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A Reflection on COP23: Incremental Progress but No Industrialized Country’s Top Priority

A Reflection on COP23: Incremental Progress but No Industrialized Country’s Top Priority

Justin Catanoso

Another year passes as nature responds ever-more furiously to the lack of progress.


While Earth burns and grows more toxic by the day the industrialized powers seem oblivious to this existential threat. Instead they pour resources into preparations for war and fail to find common ground for a worldwide coalition to address these growing threats to humanity surviving the next century or so. Why does the US government continue in its bellicose quest for global dominance instead of coming together and solving this common problem for the entire planet?? I don’t understand how aggression helps when toxins threaten the entire production of food supplies or clean water, growing more dire daily. Incremental is NOT an option, drastic all-encompassing action is the only way to save Earth and her children from termination. It’s time to move past petty ideological squabbles in quests for king of the hill dominance, which, by the way, won’t happen, and find ways to ensure survivability of all that’s dear to us. After all we’ve already lost so much, why lose even another precious species? These COP talks bring up many valid points but result in little action. Maybe it’s time to shift priorities in a 180 degree shift in emphasis and have real concrete binding actions, after all Earth demands nothing less.

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We have shit in our pants. We stink. There is no one to change our diaper. We will rot in our own waste until the planet dies. Get used to it. Get used to explaining it to our children, our grand children, there won’t be any after that so don’t worry about them. There will be chaos, there will be violence, there will be war(s) which will look pretty petty compared to what Mother Nature has in store for us. Welcome to Mad Max and The Thunderdome. Good night and good luck.


Who are we?

We are he people who didn’t act on the climate emergency 30 to 40 years ago

James Hansen gave some good talks, but scientists have zero clout. It is very likely that this century will see a catastrophic famine/ holocaust and the end of civilization as we know it. But it was the same with the world sitting by before and during the last holocaust: “Well, we don’t know Hitler will kill people and if he is, nobody is really sure, so never mind anyway if you can’t be 100% sure.” Appease fossil fuel oligarchs and watch the world become a gas chamber.

Yes, nature is definitely taking back what is owned to her.

It really knocks me out when some people talk about any future kids and their kids. People the world is over populated already- we need to work with what/who is here! Yes, I am a card carrying member of populationconnection formerly zpg!

And the zombies continue to file in to the big box stores for Black Friday!

“For the first time, nations voluntarily agreed to reduce their carbon emissions and slow the rate of deforestation. That moment in Paris felt historic, hopeful, perhaps the most significant agreement among world leaders for the greater good of this earth since World War II.” (Justin Catanoso)

Well - I didn’t feel that way. To me - it was not COP21, but a cop-out, a meaningless ritual of self-delusion and appeasement.

Copenhagen was meaningful - abject failure.

Since then - nada - zero - smoke and mirrors, and the author of this article doesn’t seem to see that truth.

Brace for impact.

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It seems unclear what our expectation should be from these international meetings. We are already at 1C. If somehow we held greenhouse gas levels exactly where they are, after a lag period of 30 or 40 years it would be expected that the temperature increase would reach around 1.5C. The countries can make whatever pledges they want but to reach their targets they all are dependent on lower levels of government such state and local governments. And they are even dependent on the behavior of millions of individuals. And it often gets lost that reaching the pledge target of 2C or aspirational target of 1.5C depends on removing massive amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and nobody is sure how to do that. I would say fighting climate change was a top priority for Obama. It would have also been a top; priority of Clinton and Sanders. So the election of Trump was an utter disaster. Certainly one of the greatest disasters in the history of the US. Of course the election was not about climate change. It was mainly about race, ethnicity, and religion. But the effects on efforts to fight climate change in the US are monumental. The world needs climate data and research from the US. Trump’s war on science is a big setback. Whether of not the international meetings meet our expectations we need to keep up the fight against climate change. Just keep going. Worry less about whether or not targets will be met and more about getting something done.

I have always wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and not view you as a paid troll.

But dang, your comments just so completely fit the profile. I mean, this, really?:

“Just keep going. Worry less about whether or not targets will be met and more about getting something done.”

Why not just say: Vote the LOTE, and enjoy the slow boil rather than the deep fryer?

I would not ignore the targets but such targets are frequently not met by various countries for a number of reasons. I think we are well past the point of being able to meet the 2C target but setting even an higher target would not seem to make sense. Action has been delayed for too long and a big price will have to be paid with regard to suffering and money. Setting a target doens’t necessarily translate into the equivalent reductions in emissions. But they are useful for motivation and planning and understanding whether enough is being done.Every local and state government should set targets as should the federal government. Because of the difficulty in performing GHG inventories it is very hard for small local governments to set targets. My local government set a target for 2015 but we have no idea how we did since we lack data from a recent GHG inventory, Paid troll? Get serious.

Great next year in Poland, a neo-fascist state that denies science, and has no commitment to curtailing their carbon use.