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A Shameless GOP and the Moral Travesty of Trumpcare


A Shameless GOP and the Moral Travesty of Trumpcare

Robert Reich

Shame on every one of the 217 Republicans who last Thursday voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and substitute basically nothing.

Trumpcare isn’t a replacement of the Affordable Care Act. It’s a transfer from the sick and poor to the rich and healthy.

The losers are some 24 million Americans who under the Affordable Care Act get subsidies to afford health insurance coverage, including millions of people with pre-existing conditions and poor people who had access to Medicaid, who may not be able to afford insurance in the future.


John McCain wrote a comment today in the NYT about values being our greatest treasure????Really-On the Sunday news shows I saw many republicans spewing lie after lie about this healthcare bill they just passed. According to Paul Ryan cutting medicaid by 800 billion over ten years will improve the program. The reporter should of asked -how much BS do you think the american people can take Mr. Ryan?

This is one of the largest transfers of wealth----THIS IS WHAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE ALL ABOUT.
Where is the outrage for what these republicans are trying to do???

This is all being done so Trump and his cronies can get even bigger tax cuts for the 1%.
Trump said he wouldn't touch medicaid-----he just had a party at the White House celebrating medicaid's demise----celebrating that millions will loose coverage----THIS IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!


A very common way to help normalize Trump is to use the oxymoron "Trumpcare." Using it to merely reflect a different president is at best foolish.
In addition, terms as "shameless GOP" and "moral travesty" are very old news, Dr. Reich. You know this, and come across as if you're breaking it to us for the first time.
I hope that your next article will be constructive; perhaps using your influence and that of your peers to help us threatened and undermined citizens deal with the monstrous fraud once and for all - instead of using his predictable sociopathy as fodder for endless articles.


A call for single payer? From a timid, corporate-controlled bunch of lightweights like the D-Party?

I'd be laughing if it weren't such obvious lip service.


The Dems had all the cards in 2013 and could have easily rallied the American Populace around Single Payer Through Our Taxes, yet disingenuously centered American Health Care around the Unnecessary, and Parasitic, Insurance Industry.

The Reps wouldn't have had a chance against an enacted Single Payer.

The Duopoly Rides Again.

Duopoly : An Entity never acknowledged by Reich, or almost any other Professional Commentator.


A good articular Dr Reich. Everything you say rings true. A few of the news media is actually saying that the Republican talking points are nonsensical and flat out lies. The greedy thoughtless and cruel Republicans need to be retired. How do you know a Republican is misrepresenting this travesty -- when their lips are moving.