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'A Scandal': Contracts Show Trump Giving Big Pharma Free Rein to Price Gouge Taxpayer-Funded Coronavirus Drugs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/scandal-contracts-show-trump-giving-big-pharma-free-rein-price-gouge-taxpayer-funded

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Trump cheats every American and one third of this nation helps him do it.


What does Trump or even democratic (most of) lawmakers care? Insurance or the government picks up the tab and taxpayers pay the bill. Insurance isn’t paying for this, the insured are through higher premiums, co-pays and deductibles.
The blatant disregard for and wringing of every last dime from the working class is not going to stop until people demand it stop. This is business as usual all while lawmakers cut taxes for the wealthy, corporations, and big business. Wake up people.


Now y’all be sure and invest in these vile companies so you can make some profits like the big boys do off the suffering of others. It’s the American way, you know.


Never is the monstrosity of the capitalist class system more evident than in times of crisis.


Crises like pandemics don’t break things in and of themselves. They show you whats already broken.

  • Patrick Wyman

The greater the scale of the pandemic in the USA , the greater potential for profits for big Pharma.

This explains why the USA did little to nothing to address the pandemic and why it now the most infected country in the world. This also exposes that underlying reality of this thing called “Capitalism” and that is it is in the best interests of the Big Pharma Companies to see these outbreaks occur just as it in the Cancer industries best interests to ensure there never a cure for cancer. A healthy population means less profits for the health care industry. There is no incentive to have a healthy population.

The entire Capitalist system is built around generating profits for the investor.

This is not just a scandal. This is a monumental crime.


Has Trump built enough wall to facilitate execution of himself and all of those who have profiteered off of his maladministration? Poetic justice wants to know.


The only way to reverse the incentives, it seems to me, is to pay Big Phrama and Medical Doctors to keep people well and healthy and not have to pay when people get unhealthy or sick!


In 2016 Hillary was the top beneficiary of pharma campaign donations, so, yes, “it’s both political parties, stupid!” Capitalism is a false promise unless you’re part of the 1%. Profiting off the misery and misfortune of others is immoral! Wake up indeed, enough already.
November is coming!


this practice of government using tax payer money to help big pharma develop new drugs and the allowing big pharma to price gouge consumers and tax payers even more with exorbitant prices, and profits, is nothing new, unfortunately. i read a book on it over 2 decades ago. i’m not defending trump, who i think might even be a more obnoxious idiot and asshole than bush 43 (quite a distinction!), but just putting this report in some historical perspective. as other readers have noted in comments to other articles here, both the democrats and republicans are corrupt to the gills and in bed with big business. it seems to be the american way, unfortunately.


iow, socialize medicine! remove the profit motive, so that those involved are in it for the right, not the wrong reasons.


I think the characteristics have changed over time using vaccines as an example.

If we pause to think about it, for profit too big to fail and America under a capitalist system is and has been a parasitic relationship. A one way street to a dead end.

Just imagine if instead of all the combined profits of subsidized pharma and subsidized big oil falling into the hands of a small number of of individuals and investors, if all those billions and trillions of dollars were back in the hands of the people what kind of equitable society we could have. Paid for health care, paid for education, paid for retirement, paid for infrastructure, paid for R&D of new clean energy and medical technologies, on, and on.

Instead we have taxpayer funded for private profit pharma. Instead we have taxpayer funded for private profit oil and gas extraction, much of which comes from under Federally owned land. Instead we have the 1% and wealthy corporations who bitch and moan about paying taxes.

And if we stop to think about it in both these scenarios gov could do it more efficiently and at the same time with much greater safeguards and respect for the environment. Why, because the bottom line would no longer be the first and often only objective. No wonder grover and rove and drumpf and mcconnell and the entire gop are trying to drag this democracy into the bathtub and drown it.

Economic oppression is a political tactic!

“The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’.”
Larry Hardiman


This is the days of our lives. When it can be distilled down to tree huggers VS tree cutters. But common sense is reeling in the midst of consecrated greed.


My Nephew who lives in New Zealand and has been all over the world; spent some time in Cuba told me that Cuba has some of the best health care in the world and it is mostly free.


Now here’s the flip side: some completely common drugs are getting some results, certainly better than nothing, and that’s exactly why Pharma is ignoring them. There’s no money to be made.

In particular, independent researchers are focusing on Vitamin D, the stuff that many of us get walking outdoors on a sunny day. Vitamin D deficiency was statistically linked to getting the coronavirus. In the early part of the year, Southern states were doing pretty well and New York/New Jersey were suffering. Now all of the Northeast states without exception, especially all of New England, is outdoors and they’re leading the nation. The extreme sweatbox states are all dying.

Natural Vitamin D uptake from sunshine would also partially explain why people with darker skin tones are getting the coronavirus more than light-skinned people. Melanin in the skin tends to block the formation of Vitamin D.

The real acid test is measuring for Vitamin D deficiency in SARS-COV-2 positive cases. I believe that a correlation has been found.

To read through a rather scientifically rigorous case, try ConnieEash .com . For the record we have a bottle of Vitamin D gel capsules in the fridge, the little tiny pearls. Gulp.

In other news, plastic face shields probably reduce covid transmission. So, essential workers need cheap plastic face shields. If I’m working in a school this September, I want a face shield.

It might also help for teachers and other types of lecturers to wear microphones and project their amplified voices through speakers. I don’t mind projecting my voice to the back of the classroom, but that’s what spreads the covid. Having teachers speak in a normal tone is safer for the school department. Even a headset (with a 20 foot cord!) plugged into a desktop and some good speakers will work. I think that it should be a bargain for our school department.


In a latin collage class the teacher would use a microphone—I stopped going and took the F.

As Pelosi is out there pushing testing I’m sure all the bribe money is rolling in---------we need to start calling what these "campaign contributions "are—bribes


We don’t doubt that trump is mentally ill enough to entertain the idea of walling or roping off, (no pun intended), people of color within the countries interior.

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