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'A Red Line Crossed': Nationwide Protests Declared for Thursday at 5PM After Jeff Sessions Fired



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Ole buddy? I think that you may be older than me, ole buddy.



Ever see this little lady, Orianthi, before?


Are you sure that guitar wasn’t lip syncing? If not, she’s one of the best I’ve ever heard.
Amazing that she makes the distorsion sound clean. Did you get to watch the vimeo clip?
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Oh yeah, the age gap. I’m guessing you are about my sisters age who was protesting the Vietnam war the same time as you were. She is 66.


Oh yeah, my wife was also an active Vietnam War protester. She is 63.


Oh god damn. You are a silly person. First off, the metrics you are citing, those trends began years before Trump took office. Unemployment peaked in late 2009 and has been dropping ever since. The unemployment rate among African Americans peaked in 2013, if I am not mistaken, and has been declining ever since. You can look at the damn BLS data yourself. I will link it below for you, since people like you seem to be adverse to actually looking up stuff. And the stock market has absolutely nothing to do with the health of the actual economy, and has been growing by leaps and bounds since shortly after Obama took office anyway. It is absurd to give Trump credit for trends that began years before he took office, when he was doing WWE matches.

Here is that BLS data. Now, what does that little graph at the top show? A continuous decline in the official unemployment rate, downward trend years before Trump took office. https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000

Other data shows how horrible this economy is. The overwhelming majority of the economic benefits since the crash have gone to the rich, which has accelerated under Trump because of his horrible tax plan. And, by the way, the economy wasn’t great under Obama either. Real wage growth for most of Trump’s term has been negative. Real wages are not growing for workers even though the official unemployment rate is extremely low. You realize how telling that is?

Look at Figure 1 at this link. Shows that real wage growth was 1% higher under Obama’s last year than under Trump’s first, and real wage growth in Obama’s last year was 2% higher than the data available at the time of the article in 2018:

  • Real average hourly earnings for rank-and-file employees—the roughly 80 percent of workers who are categorized as “production and nonsupervisory employees” by BLS—decreased slightly, by 0.2 percent, from last June to this June.9
  • Real median weekly earnings have also decreased slightly.10 While nominal weekly median earnings rose 2 percent from the second quarter of 2017 to the second quarter of 2018, they were more than offset by inflation, which was 2.7 percent over that period.[11]

Here’s a summary of Trump’s wonderful economy: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2018/08/11/trumps-economic-scorecard-higher-inflation-flat-wages-and-a-ballooning-federal-deficit/#607d836522fa

“As inflation increases it puts a damper on wages. While average hourly earnings have increased from $26.34 per hour to $27.05, or 2.7% over the past year, inflation at 2.9% has actually lead to real wages falling a small amount from $10.78 per hour a year ago to $10.76 in July this year.”

And the costs of healthcare, housing and education continues to outpace wage growth. The increases in healthcare spending since the ACA are far outpacing wage growth, but the gap is lower than it was in the years preceding the ACA. Trumpcare would have been an unmitigated disaster, would have gutted pre-existing conditions (which he and his DOJ are now trying to do in court, with the help of a number of right wing states, while he completely lies about this to people like you, that won’t look it up) and would have thrown millions off of healthcare. We have a massive infrastructure gap (almost 2 trillion); and Trump’s solution is essentially to privatize all infrastructure and to give it to his buddies. He put a former telecom lobbyist in charge of the FCC, who has since dismantled net neutrality and is trying to sue California so it doesn’t put in place strong consumer protections and net neutrality at the state level (states rights!), put a monster that wants to dismantle public education in charge of education, a person in charge of Medicare and Medicaid that opposes both programs, and a person in charge of the CFPB that is ideologically opposed to it. His tax cut bill went almost entirely to the rich and the truth is that it was the largest tax INCREASE in American history. Anyone making 75,000 or less will see increases down the road. He outright denies science (as if he has the scientific background to do such a thing) and is speeding up both global warming and the climate crisis, which poses a threat to our fucking species.

Then there is this caravan/anti-immigrant bullshit. Do you have any idea who the US supported in Central America during the Cold War, especially under Reagan? We supported death squads, right wing dictatorships, and paramilitary groups/narcos the whole time. The group we supported in Nicaragua was actually tried at the International Criminal Court for terrorism for mining the Nicaraguan Harbors, we supported violent right wing groups in El Salvador who killed Oscar Romero, American nuns and hundreds of thousands of other people. Supported horrific governments in Guatemala and Honduras (and a coup under Obama), and we have supported murderous, violent and outright fascist groups through the NED, the CIA, USAID and the International Republican Institute. Then all of this violence was kicked up many times more by our drug war, which has set the region on fire. So, to do what we have done to Central America, then for Trump to turn around and get all you right wing assholes all riled up is horrible, a total moral abdication of responsibility. Given what we have done, we owe those people a hell of a lot. I worked with, taught, kids that are fleeing that violence. Taught them for two years. The picture people like you paint of people fleeing that violence is ridiculous, and again, given what we have done to that region, a total abdication of responsibility.

Do you get ANY of your information from non-right wing sources? Like, on the economy, it doesn’t take tons of effort, but you have to be willing to go to sources that might challenge what you want to believe. My guess is that you don’t do that much, but I could be wrong. You are here.


Here is another false right-wing Trump talking point from my personal experience. I have had the same health insurance policy, same company, same clinic, and same doctor many years before Obamacare (ACA), and have been retired for five years and still have the exact same insurance. So I cringe every time I hear Trump lie about it. The only difference is that the rate of annual increase in premiums has gone down, not up like the liars keep claiming. And nobody has gotten a tax break yet except for some businesses.


I went. And thank you. You are correct!


And in defense of the FBI. Who has always been a friend to the left…


Thank you for this post. When I say the Empire won the election people look at me like I’m crazy. They just get it. I’m thinking you do :-)))


Crazy? The people that think you may be crazy are the ones we need to educate.


Don’t know if you watched Democracy Now on election night but Ralph Nader was so correct on his assessment, it was wonderful to hear him speak. Don’t know if it is on youtube but hunting it down might be worth the effort. Lesson guide #1 :-)))