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'A Red Line Crossed': Nationwide Protests Declared for Thursday at 5PM After Jeff Sessions Fired


Could it be that corporate Democrats are really afraid of Whitaker indicting Hillary?


You’re kidding me right???


You know, what Trump does with the Mueller investigation is important, but because the Democrats have no actual alternatives, no vision, and will not push for policies that their top donors oppose (the very policies the country wants), the Democrats will spend a lot of time on issues that have nothing to do with core economic and class issues. They will focus on on issues that don’t threaten the wealth and power of their donors. This isn’t a conspiracy and it isn’t being over pessimistic, it is obvious and what they have done since Trump took over. I care about stuff like this, but I care about things like healthcare and economic issues a millions times more, and so does most of the country. Focusing on this and not creating mass alternatives and not focusing on policy is great news for people like Pelosi and Schumer. And no, they cannot chew gum and walk, if one of those things requires the to actually stand for something and to fight for an actual plan, which they lack.



Come on people use your heads would you. This whole Russia collusion thing is a fraud cooked up make it difficult for President Trump to govern and here’s how we know it’s a fraud. For one if Mueller can’t find any evidence of collusion in a year and a half there isn’t any. Second, If Russia is colluding they want favor with the President right? So we know Hillary Clinton was compromised with the Uranium One deal with Russia and we also know that from the beginning Trump said he couldn’t be bought. So why would Russia collude with the guy they knew they couldn’t influence when they already knew Clinton could be bought and what she cost?? The whole Russia-gate makes no sense…As far as firing Sessions, he was fired because he refused to do his job and hid the fact that he was going to refuse to do his job from the President. And a “Red Line”, If the President personally fires Mueller that’s one thing but he works for the AG so the AG can certainly fire an at-will employee he feels isn’t needed any more…


The Trolls are out in force, boy oh boy. They must think we here at Commondreams can’t think or don’t read the real news. Follow your heart, do what is right not what someone else thinks. Geez!


The difference is when the person was fired. Read Sessions resignation closely. He said he submitted it at the Presidents request. That’s the language employers use when they fire you. Don’t misunderstand. I am not defending Sessions. This bigot should never have been installed as AG…good riddance to bad trash. My objection is the continued unchallenged abuse of power by Trump who doesn’t know the rules, has no interest in knowing the rules and does everything in his own self interest. Even in his answer to Acosta everyone seemed to miss his comment that he’s “running the country”. This latest move is akin to a defendant’s dad firing the prosecutor and installing his own.


I have no problem at all with making it hard for Trump to govern. His actual agenda is horrific. The problem with this Russia stuff is that it isn’t a very good way to fight Trump, and there is some truth in the fact that the probe itself has not uncovered what it was originally intended to uncover. It has led to indictments, but it hasn’t to this point (as far as we know) uncovered anything in regards to him colluding with Russia. In fact, it would make far more logical sense to do a probe like this into Saudi Arabia and Israel, but if we did that, we could do a similar probe on most members in both parties, and the same is true if we did a probe on how much Wall Street has destroyed this system with corruption. The Democrats in power focus on this because they have nothing what so ever on actual policy, no vision, no alternatives, no plan on how to move forward on policy. But in regards to making it hard for Trump to govern, I wish it were that. But it isn’t, hammering the hell out of Trump on policy would be far more effective. How many progressive ballot measures (mostly citizen led, it isn’t as if the Democratic Party leads on much issue wise nationally) passed, even in right wing states? If the Democrats were instrumental in that stuff passing, would it not benefit that party? But again, it has nothing really as far as a coherent vision, and so those issues were largely citizen led. And it would be great if there were probes into the utter corruption of Trump and his horrible administration, but the problem is of course that most of the national Democrats are themselves corrupt, and they wouldn’t do an investigation into something that could turn around and get them too.

There is no excuse though for not letting this play itself out. The right wing had their silly Benghazi stuff, and it was mostly just a charade. If nothing much turns up on Trump, then it will exonerate and strengthen him, which is why the over the top claims by the Democrats when this all started was so stupid and risky. But if there is something that shows him breaking actual laws, then he broke actual laws, and I would like to live in a country where powerful people could be held responsible for breaking laws. As it is, a banker could steal billions or fix interest rates that a multi-trillion dollar impact, and the banker will be at most a slap on the wrist, while someone doing petty theft can go up for a long time. Not a good way to run society.


Yes, I was one of the millions that protested the illegal shocking and awful attack on Iraq; alas, to no avail! And that was when I realized that no matter how many more millions would have protested, it would not have made any difference because Amerika was a military dictatorship…not the BS of being a democracy. I agree protest, only works in a democracy, but is irrelevant in a military, fascist, country.


I am more worried about connections made that do not connect.


There are a lot of better things to mobilize people to protest against. The russia investigation is complete bs, based on leaked information from the Steele documents, which were a manufactured piece that was referenced without any fact checking. There has still been zero actual evidence. While Sessions has been a complete reprehensible public figure, suggesting that this is something important, when it is simply part of the combined efforts of both parties to confuse and distract the public is not true. What is important is fixing the nuclear waste leaking into our ocean. What is important is stopping the illegal wars of aggression we, the US are currently engaged in. What is important is banning Gmo food, excessive pesticide use and the host of other murderous policies we are engaged in that are killing species around the planet. What is important is fixing the voting system in our country, by actually having a mandatory system of vote verification in every state in the union. There are soo many things more important than joining the circus of mass distraction we call government by wasting our time protesting something that really doesn not matter, when compared to the aggregious crimes against humanity and nature that we are contributing to, and involved in as tax paying Americans.


Thank you for your service and you make a good point, but that was a long time ago and it seems to me… it is much worse now and as bad as LBJ was he was a choir boy compared to Trump.


to preserve luxury air travel,
shipping pollution, diesel trucking,
RV travel pleasures, reckless harm.
Mass commuting epidemic,
self-driving car silliness,
hyperloop nonsense.
WWIII doesn’t have to be.


“There is no excuse for not letting this play itself out. The right wing had their silly Benghazi stuff, just a charade. If nothing much turns up on Trump, it’ll exonerate and strengthen him, which is why ‘over the top’ claims by democrats when this started was stupid and risky. If something shows him breaking actual laws, then he broke actual laws. I would like to live in a country where powerful people could be held responsible for breaking laws. As it is, a banker could steal billions or fix interests, and the banker will get a slap on the wrist, while someone doing petty theft can go up for a long time. Not a good way to run society.”
(thought sentiment worth repeating)


“Progressives” are protesting Jeff Sessions getting fired as attorney general? WHAT? Are you kidding me?


What is a protest going to accomplish? Instead, how about taking action by electing Democrats to the Senate… oh wait, what’s that? The American People have spoken? They don’t want Democrats running the Senate?


I take your point, but a question arises (from my inner naïf):

Why is the Dept. of Justice determined to be part of the executive branch—rather than the judicial, or even the legislative, branch?

The executive branch seems to me as grotesquely inflated as its current “chief executive.” All the more when the present president is a gaseous (fragile) hot air balloon—who expects “his” attorney general to be “his” personal lawyer . . . ?


Old goats, money, and gerrymandering my friend.


Fake president is obstructing justice to escape an investigation which his closing in.
That is what he is doing to promulgate a constitutional crisis.
Sessions is just one more domino to fall.


Seems highly unlikely.


Trump did NOT “only ask” for the AG to resign. He FIRED him. So far, so legal, yes. But appointing a lower level toadie over the Assistant AG is a clear violation of the Constitution.