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A Resolution for 2017: Keep Reminding Trump That He Has No Mandate


A Resolution for 2017: Keep Reminding Trump That He Has No Mandate

John Nichols

hen Paul Ryan and top congressional Republicans gathered on the evening of January 20, 2009, to plot a strategy of absolute and unrelenting opposition to Barack Obama presidency, and to the House and Senate Democrats who had received a mandate from the American people to work with the enormously popular president-elect,


It's now a cliche for either party to claim a mandate when they win, regardless of the numbers. It's part of their propaganda machine. Had Clinton won, the Democrats and authors like Nichols would have been all too ready to claim a mandate via Clinton's edge in the popular vote.

As to reminding Republicans that the popular vote means they have no mandate, good luck. The ones I know conveniently claim Clinton's margin was a matter of voter fraud, just as the Democrats use voter fraud and now hacking to explain Clinton's loss.

Nor have Democrats shown much interest in opposing Trump, yet. Shumer and Pelosi are most likely to pursue the status quo, at best, and, at worst, attempt to strike a Grand Bargain with Trump like the good Obamabots they are.

The Democrats are not coming to the rescue. They're part of the same problem.


"The Democrats are part of the same problem."



The GOP and Democrats are a tag team made in the 1%ers' heaven.

Claims of mandates are so bogus that they do not warrant serious discussion.


The trump mandate in a nutshell:
Senate 52/46
House 247/187
Electoral 306/232


Need only one more for the trifecta so:
SCOTUS 5/4 (coming soon)


Here's some other #s you might want to contemplate: combining the economic GDP of the West Coast States leaves America's flyover states with minus bupkis. They've got nada in terms of economic clout. And, we're growing, not shrinking. And, Californians are not going to forget their disenfranchised voters. 60/40 splits are real mandates for change. Not the stark changes 80K votes, in 3 states, is being sold to us, as mandated. Sell your happy horseshit in The Big Empty where there's plenty of room to spread it around, without people actually having to smell it.


A Resolution for 2017: Keep Reminding John Nichols That the Reason We Have Donald Trump Is Because of His Continuous Shilling for An Unelectable Candidate Rather Than Him Supporting the Progressive and Winning Bernie Sanders.


Well then go ahead if it makes you feel better--but it is stupid. Trump won, he has the job. The Rs have the White House, both Houses of Congress, most governorships across the country ... so mandate sham-date.

The democrats have proven themselves worthless, useless, a lesser version of the Rs, big woo.

The people don't want a phony Democrat. If it's a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat ~Harry Truman

(A: Hillary is center right, an R in a D pantsuit, ie a phony democrat.)


Since the 1990s, the Democrats have enacted or enabled more of the right wing agenda than Republicans could have ever dreamed possible. You expect this to change?

What is anyone going to actually do about Trump? Write every month or so to express our displeasure? Somehow, I really don't think he's interested in public opinion. He has his agenda, he's going to pursue it, and there are plenty in Congress to make sure his efforts aren't impeded.


But it goes beyond that. The Clinton wing successfully sold the neoliberal agenda to the beat of a rock and rock song. The fact that liberals have spent the last 20 years calling on us to Stand in Solidarity to maintain the advantages of the bourgeoisie alone shows just how bizarre (and disconnected from reality) America's liberal discussion has become.


Ah John Nichols what a fine web of nonsense you spin out. The Democratic party is dead. It will not be back without new ideas/ideals and new people. Pelosi, Read, Schumer all of them could not do anything with Obama. Could not even a supreme court justice when you had the right to one. You all are a bunch of never getting anything the people want but strong on war with anybody or everybody. ALL OF YOU PARTY HACK DEMOCRATS ARE OVER. Pack your bags. Your ideas are old and stale. Your for the 1% trade agreements that catch on fire and burned down. Did you all listen to the people about the trade agreements? No?

John I call you fake news!

Show me that mandate. There was no mandate for war, Syria, Libya or Ukraine. There was no people's mandate for murder by drone. Toppling of democratically elected heads of government. Where is the mandate for TPP trade agreement that cripple our legal rights. Where do you get the idea that the US people want any of that BS DNC shit. Emanuel spits out "fucking libtards" to the party as Hill calls us bags of deplorables. Sure we are all up and gettin behind that right?

Trump said it but the democrats need it, "drain the swamp". The DNC is filled with people who think they are due their position and will stay there until they are incontinent. Sadly the world has changed but our leaders have not. Clearly the choice to discard Bernie and run with Hillary had no thinking around a mandate from the people. The mandate from the people was for candidate Bernie not country destroyer and chief liar Clinton.

John I voted D all my life until Clinton. About the time of the birth of blue dogs repugs-lite democrats. Repugs are corporate supporters. The party of business and capitalism. Democrats have not done well trying to play that corporate roll. Instead of single payer they gave us corporate Obamacare that seems to be failing already. You tried to be all businessey with your trade agreements and totally failed. How about getting some regular folks to run for office. We don't need famous or highly educated people. We need people who do not lie and that bumps alot of democrats right on the top. Get regular folk that do not like pizza and hot dogs or selfies to minors.

John ,look around, the DNC is filled with trash. Clean house or fade away to irrelevance.


I agree, it does go beyond that!


What very short memories Republicans have...especially trump, who spent the last eight years questioning the birthplace of Obama. And now they have the gall to demand allegiance to their candidate? Now, if only the Democrats in congress would grow some cajones, is that too much to ask?


Where in the Constitution does it say, "These are the president's powers, but if he has a mandate, these are his additional powers"? I wish these pundits would stop it with the "mandate" nonsense. Trump, and any other president, will do whatever he wants; he's not going to hold back just because he didn't win with a big enough majority.


The trouble started when Obama, with Dems as majority in House and Senate, made NO ATTEMPT to act on this fact by passing important legislation; instead he pandered to the Repugs and it soon became obvious that he was weak (we later discovered that the bankers were those he wanted to help-see Podesta emails). The Dems often "act nice" while the Repugs never do-even I, as a foreigner, see that.
Getting strong now is better than never, but if Hillary had been elected the people she would appoint would be as bad eg Victoria Nuland as SS!!!!


No mandate?...It is a kind of argument...though more symbolic than effective in any practical way.

However, the left must struggle on two fronts - one w/the right, the other with the right liberal party it is manipulated into voting for.

I've no prob' reminding the right that it lost the popular vote - again. But this should not divert attention from the fact that right liberals lost this election, and will continue to lose if progressives can't wrest power from them.


The dems are the problem- they manufactured and planned it years ago.


Dems do not want to grow. Most of them are rethugs but say they are dems.


Not to mention a "liberal" bailing out big banks and even defending it, and telling people to "move on" instead of putting banksters on trial. We reap what we sow.