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A Second Trump Term Would Be 'Game Over' for the Climate, Says Top Scientist

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/02/second-trump-term-would-be-game-over-climate-says-top-scientist

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" A Second Trump Term Would Be ‘Game Over’ for the Climate", The Natural World and The Wild, wild animals great and small and their critical habitat, countless endangered species being exterminated by human activities, healthy water, air and agriculture, and everything else the Orange trumpenfuhrer touches or his mental illness and pathologies encourage, his malignant being and words spread like a pandemic, and the domination of profits above all else on planet Earth - Gaia!

~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44yiTg7cOVI The Gaia Hypothesis


A second Trump term will be game over for endangered species, national parks and other protected public lands, clean air and water, ocean health, and the biosphere.
He is a rapist of Mother Earth.


This article is about Trump’s constant denial of science and human ecological impacts, not about Biden.
Biden doesn’t support the Green New Deal, and some of his reasons for that are valid.
Biden DOES agree with scientists that humans are ruining the biosphere, and he has useful plans to protect the environment and public health, rather than destroy them like Trump does.

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Trump - The dagger goes in all the way with a couple of twists and a laugh. The “respectable establishment” - The dagger goes in 2/3 of the way only, no twisting, and with an apology. The victim dies either way. Michael Mann is too tied to MSM and minimizes the problem himself.

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Your tiresome scolding is really getting to be too much. This here is a discussion thread, CE. That means if someone brings up Orangeman, and someone else thinks Biden provides an interesting comparison, that’s something we can discuss. We open discussions here. We don’t run around keeping the discussion within acceptable bounds. I mean really: where do you get off? What in the hell do you think you’re doing in here with your off-key DNC chat-police whistle? This is the Commons. It belongs to us, not you.

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Darn it. Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann has puzzled me at times. He’s the real deal, but there have always been plenty of brilliant scientists who don’t quite see the whole picture. I’m remembering that Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel, but he decided that wasn’t such a great idea. Nobody gets the whole whole picture, but Einstein got much of it, imho.

Phrases like “game over” or “worst consequences” get increasingly annoying to we progressives out here on the left coast, where we’re living in tomorrow’s climate today! We so burnt, ashes fall and fall for weeks. Talk about progressive, beat that!

The problem with such phrases is they never seem to get honored with a non-slippery definition, then we keep warning about even more dire results in “the next 10 years if we don’t act” – usually it’s ten years, with an activist prescription vague enough to match the decor. Meanwhile California is burning down. Maybe you see my point: my brother was burnt out of Berry Creek on 9/9, and my sister is currently evacuated from Oakmont (Santa Rosa) with her fingers crossed.

I can ask “How much worse can it get?” The answer is always “even worse” – no matter how bad it gets.

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Not a single word in the article telling us how Biden would be different from Trump.


I would not want to diminish your message in any way, but in the interests of accuracy and avoiding exaggeration, I offer this proofreading correction: One degree Celsius is equal to 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit … not 2.7.

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One degree Celsius=1.8 degrees Fahrenheit…

The GOP-DNC junta’s goal is to raise Earth’s temperature to 451º Fahrenheit. When the planet is that hot, they’ll be able to relax and rule forever, because all the books will burn up.


The $700 billion military bill is half of our discretionary budget. It does not mater who is president, it will not be significantly cut. The same applies to the militaries of China and Russia. Without cutting them, you can kiss the planet goodbye. Also, here are 7.6 billion people on the planet, headed for 11 billion. Seven billion is probably not sustainable.

Born in SF in '42. California has always been about fire, flood and earthquakes. For the first 20,000 or so years of human habitation there were no permanent structures or infrastructure. When an atmospheric river occurred as in 1862 and before and due again soon they headed uphill. The main danger from an earthquake was a tsunami. They headed inland. They continuously managed the forest environment so that there were not fires like now even during drought years. Though there were exceptions. The reason the giant sequoias only grow in the mid to Southern Sierra is that is the driest area. A Cal forestry prof. told me that the giants needed a moonscape fire and then maybe 2 or 3 medium fires to clear the area for growth. With people managing the forest that only happened occasionally and then only in spots, Hence the Groves but not extensive forests. That process maybe took a thousand years.
I witnessed the Tunnel Fire in the Oakland Hills in 1991. I have an inkling of how you and other Westerners are feeling now. Let us learn from this tragedy. Elect responsible local reps and hold them accountable. We can do it especially if we have public banking to finance the needed changes.

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Carol: Fortunately we can do some things without the corporate captured government. It is nicely laid out in a new Netflix film; “Kiss the Ground”
Global warming can be reversed. 2-3 times the amount of carbon in the air and above ground plants combined can be stored in the soil. To do that eschew industrial agriculture food. Eat grass fed meat, dairy and eggs. Buy biodynamic wines from fire ravaged wine country. Biodynamic vineyards survive best because of the amount of moisture in the soil. May have a slight smoky taste. As people, if we only eat organic and grass fed and wild caught eventually the industrial agricultural system that is the main cause of global warming will change or wither. Maybe at some point the politicians will even get on board and switch subsidies from food grown from tilled crops to food procuced from untilled crops and pastured animals.

Virtually all discussion these days regarding “forest management” – certainly including what you just wrote about what your old prof told you – is nearly 100% oblivious to the freaking elephant in the room. Every forest ecosystem on Earth, regardless of management, is undergoing a rapid transition via fire to something else, not forests anymore. Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Hemisphere it’s the same story because the whole planet is on the move. It’s the CO2, dummy! I mean please: willful ignorance on this scale is completely unacceptable to those of us facing the consequences today. So please STFU about freaking “forest management.”

I don’t have to get any farther than those two words, the insanity that Earth needs humans to manage it? OMG, can’t you see by now: that’s the mental illness which is killing everything.


Correct—and yet, as Noam Chomsky points out, the most significant changes/changes of direction come when a moderate is in power because they at least can hear both the screams of the suffering and the demands of the citizenry for more intelligent and just leadership. Biden was in fact integral to the Wall St.-corrupted DNC machine that helped bring on the Orange Mussolini—but I’ll take any way out from under the current pigs that offers a toe-hold on survival and progress. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!

Mann doesn’t want to lose his academic standing and privileges and talk about a real-time right now reality that nobody wants to hear about. Still pushing the outdated IPCC standards when the climate is just splintering in front of our eyes.

That other reality scares everybody who reads into it, which is so bad in outlook that even the other scientists who admit to seeing the bleak near and long term future we are facing on this planet are having a hard time with it. These two climate links tend to do that:


~ttps://kevinhester.live (disclosure: I post on this climate site)

As I read in one article a while back; what do you tell your ten year old kid about this on-going and accelerating human-caused catastrophe when they ask you over the corn flakes? Kids are NOT stupid, they pick up a lot more than we give them credit for. And when a parent is having a hard time sleeping, is depressed all the time, and it’s their life work that is making them that way…the children know. So climate scientists and biologists are going to therapy trying to deal with this obviously unfix-able emotional conundrum. Quit your day job and go live in Tahiti? Oh wait, ocean rise and melting glaciers means that ain’t ‘safe’ for the kids, either… Big sigh.

That IPCC 12 year thing? Look around, people, the entire world’s climate and biosphere is breaking down so fast we can’t keep up with it. What was ‘supposed to possibly happen’ in 2100AD is now going on right this minutes in different places across the globe. This mudball is in deep doo-doo.

Watch this 10 minute vid, very short question & answer at start, then look at the amazing world we never see unless you’re a biologist…that is disappearing. And be sure to listen to the WORDS of the last piece of music…


I’m back under the burning down of Oregon’s latest smoke cloud ( I love how the national weather is saying it’s ‘haze’ as if that makes it better to breathe. At least the smoke isn’t ground level wafting through the conifers like marine layer fog on the coast. Sunlight is back to having that red tinge again, I’m coughing more and feel it in the lungs again. Monster storms worldwide, more and more hurricanes and cyclones across the planet’s oceans, drought everywhere or mad downpours. A dying ocean that is literally acidifying (does anybody really grasp the consequences of all this?)…wildfires, and they really need to add a new category for tornadoes and hurricanes don’t ya think?

Category 6 and F6 makes sense to me because we’ve already had them, sustained winds over 200mph. Oh my, is this close to 2100 or what?

And will Biden make it all better? No, not with his freaking record he won’t. Too much the neoliberal corporate-owned politician that he’s always been. On the other side of this is that Trump will cause everything bad to happen much MUCH quicker by obviously (and it IS obvious!) by instituting a Fascist dictatorship over and above the systemic racist police state we already are living in.

No chance of changing sh*t with dictator wannabe neoliberal Trump, but not a complete impossibility with neoliberal Biden and police state DA Kamala. My estimate is that a Dem in office is just another neoliberal Republican Lite like B. Clinton and Obama both were as opposed to neoliberal Reagan, Cheney/Wbush, and now Trump. At least talking about ‘incremental changes’ is better than being beat down by federalized Gestapo, ya know?

And that doesn’t mean I don’t know whose side the DNC and RNC are working for. And neither are on our side obviously, our side includes pretty much anybody who doesn’t make $120,000 a year into the top 10% level last I read, which is a place most of citizens of this country don’t fit in. Either way the wealthy continue to control everything they can stick their greedy hands into.

In other words, the crash is here whichever, but one is less ‘user’ friendly.

I apologize to those that read this rant and shake their head at me! I’m just feeling rather…overwhelmed with bull*hit and nothing but bad news at this point. Aren’t you?