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A Second American Civil War?


A Second American Civil War?

Robert Reich
Imagine that an impeachment resolution against Trump passes the House. Trump claims it’s the work of the “deep state.” Fox News’s Sean Hannity demands every honest patriot take to the streets. Rightwing social media call for war. As insurrection spreads, Trump commands the armed forces to side with the “patriots.”

Or it’s November 2020 and Trump has lost the election. He charges voter fraud, claiming that the “deep state” organized tens of millions of illegal immigrants to vote against him, and says he has an obligation not to step down. Demonstrations and riots ensue.


I love to see commentators whip up hysteria.

This is no different that commentary from some on the right prior to the '16 election who were fretting that Obama wouldn’t step down, or would seize power if Hillary didn’t get elected.

Commentators make a living by fanning crisis where none exist.


I never believed it before, but I now think “most” supposedly conservatives are crazy AND racist. If you don’t want to believe me, just turn on C-span Washington Journal at 6am EST and you will be convinced.


Or take your guns or come after your “antique” cars etc etc etc.


RE:"…he couldn’t care less about the Constitution."

Well, the Deep State couldn’t care less either. Whistle blower Thomas Drake said in an extended interview on TRNN (highly recommended) that the Constitution was suspended in 1947 with the creation of the NSA (a part of the Deep State).

The Deep State is far more powerful than Trump or both Houses of Congress (they’d fight it all the way to the bank). If the scenario pans out the way the author suggests, it won’t be a civil war it’ll be a false flag to dispense with the remaining trappings of “democracy” we have. I don’t give much credence to prophecy, but one contemporary “Nostradamus” said that Trump will be the last American president - not so far fetched I thought.


Poppy cock! If we go to dictatorship its because the Democrats would be in on it too. Chumps like Michael Moore would be distracting the masses for his masters.

If anything, it would be the deep state versus the people, and I don’t think the people are up to it.


This rotting corpse of a country existed long before Trump arrived.


I hear that the Secret Service is taking synchronized shoe-tying lessons. I am not saying that it is true, it is just what some people are saying…


People need to start getting hip to false flags.


40 something percent voting for a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth (and is second to none in benefiting from DC and NY swamp culture) and thinking he would actually “drain the swamp” confirms that we are a long way from “getting hip to false flags”.


The “only” War this nation needs is one in which the sane portion of America annihilates the corrupt, corporate controlled parties of the Duopoly.

The MIC has outgrown it’s militarism. Two hundred years of wars and Empire is enough.

Peaceful Coexistence must be our mantra for the next two hundred years if we are to face the planet killing problems of continued fossil fuels use and Global Warming.

Those challenges will open huge markets and bring the creation of millions of jobs.

Allowing this Duopoly to continue to divide us over issues of Race, Womens rights to choose, and others, is madness.

Do not buy into “their” madness.

Rise above it and reject it for your children’s sake.


A not insignificant error in your otherwise factual comment.
Only 50% of eligible voters cast ballots, the winner had approx 25%
The gender % was similar, so 12% of females and 12 % of males
Actually decided this President as well as most in past and will be in the future. Add to that most elected persons by similar margins.


The constitution was in full force before that? For whom?


It is revealing to see Reich enclose the phrase deep state in quotes.


Global trade is best conducted at a minimum. All nations should build the capacity to provide essential goods without resorting to imports. The disruption of global trade to poor nations (and poor communities within wealthy nations) can be disastrous. Huge mass production facilities meant to serve a global market disables smaller scale production that should be in place when any disruption of fuel supply occur. Increased fuel production indicates the Trump era agenda is to expand global trade to the point where a planned disruption could lead to what would be called an apocalyptic catastrophe. What is denial of catastrophic climate change but another form of warfare? Catering to right wing extremists is a sign that during such catastrophe, refugee immigrants will board leaking water craft or face rifle barrel target sites if they reach their hoped for safe harbor. Trump is an evil SOB, but rightwing politicians are plotting World War III in this way because they do not relish the prospect of feeding a world population of 10 billion in 2050.


It seems to be a human trait to not believe what you are seeing and believe something else is going on behind it. And demagogues take advantage of it all the time. It is either the deep state or the elites. For the neo-Nazis it is the Jews. Some group has to be controlling everything. For some very religious people it is God that is controlling literally everything. Even the weather and climate. It seems hard for people to accept a somewhat chaotic and uncontrolled reality. The right wing has taken conspiracy theory to another level in politics. Their supporters have lumped everyone from scientists to reporters into a liberal conspiracy among elites. Is another civil war possible? I wouldn’t rule it out. Many people seem engaged in keeping the confederacy alive. The South Poverty Law Center has documented over 1.000 public statues of confederacy leaders as well as numerous schools, towns, etc named after these leaders. The Patriot militias have taken on the federal government in armed standoffs. People seem to moving to areas that have political views like their own. The metropolitan areas have become “blue” and rural areas “red.” The main way the people can change thing without taking up arms is though voting. Some believe both parties are controlled by same wealthy elites and wind up not voting. That doesn’t change anything. What it is needed is people working hard to make elections as fair as possible. To reduce gerrymandering, stop voter ID laws, work for voting machines that have paper ballots so there is a paper trail, register people to vote, help to make sure people show up to vote, work to pass laws that making voting easier, and so forth. Our system can only work if people believe they change things through voting. If people don’t believe that they may decide to engage in a civil war.


It’s more likely we’re seeing another Cold War that, no thanks to your Democrat buddies, could easily go Hot, which would probably end up involving a nuclear holocaust that wipes out all life on Earth.

Remember: It was the Democrats who deliberately rigged their own primaries to anoint the ONE candidate stupid enough to lose to a boy who paints himself orange and glues a bleached dead fox’s tail on his scalp. Those same imbeciles also used their media connections to hype Caligula Drumpf in the GOPher primaries cynically thinking he’d be easiest to beat, all while suppressing the one candidate who would have defeated him by double digits.

And instead of owning up to all that, instead of acknowledging the content of the leaked emails exposing Clinton’s criminality, instead of replacing the hag on the ticket with someone more appealing and far less tone deaf to Americans’ economic troubles, the Dimocrats preferred to hype a fabricated Russia accusation with which they’ve been trying to simultaneously undo the results of the 2016 election and goad the Great Orange Dope into open war with nuclear powers.

Drumpf is indeed divisive, but no less so than your friends, and no less an armchair war-monger. The only difference between him and Clinton, indeed most Democrats, is that he’s not subtle about what he says or does. Since you refuse to grow up and acknowledge your party’s failure, and refuse to aid in building a viable third party that can compete electorally, you are utterly useless to the progressive cause. Go away and stop your idiotic blithering.


You are engaging in a false equivalency.

The right wing extemist’s conspiracy theories and speculation about Obama are utterly fantastical and have zero basis in fact. The widely held racism-tinged idea among the right wingers that Obama was some kind of dangerous extremist was absurd.

But the speculations in this article have real observed facts to back them up. Trump is actively looking for a way to circumvent democratic traditions at every turn ever since he openly stated that he reserved the right to not recognize the outcome of an election in the 2016 debates.


A civil war has been going on in the U.S. since its inception. It’s a (quite successful) class war launched by the elites against everybody else. Mr. Reich, being part of the elites, has a self=interest in deflecting that reality into IT’S ALL TRUMP’S FAULT! (The Tweet of Our Time).


Really well-said. Thank You.