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A Reminder Following Baghdadi's Death: 'The Terrorists We're Killing Today Are the Terrorists We Created Yesterday'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/28/reminder-following-baghdadis-death-terrorists-were-killing-today-are-terrorists-we


I don’t believe that our “leaders” are at all naive about the circular nature of the War on Terror ©. Indeed, I think it’s baked in (see also the quip about “fighting wars for oil so we’ll have oil to fight wars with.”)


The war-mongering government should send out programs so we can keep up with who they are killing and who they are supporting so they can kill them later.
(Sounds like a circle jerk)


Stoke the fear and justify the huge military budget.


“…while Americans celebrate Baghdadi’s death, they should also think critically about his life — and see it as a cautionary tale against U.S. meddling in Middle East affairs.”

And this is exactly why George W and his mis-administration should have been hauled in front of The Hague - to answer for their crimes against humanity! It was avarice and hubris that took them into Iraq - and that should have come with a jail sentence, not painting quietly as his reputation is rehabilitated!

Americans may have short memories - too much “reality tv” - but most of the rest of the world do not - and WE are creating the next generations of “terrorists” that our future generations will have to deal with!


Max Blumenthal has an excellent new book called: The management of savagery. Explains the Middle East war on terror from the very beginning. It is so interesting that it is hard to put down. Great explanation of the key players, countries and groups involved. It is well researched and lays out the truth behind regime change wars. The gray zone project web site contains more stories from Max on Venezuela as well as great journalism by Aaron Mate and Ben Norton.


Israel has been doing it for decades. They need enemies to justify their enormous goddamn military budget, as well as maintaining their police state under the guise of democracy. So they pick on their neighbors and keep their neighbors children starving. Then when the starving demand food, you call them terrorists and drop phosphorous bombs on them.


He was the bag man, the bag daddy of western manufactured mid-east terrorism. He became a liability, immune from capture until Russia and Turkey were asked to step in to clean their mess.

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I’ll bet the farm on this prediction:
In 10 years or less, the US will be arming former ISIS factions and calling them freedom fighters.
And if John McCain were still around, he’d be posing with them for photos.


Medea Benjamin sez:
"Nobody is better than the U.S. at killing terrorists. Nobody is better than the U.S. at creating terrorists.”

It’s a growth industry, baby; grab your shares!

“Who’s in your wallet?”


Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia…

Orwell was a seer…


Medea has it right!
“We’re #1!” when it comes to CREATING new terrorists as we continually create REASONS for people to fight back against American-dealt or American-inspired Violence and Abuse.
OUR Intolerance and ignorance makes a mile-wide target, expecially for those who have lost family and friends either through direct attacks or through them needing to flee and live in miserable encampments … often for years. Would you put up with that for YOUR family here??


Did I miss something here? or are the reports incomplete?

The reports I’ve heard is that HE pulled the pin on his suicide vest–US forces did not “get him.” I interpret that as Baghdadi wanting to be sure that HE came off the martyr, right? and that his movement would live beyond his death.

I’m not sleeping any more peacefully tonight.


ultimately nothing, only a fleeting feeling of national pride briefly concealing the worsening wreckage of a generation.

National pride that is based on war, injustice, mass murder?


LOVE Mark Twain!!! And this piece is so relevant here. His “Letters from Earth” is also worth a read in this context. Not sure if it is still in print though.


Our ‘moderate’ terrorist freedom fighters.


The CIA trained Muslim extremists to fight the Russians and drive them from Afghanistan. They morphed into al Quaeda who was never in Iraq until Bush Oil Cartel used 9-11 to overthrown the second largest oil reserve and privatize it making gazillions. Cheney and Halliburton move to Islamic Dubai. ISIS would never have existed if Bush/Cheney had not killed Saddam and created the vacuum. Did you see them burn the poppies America. If the CIA burned the Afghanistan poppies it would have been reported. No, the CIA profits from heroin. They made a movie about it. One Nation Under God.
The CIA led us to Viet Nam, a peasant fight for independence against overwhelming odds. They rounded up suspects and killed reportedly about 40,000 people. Reagan was meeting with the North Vietnamese, treason and LBJ knew it, to stop the 1968 peace talks which all got blown up by the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King who all were going to stop the Viet Nam War among other things the MIC would not tolerate. Dulles, lawyer, was head of the CIA and hated Kennedy and ordered his death. The CIA, FBI, Dixie Mafia were in Dallas. MLK was shot by a Memphis police sharpshooter while two other kill squads were in place to kill King. King was reserved for the Holiday Inn by the river but it was white-owned so they moved King to the Lorraine. King was in a secure, inner room but they moved him to the second floor balcony. King was betrayed by one of his inner circle who was an FBI plant. Most believe Robert Kennedy was murdered by the CIA and L.A. Police. Sirhan Sirhan was drugged and hypnotized to kill Robert Kennedy, like MK Ultra and he did shoot Robert but his gun only had five shots and there were multiple rounds fired. LA Police came in with the FBI and they removed all the walls, the door jams all the bullet holes. There is always a stooge for every government assassination. There are always multiple kill squads unaware of each other and they always come back and murder the murderers. Always. CIA kills presidents and anyone else. They have a list. Really and we are One Nation Under God.
America trains the men who murder our soldiers and the World Bank of International Settlements sits at the top controlling the International Monetary Fund. We have room for improvement. It is why I write. Have a nice week. peace.


Killing the ’ Pope’ will never erradicate the Catholic Church, you morons… Killing JFK did not erradicate the US, neither Democrats, you dorks!

I hope I can find time to read Max’s book. It sounds great. Also got him kicked off a book panel. Did you hear he got arrested Friday? It appears to be retaliation for his coverage of Venezuela.


This is really scary shit! The deep state with the acquiescence of Congress (both Dems and Repugs), is clearly out of control now out in the open. What they are doing to Max and the Embassy Protectors is clearly unlawful and unconstitutional. Just as with Assange and Manning, the truth tellers WILL be punished harshly, disappeared, and/or eventually killed. We are now living in an undisguised police state.