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A Revolutionary Pope Calls for Rethinking the Outdated Criteria That Rule the World


A Revolutionary Pope Calls for Rethinking the Outdated Criteria That Rule the World

Ellen Brown

Pope Francis has been called “the revolutionary Pope.” Before he became Pope Francis, he was a Jesuit Cardinal in Argentina named Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the son of a rail worker. Moments after his election, he made history by taking on the name Francis, after Saint Francis of Assisi, the leader of a rival order known to have shunned wealth to live in poverty.


Thank you, Ellen Brown, for the rich and interesting history lesson on the origins of modern banking.

While I agree fully that the North Dakota State bank is an important and necessary example of breaking away from “the fed” and control of the nation’s priorities by private bankers, I challenge the idea that “we allowed it.” It’s not as if citizens had any choice in the matter as families with great wealth set up the systems and banking consortiums (along with corporate moguls) hold it in place. These systems, part of a class order allotting to aristocrats major say over legal, cultural, academic, and even religious decisions, have long been in place.

This Pope is a fascinating man and it’s surprising that he was chosen given his bold, Progressive ideals.

This point, among many, deserves repeating:

“The workers and materials are available to build the infrastructure we need, provide the education our children need, provide the care the sick and elderly need. Inventions are waiting in the wings that could clean up our toxic environment, save the oceans, recycle waste, and convert sun, wind and perhaps even zero-point energy into usable energy sources.”

It’s possible that if Greece, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico and other entities default on the usurious loans that the system may weaken and hopefully collapse. However, at this time, so long as things run as much on capital as fossil fuels, those with the money (much of it the public’s money handed over to these would-be criminal organizations to ensure liquidity to banks after the crash that they created) get to call the shots.

It’s important to point out that an alternative (Public banking) does exist; yet as you know, the 1% stands in the way of implementing what would be good for citizens. That’s what TIPP and Fast Track and TPP and NAFTA and all of the control-via-treaty protocols are all about. Control!


Sanders & Brown? :wink: Thank you, Ellen!


Thank you Ellen Brown for your excellent summary of banking and money, not an easy thing to do and make sense of. The insertion of Article IV was perfect. This was clearly an important World Moment about the out of control Banking Sector, whoever that is. From “Usury to Financialization”, again, perfect. I agree that public banking is the way out of this mess but will we ever be allowed to pursue that?


Excellent article. Thank you Ms Brown. I have been mentioning for years that the Banking system changed for the worse in the 1970s under the accord you mention. This is one of the most significant events in modern history and is rarely reported on when people want to get to the roots of our modern financial crisis and that rise in inequality.

(This is when Canada , as example, surrendered its own Central banks Authority to the private banking interestes and is at the heart of the Comer lawsuit proceeding through our Courts)


I agree with your assessment of the teachings of Christ. However the robes (habit) do not make the saint.

If your understanding that this has been the teaching of the church for a long time … then why has there been such a response by the right wing nuts? I don’t listen to their trash so I stand corrected (I should have known now that I think about it) about their rantings.

Yes the church has done much to help the poor around the world but it lost touch with the people (that has certainly happened before in history too) and has suffered because of it.

Amidst all the confusion and recriminations and all the rest that the Church has undergone recently, this Pope focused on the truth and trusted in the truth. That shows. He trusted in the truth rather than accommodating institutional thinking and traditional rapprochment with the governing elites. This Pope said the direction of the world has gone astray.

In effect this Pope said that our way of doing things serves mammon not God and the dire state of world proves it. The teachings aren’t in question… the application of them was what was in doubt.

This Pope has said it quite clearly… that we serve mammon and it is destroying us and our world. We need to find a better and more life supporting and sustainable economic model. It has always been taught that Jesus said that you can’t serve both God and mammon.

This Pope skewered the wafflers and the accommodators and those who say their prayers while stuffing their pockets… Our way of doing things is serving mammon and that has got to change!

This Pope is so awesome. It is like reading about a reformer Pope from the middle ages. Since when has the modern world seen a true reformer Pope? Our world got lucky this time around because we have a historical one indeed.

Yay Pope!!! (That sounds odd but I really mean it)


Citizens do not ask for permission from public servants.

Citizens give orders to public servants, and do so by working together to discern and articulate clearly what the common interest consists of, and turn that into their respective public servants’ marching orders.

Practice citizenship instead of childish permission-begging.

We do not live in a regal society. We only live in a very corrupt society where our most corrupt class sees itself as regal.

Consider Donald Trump. The only significant difference between him and the Clintons is the Clintons know how to hide their self-estimations better. And therefore the Clintons attract more followers who are permission-beggars.


Hopefully the Pope will now demand a public release of the Vatican’s banking reforms, and show us how that reform sets the example he preaches to the masses and their pseudo public servants.


There has always been a ‘reform’ movement in the church since ancient times. The creation of the Protestant churches is in a direct line with various reform movements which by the way St. Francis was one of them.The wealthy Church, the warrior Church, the corrupt Church has co-existed with the saintly and profoundly spiritual, the miraculous and the common faith of believers all over the world. The Catholic Worker Movement of Dorothy Day who was a devout catholic and uber progressive reformer within the church. The Berrigan Brothers too. Liberation theology discouraged and blocked by one Pope is embraced by another.

The church OF the people has lost touch with BY the people and in less educated times that was good enough but it doesn’t work that well anymore. People need to believe in what they do, what they feel and in how they live. The church I knew said 'we will do it for you so don’t ask questions just follow our lead. That was the Church BY the Church but not a Church Of the people. That was a medieval church but this is the modern age. The church tried to say that change wasn’t needed when it was needed desperately and by so doing the Church itself caused a vast crisis of faith among catholics.

This Pope went straight to the heart of the matter and said… this world of people and how they live and will live… is where we find our faith. This Pope says do not pretend to reject the world but embrace it and fix the ills that confront it. This is a church that will reconnect faith and pragmatism. Food feeds hungry bellies not prayers. Changing the economic system will sustain the future not rituals.

People are the Church… this Pope has reminded his Church that that is the reality. The old church was very divorced from the people it served. The Catholic Church has itself a Pope that people of faith can believe in. It has been a long while since that has happened.


Capitalism is a scheme that gives Ponzi a bad name.


Bernie/Ellen 2016!..?


I am delighted in Ellen’s last paragraph because without public money public banks can’t do much. Public money for pubic good is what we need. The primary responsibility of government is to issue the money, if it does not do that then it becomes a tool in the hands of those who do, now the private banks against which we once fought a revolution. We don’t need government to get into the banking business so much as we need banks to get out of the money creation business.


Like many others, I gave up on Catholicism long ago, when I stopped believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. But I think Pope Francis has won over many Catholics sitting on the fence.

The traditionally conservative Cardinals in a church beset by corruption selected such a moral, progressive Pope, a scientist, instead of a superstitious dogmatist, because the church realized they were rapidly losing their followers as fast as its immorality became known.

Pope Francis’ restoration of the faithful could be why he has not been the victim of assassination plots by the rich and powerful whose bottom line immorality he attacks.


I get it! The Unique-Wereflea “tag team” is using this Pope in the same way many here claim that the Dem. Party is utilizing Bernie Sanders; to draw people back into the old patriarchal systems’ traditional folds.


Are you serious? People have their own opinions and even if they do not agree with your opinions, just because two other people agree that doesn’t make them a tag team.

Moreover you insult people for no reason and accuse them of some delusional bias that you hold. Furthermore, you rarely stay focused on the subject of an article that you supposedly are commenting on.

The only thing you ‘got’ was your tendency to view yourself and anything and everything you say as profound just because you hurry to write something about anything first. But this time you’ve attacked two innocent people for what reason? You’ve embarrassed yourself and revealed your own biases.

How you equate the profound (in the legitimate sense of the word) stand taken by this pope with the Dems and Bernie is actually too mundane to bother trying to figure out. You talk too much but you really aren’t saying all that much other than you really do love hearing yourself say it… whatever it is. Your faux psychological, astrological ‘cosmic’ personal mythology is fine if someone wants to read it but who do you think you are to insult people you don’t know for stating their progressive opinions?

Your psychodrama of self importance has in fact… deluded you


The only reason so many people were “hurt by the so-called “freedom” of the Sexual Revolution” as you state was because knowledge of what sex is about has been suppressed for so long. The Pagans way back in the day probably had a very healthy concept of human sexuality but then the Church came along and suppressed that knowledge- for centuries under penalty of death. So, when folks finally got some freedom and expressed it, they didn’t know how to handle it and so did all kinds of crazy things including things that hurt them. The hurt didn’t come from having sex; the hurt came from ignorance of sexuality. That knowledge of sexuality has been lost from centuries of suppression by your Church. And I don’t buy that the Church has been standing up for the poor and all that. For too long, the Church has been in cohootz with European aristocracy…


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What Hellen Brown is saying is really remarkable and true. It is a way to re-ignite prosperity for all, not just a few. The problems that are happening in Greece are the same basic problem that is happening all around the world.
It is a problem with the system of creating money thru debt. No matter whether we are talking of Greece or Detroit or Porto Rico, the problem originates with how the money is created in the first place. When created as debt, it is done so at a very high price.
“The problem is no one has any money”. We’ve all heard this, but Why? Because debt-based money evaporates and debt-free money spent into existence does not evaporate.
Realizing the basis of the problem, makes the solution self-apparent. Simply have the Governments of the world spend the money into existence, debt-free.
As Ms. Brown points out, that is what is happening in Asia and why Asia is growing at such a relative rapid rate. They are called “Non-performing Loans”. China’s central bank is publicly owned, so it can make loans to businesses that are just forgotten or ignored.
This infuriated the World Bank when China first joined the World Trade Organization over 10 years ago. The World Bank wanted China to call in the Non-performing Loans because they were giving China an economic edge over the Western nations.
The Chinese businesses were able to save large amount of money because they didn’t have to pay back the principal or interest, making it difficult for the Western business to compete with China. All because of the Chinese Central Bank spent the money into existence and forgave the loans.
Now do you understand why so many things are “Made in China”? Why employment is so much greater in China than in the West? China is actually having a labor shortage, so jobs are being exported to other Asian nations. All because China has a different way of creating money, a different accounting system. Because the money is created without debt. So it is free to be more competitive than the West.
So if we really want more jobs in the West, we need to free up our workers with a debt-free system. It really is that simple.
Special Thanks Hellen Brown, Pope Francis, and all the Cardinals that elected him; And Very Special thanks to St.Francis. An inspiration to us all.


Oh go explore some other cultures will you!!!
Talk about ignorant rubbish. Yours is piled in heaps!!!