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A Reflection of Our Barbarity: Jailing Immigrant Mothers and Babies


A Reflection of Our Barbarity: Jailing Immigrant Mothers and Babies

Sonali Kolhatkar

Hundreds of undocumented families who have fled from poverty, violence and organized crime in Central American countries including Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are locked up in “residential centers” in Karnes County and Dilley, Texas; Berks County, Pa.; and, until recently, Artesia, N.


While I applaud Ms. Kolhatkar for raising awareness about this issue, one of many horrors planned, developed, and enforced by the New Homeland Security State as it continually works to approximate the ways and means of The Fourth Reich; I VEHEMENTLY oppose the use of the all-encompassing WE frame since it attributes to the lay-citizenry what’s being put into motion by unchecked elites FOR corporate power, profit, and privilege.

Although somewhere in this article, Ms. Kolhatkar mentions the importance of the way an issue–like immigration–is framed, she repeatedly makes use of a frame that attributes to the citizenry responsibility for decisions that are not reached Democratically by law enforcement agencies answerable to the public. To the contrary, these Orwellian protocols are part of a planned and increasingly advancing Lock-Down on Civil Liberties for all but the 1% and those servants they deem valuable enough to enjoy the benefit of acting as sycophants.

Here are the quotes:

"As a nation, we are locking up babies and their mothers in order to discourage other babies and mothers from crossing the border as they flee violence and poverty looking for a better life. Setting aside the cruelty of such a policy, studies such as this one have shown that detention has no deterrent effect on would-be immigrants.

"So then why are we continuing these horrific policies that are scarring children—the most innocent and vulnerable among us?

“fact that we have “family detention” centers in the U.S. to imprison whole families, including newborns, ought to frighten the hell out of us. How we treat the most vulnerable among us is a measure of our humanity. By the yardstick that these centers offer us, we are downright barbaric.”

What’s barbaric is the Homeland Security State and its genuine martial followers. THAT is hardly indicative of the full citizenry.

I am TIRED of the irresponsible way that so many writers use the WE pronoun to purposely conflate what unchecked powers are doing without the knowledge or consent of the governed, with some passive extension of consent and implied complicity. How is such a meme any different from the more covert forms of propaganda: that is alleging and/or manufacturing the consent of the governed?

The tactic of shaming and blaming is very Old Testament. While the wish to inspire action and principled resistance to these inhuman policies is laudable, the idea of blaming a citizenry that is increasingly being held in check (with its laboring classes in line for debt usury or a new legion of debtors’ prisons) for actions done BY authoritarian overseers is the remnant of Biblical conservative thought.

It’s counter-productive; In fact, one spiritual source I am familiar with explained that guilt–and that means the USE of guilt–grinds all positive actions to a halt. I know of no person who approves of these camps or anyone short of a sociopath who would willingly separate mothers from their children. These are the tactics used by Totalitarian States… however, the jailer and the inmate are not the same person. And those of us with active empathy identify with those jailed. WE are not the new guards; WE are not writing or supporting these policies; and WE are not barbarians.

Look around: Look at all the spreading wars and flagrant ecocide even now after Earth Mother has bellowed paroxysm after paroxysm of climatic stress? It’s BARBARIANS running things and every time groups of people amass to try to change things, they are stampeded with armed guards, tear gas, threat of incarceration or worse. LOTS of journalists are now being shot at and the same is true of Environmentalists, particularly in South America.

What decent people want and decree is being held hostage by very dangerous, well-armed groups.

The elites who are pressing on their purchased political players for expanded wars and pushing for the latest round of trade treaties that protect pollution, predators, and naked profiteers are the two drivers of the new caste of global refugees. Whether escaping Honduras, Yemen, tribal wars in Africa, Syria, and beyond… the trials of these people reflect the barbarism going on inside the Homeland. These immigration camps are just the tip of the iceberg.

Again, attributing to everyday people the SINS that are causing all this blowback is like punishing a town for the embezzlements done by its local millionaire.


I don’t know, that sounds properly qualified to me. She doesn’t mean that every individual within the nation is locking up babies and their mothers, she is just describing what has effectively become national policy. What pronoun would you have her substitute for “we” in that sentence?

I seem to recall someone with a rather similar screen name railing against the pervasive masculine patriarchal, Mars-rules, military worshiping, rape culture promoting violence against women. Was that not you? Wouldn’t that be a case of shaming, blaming and collective guilt?