, he is still a reality television star, firing people for stupid reasons and taking away press passes because reporters ask questions he doesn’t like.

The Republican Party is terrified of their voters. They don’t want to spark a violent uprising of Proud Boys and Breitbart readers, but they don’t want to lose their voter base either. If they impeach him, their voters could turn on them. If they don’t, they have to deal with the fallout from his disastrous trade wars and horribly inappropriate statements and treatment of other nations and world leaders. So it is fear that keeps this “chickens*** Congress” so paralyzed. It puts the Democrats in a tight spot too and some of them are calling for the Republican House to begin impeachment proceedings before the new Democratic members take their seats. Both parties are fully aware of the problem, but neither party wants to be blamed for removing a democratically elected president when fascism is on the rise across the US.

Trump’s election was a failure of democracy. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a democracy is only as strong as its least politically savvy members. That’s the real problem in the United States.


I do not quibble with your analysis. You have pointed out what Congress may or may not do based on their circumstances. The question is what do we citizens do?

My grandparents were Mississippi sharecroppers…one step removed from the slavery of their grandparents. Besides the cotton they raised and picked for the landowner, they raised, slaughtered, cured and smoked their own meat. Other livestock provided their eggs and milk. They churned their own butter. They raised their own produce, eating it fresh and canning for the winter. And everyone knew if you messed with their eight children, there’d be hell to pay. They were dirt poor but well respected. Perfect existence? Hardly.

Before they died, they saw each of their children owning their own homes and raising their children with heads unbowed. Handwringing is not a strong point in our family. Facing adversity and doing what you can to make things better, no matter how incremently, is our way. Above all never let anyone else determine your worth. Fight for what is yours, even if others consider it of negligible value.

I’m not ready to roll over because the odds are against us. Hope you aren’t either.


Russiagate, Mueller-gate, Sessions-gate - more palace intrigue nonsense? This is all the Democrats got? They want a national protest for the firing of an uber-racist Jeff Sessions? They are laying the groundwork for a Trump win in 2020.


Jeff Sessions, like all members of ALL presidential cabinets submitted a non-dated resignation the day he was approved. An example of this is when Obama accepted Eric Holders resignation, Obama did not go to the senate to ask permission for him to leave. Obama did submitted a new name for the position it was Loretta Lynch, which they approved. That is how the system works.
A president does not need nor has he ever needed the senates approval to accept a resignation.
The person that he has chosen to serve as ACTING head of the AG’s office is exactly that and does not need nor has ever needed the senates approval to do so.


The CD article somehow misses the real point. See my post below in this section…


are you high? Whitaker is only an interim appt.


What is this Protest supposed to accomplish? So far every one has resulted in a failure. Cardboard signs are a joke to Trump. Why do these Orgs like Move On still use the same ineffective methods? What’s in it for them? Another waste of human energy.


My grandparents were farmers in Iowa, both born before 1910. They farmed back when it was still possible to make a living as a farmer. They were self-sufficient. If the whole economy collapsed, including the distribution systems that keep supermarket shelves stocked, they could have survived on natural resources from their farm combined with their own skills and experience. But their children, baby boomers, could not. My grandparents’ children all left the farm for easier lives. They never learned the skills to survive on a farm. They learned skills they could use to sell their time and energy to employers, and then take the money from the employer to the supermarket in order to find food. Hand to mouth existence. Spoon-fed by the employment markets. Hired only on an as-needed basis. It was an easier way to survive, but it was not sustainable. The farming occupation has centralized to only a few huge corporations now, which makes it impossible to survive the way your and my grandparents did. There is no way to turn back the clock. When my grandparents were experiencing hard times, they went out on their farm and worked harder to meet the needs of their family. When modern humans experience hard times, they go out into the streets and protest in the hope that a higher power will provide them with more ways to survive. Human beings live out of supermarkets now, because they don’t have any other survival skills. Born in captivity. An institutionalized species, Extinct in the Wild.


Liberals are protesting the firing of Jeff Sessions? This is just downright embarrassing and moronic.

There every reason to fire Session but Liberals want to protect him because of the fake Russia meddling probe.

They come out to the streets for this but not to end the wars or poverty!! Got to hand it to ruling class breeding!!

From last year: