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A Sad And Shameful Day For Puerto Rico


A Sad And Shameful Day For Puerto Rico

Isaiah Poole

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel infamously said when he was President Obama’s White House chief of staff. So it is with the legislation that President Obama signs into law Thursday that offers Puerto Rico a process for managing its crushing debt.


Thursday's results were stunning and I couldn't be any more dismayed, as it already affirms what anyone watching can see, and that is that the banksters and corporations are absolutely ruling us. Jeez, Barry, why?

I remember when Ralph Nader was excoriated for suggesting that there was no political difference between the D's and the R's. I believe he was misunderstood. If given a choice to vote for Clinton or Trump, one cannot doubt where his sympathies must lie. I'm thinking Jill Stein, of course, but she doesn't seem to have a chance.

But with her and Bernie on the planet, who knows what might happen?

I think what Nader was referring to was the influence of money on politics, and in that sense, there really is virtually no difference. Now it's come down to "Whose special interests are funding the parties?"

Well, they all take money from the same pots. And there is what I think Nader really meant.


Thank you for mentioning the following, Mr. Poole. It's a perfect example of the Shock Doctrine Template... possibly coming to a town near you and me soon!

"The legislation also fits into a long and foul pattern of conservative and Wall Street interests locking arms in disregard of the needs and interests of citizens of municipalities that got into financial trouble often because of the conditions created by the conservatives who now use those conditions to strip people of their self-determination. The residents of the District of Columbia experienced this in the 1990s; the residents of Flint, Michigan saw this more recently with disastrous results. Few people believe it is coincidence that this happens most often, and with the most ferocity, to communities of color."


Most Americans are unaware of this because so little reported in the media. How does dropping the minimum wage to 4.25hr have anything to do with paying off bonds????This is RACISM! The people of Puerto Rico should declare independence.