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'A Red Line Crossed': Nationwide Protests Declared for Thursday at 5PM After Jeff Sessions Fired


Faux talking points.
Go away now.


This NOT about Mueller or “support” for Sessions (a deliberately obtuse statement on it’s face). This is about abuse of power.



I’m glad Trump fired him. I wish it had been done long ago. Sessions was all about police militarization, expanding civil forfeiture, and increasing enforcement of federal marijuana laws even in states where the voters had acted to end the prohibition. Good riddance!


True, Trump is a bigger threat than LBJ, however, as a youth in late 60’s America, seeing 10,000 young men and women die in one year, 1968, so that corrupt politicians and corporations could sell their war machines and profit from it, any youth would not want to live in a country that values human life so little.

Granted there is no draft any longer, but what are the youth of this country thinking by allowing the war machine to grow ever worse, all the while watching the rich steal from their futures through Duopoly Zombie Politicians that feed on money that belongs to the People.

How many wars, conflicts, countries that we are militarily engaged in right at this moment in time?

How many?

If I was 17 right now, I’d be organizing with other like minded youth to protest and educate the public of the fact that this country aids and abeds other nations and creates more terrorist actions than any other in the world.

I would most likely be locked up for it, but this is the kind of world we have allowed our children to inherit.

I for one am pissed about it.


Beware Gandolf, your new friend, Ron, just joined a couple hours ago.

Seems his comments were looking to incite division, to me.

What do I know though?


The majority of comments here are obviously part of the coordinated effort to dissuade citizens from standing up to a corrupt administration.

People, please note that these “oh ho hum” “I’m not going to protest Jeff Sessions LOL” “are you kidding?” These dismissive comments are part of a campaign to prevent people from speaking out.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t be discouraged from having your voice heard!!

Remember that that is what they are trying for. They won’t get away with it this time.

Same kind of C**P they’ve gotten away with in the past, and are still trying very hard to continue.


Aaron Mate:


The pathological moron madman in the WH will cross many other “lines” before the new House can convene, and perhaps challenges his destruction, as he desperately tries to cover-up and evade the justice that awaits him for his many crimes!
He also wants to complete his “vision” for America and the world in his ignorant greed and arrogant evil.


Nail on the head. Thankyou.




that follows logically. If the country represents the interests of its population then it is reflected in their actions. In the USA there is no such reflection, single payer was desired by 60% and not even discussed, banking regulation was overwhelmingly popular but never implemented, and a thousand other issues which are ignored by our regime. This is a clear indication that they aren’t listening. Don’t make the mistake of believing they just can’t hear. In fact they just don;t care! a country which doesn’t care about its populace isn’t a democracy, and heeding a protest is the same as caring. Force is the only option left.


Why is Trump’s agenda “horrific”?? If you look at the numbers, the real metrics, Trump is the greatest President we have ever had. He has done more for the American people than any President in history. The economy is booming. Unemployment at historic lows. I’ve got the best job I’ve ever had. I’m and average middle class guy and I’m saving about $8,000 next year on my taxes thanks to President Trump. My own side business is also doing well because of his relaxed regulations. My health ins is working just fine. President Trump is working as hard as he can to protect the border. Under Obama we had MS-13 murder 6 people and spread drug resistant TB in my city. Trump cleaned them out with ICE sweeps last Summer. All this while he is attacked from every side by the press, politicians, courts and the same people he is helping. And he is working for $1 per year. Take a step back and look at the numbers instead of feelings and propaganda…


TomJohnson1 - Forgive one bit of nitpicking (a rather inconsequential but nasty bit admittedly)…

The “Nazi Brownshirts” were the SA (Sturm-Abteilung), not the SD (Sicherheits-Dienst). The SD was actually the intelligence agency within the SS (Schutz-Staffel). The SS was originally named as such because they were Hitler’s bodyguards. They were high-class SOBs compared to the SA ruffians. Look up the German, but you can no doubt guess the translations of their titles…

Compared to that poisonous mess, this Sessions brouhaha is a tempest in a palace teapot. Better we should demonstrate for other things, like universal health care or peaceful foreign policy.


This is not nitpicking, but editorial correction to a factual inaccuracy and I thank you for correcting it. That’s demanding accountability in a positive way. Also, I agree that we should prioritize our limited energy and resources on the left to go into the streets over issues that matter more than musical chairs in the palace of fascists.


Amen, brother!


They are only words. Some follow me around for a while, like some of yours actually. Others I hardly see, and still others slip through a filter as i watch them change colors.
It’s a good time to see what we are about as a country. (MARINES ATTACK MARACCO)@ VIMEO
Thanks for the heads up


The Wind and the lion 8:33


What are all these left wing ideologues protesting? Sessions being asked to resign? Why??? This sort of thing has happened many times before.
I think that the left wing is afraid that his replacement might expand Mueller’s investigation to include the the dossier, the FISA warrant, and also the Clinton’s and other Democrat involvement.
If that happens, it will be funny to watch all the Democrats suddenly demand the end of the Mueller investigation. After all, Adam Schiff and his merry men (and women) in the Democrat party know that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians, but do know that the real collusion was with his party.


Friend Ron? Figure of speech. I’ll do that once in a while ole buddy


Damn right.