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A Resolve Not To Do What Was Done To Him: Guantánamo Diary's Mohamedou Slahi Is Still Not Free

A Resolve Not To Do What Was Done To Him: Guantánamo Diary's Mohamedou Slahi Is Still Not Free

Having endured 14 years as "the most tortured man in Guantánamo," Mohamedou Ould Slahi has been denied a passport from his native Mauritania to seek medical treatment abroad for the effects of his illegal detention and abuse - a refusal his lawyers deem a brutal extension of "the extrajudical punishment of a man who has never (been) charged with or convicted of a crime." Now "a prisoner in my own country," Slahi vows he "will get my rights peacefully" just as "everybody wants, my people and your people."


“They harbored governmental war criminals acting against citizens interests and the rule of law” will be America’s shameful epitaph.


this country has such and egregious list of crimes against humanity that I am sad to be an american
perhaps this is the result of its self-centered righteousness and lack of humility


This is a microcosm for the entire American invasion of the middle east.
Throughout America’s 2nd crusade in the middle east those scary savage muslims, with the notable exception of the American armed, trained and funded al qaeda / isis, have targeted primarily military targets.
Meanwhile those brave freedom loving American heroes have targeted weddings, hospitals, food stores, infrastructure and have overwhelmingly killed civilians, usually from the safety of a monitor.


Oh this is so awful—condemned to torture for 14 years — an innocent man is finally freed—but he needs medical help and can’t leave his country? How is this any different than being in prison again?
Cuba sends doctors, not armies to other lands—I wonder if any of the Cuban doctors can help him as he continues to live in his nation prison-- It’s getting harder and harder to believe that America has any bit of a soul at all. : (


Abby, I have immense respect for Slahi and deep sorrow for and gratitude toward him. Is there anything we can do to help him now? His lawyer here was awesome, but I haven’t thought of her in quite a while.

I am feeling so sad, so useless. . . I do speak up and participate, but now I am thinking why haven’t our elected officials spoken up on this issue and done something. I’m going to tweet everyone of them and ask them. “Why haven’t you done something?” And all the black site prisons around the world. Now I understand why people don’t vote or pay attention to politics. It just seems so useless. Who are all these monsters that torture and kill people for a rush, who drop bombs instead of food in troubled, oppressed lands? How can I not be an accessory of the crime?