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A Revolutionary Idea to Close the Racial Wealth Divide

A Revolutionary Idea to Close the Racial Wealth Divide

Jessicah Pierre

The gap between America’s ultra-wealthy and the rest of us is growing dramatically as wealth continues to concentrate at the top at the expense of the rest of us. One major symptom of this economic rift is the racial wealth divide, which is greater today than it was nearly four decades ago.

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Jessicah Pierre has an interesting idea here, one that is not subject to many of the criticisms that get delivered to such things

  • It need not encourage population growth because parents cannot easily imagine that they will profit from it
  • It does not have the complications of repatriation or of attempts to compensate some historically abused demographics and not others
  • Distributed approximately equally, it would clearly be a more valuable gift to the disadvantaged than to the advantaged
  • It also eventually addresses other prime iniquities, like young people who cannot marry or study because of economic oppression, or people who graduate university without the freedom to apply their studies to their professional lives because of crushing debt.
  • It works against the poverty draft

This is a small bandage on a pretty large wound, but it is also a measure that could in some context get passed, and that makes it worth further discussion.

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Would that be instead of or on top of the $1000 child tax refund?

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"Baby bonds are federally managed accounts set up at birth for children and endowed by the government with assets that will grow over time. "

Not for all babies, only those in specific races and ethnicities. Therefore this plan is sure to fail. Look, if you want to help poor people of color, then give them your money. Train them in your work, and eventually give them your job. If you own a house they don’t, invite them to live in your home. But please stop trying to set up race-based federal programs that will just exacerbate racial tensions without solving the problems we’re facing. This is not a revolutionary idea, simply a rinse and repeat of what’s been tried for generations. Handouts don’t work. Haven’t we learned that yet?

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I wouldn’t say handouts don’t work. Your ideas are handouts. I just don’t like race-based stuff. It encourages people to separate.

My idea is that you personally and other people who want society to hand out money to people based on their race, should just do so yourselves. In other words, stop trying to force everyone else to pay for these programs. Go find someone you think needs money based on their skin color and invite them into YOUR home. Or just give them your home. Or use your own money to rent or buy a home for them. Train them in the job that you personally do, let them job share your job and then give them your job. That’s something that you can actually do to help the people you think deserve help based on their race. Just do it. Stop trying to force society to do something that most of us believe is counterproductive, which is a race-based hand out instead of a hand up.

I don’t support race-based handouts. Sorry, you are barking up the wrong tree. As for inviting people into my home, well, my husband was a very dark brown from the darkest of Asian countries while I am as white and blue-eyed as they come. My friends have always come from different countries, in fact, my very first friend at five years old didn’t speak English. I tutored Cubans fresh out of the boat folks in sixth grade and in junior high and moved to teach English in China ten years ago, all Chinese friends, giving China a chance to speak English on the thesis that maybe the US doesn’t make war with people who can speak English. Have had Chinese roommates but am currently living alone, sir.
Yes, I train Chinese to teach English and these days many are good enough that they really don’t need a foreign teacher for this job.

Although I don’t support race-based handouts, I also don’t support race-based housing and race-based arrests and race-based policing and race-based hiring.

There are many ways to close the racial wealth divide, or the racial divide, but the fact remains that neither of those things happened by accident. It is systemic, yes, but also intentional.
Any revolutionary idea would first have to be preceded by an actual revolution in order to be implemented, because America’s ruling families have been scheming for generations to create this dystopia, and will violently oppose any attempts at altering the status quo.

And put them where? Dump them in Mexico? To work in prison-for-profit factories? Fly each one to his or her country at the US cost? Some are coming through Mexico from Africa and Asia.

Think ahead a bit. This article worries about a wealth gap. Basic shelter, education, work and health care will soon be a concern for millions.Wait until climate change really takes hold.
Right now the number of minorities in the US are relatively few. Some of the places that people will have to leave are holding an awful lot of people. Think India, ocean borders around the world, especially river mouths, flat countries bordering the ocean such as Bangladesh, all of Florida,…

Maybe the climate refugees should go into the lobbies of the oil company towers and bed down there?

First off, methane expulsion or species die off will kill us all before the rising sea levels gets a chance to.
That is of course assuming America is not successful in igniting a thermonuclear war with Russia and/or China.
The scientists studying the methane leak in the Siberian permafrost all agree that we may only have a matter of months before it becomes a full blown rupture and kills us all.
That said, the people ultimately responsible, who are also preventing us from doing anything about it, are the same group of people who created the wealth gap discussed in the article.
An actual revolution is required to solve either problem, not that climate disruption can still be solved at this point.