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A Report Card on the Failed American Project of the Last Three Decades

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/07/report-card-failed-american-project-last-three-decades

Expansion through militarily orchestrated endeavors, isn’t a sustainable policy.

Where is the people’s input?


Good stuff. I’ve spent 30 years wondering what happened to that “peace dividend.” Is mine in the mail?

On a side note, we’ve added a staggering 2.3 billion people to the global population in those 30 years – a 50% increase.


Failure is a matter of perspective and, to some extent, susceptibility to propaganda. To the defense industry, the top brass enhancing their careers, corporations exploiting resources and people in third world countries, politicians taking their bribes and so much more, the American project of the last three decades has hardly been a failure. It’s been one of the great get rich scams of all time. It’s only a failure when viewed from the outside by those too lazy or ignorant to question the bullshit used to sell it.


I always like reading Andrew Bacevich, and his closing request for elaborating on the “idea” of America is sound.

My enthusiasm for his arguments are usually in toto. This time I find something wanting.

Okay, so having watched “The Laundromat” on Netflix last night is probably coloring my take, but my recollection of the Cold War coded “freedom” as “free enterprise” (that questionable amalgam of private enterprise and free trade) and “unfree” as Soviet communism. As Bacevich describes it, it was a simplistic for holding the masses in place.

The fall of the Berlin Wall is a useful marker. However, the Pinochet coup and Allende assassination may be the better link to the stumbling world capitalism presently corroding national economies everywhere. And that I believe rests more on Milton Friedman’s economic theories undergirding US policy outcomes than philosophies respective of freedom or submission.

Friedman argued that efficient markets were best, and they were best because they were simple (read: unregulated). However, efficient markets morphed into a new morality. If a business (or national treasury) failed, it wasn’t merely a lack of managerial acumen, it was also moral failure. Financial success equaled providential grace; financial failure equaled consorting with the damned.

Bribery, murder, legal manipulations. Doesn’t matter. It’s not corruption so long as your bank account meets your power needs. Yeah, too much of “The Laundromat.”

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This is true. The Project is failed to any and all who see the depth of the hypocrisy of the proclamations of those who govern.

This is the sort of person we need for
Sec of Defense, secretary of State, etc.

Who cares about the people’s input? This is an oligarchy, as Eisenhower rather cautioned against. You know, the undue influence of the MIC.

The people are distracted and oblivious, and the end product of a century’s worth of misinformation by the government and special interests.

The people mostly support torture and military aggression. Those who do not, a significant portion, are marginalized and kept silent from the public dialogue.

America’s global strategy since WW2 has worked.

Wealthy Americans have become much wealthier, power has been concentrated in the hands of a few billionaire oligarchs, blue collar workers and their unions have been demoted, outsourced and downsized, the right and its media machine have become much more popular and powerful, global markets have been forced open for the owners of the Microsofts and Apples, people’s movements in Asia, Central America and South American have been crushed, middle east oil supplies have stayed under America’s firm and direct control and the American military has hundreds of bases across the world and on every continent to ensure no country threatens American global hegemony.

Such as Iran.

The folks calling the shots don’t care about the other stuff. About the climate. Health care. Education. Democracy.

They care about themselves, their power and their wealth.