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A Shorter Working Week Isn't a Luxury—It's An Ecological Necessity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/05/shorter-working-week-isnt-luxury-its-ecological-necessity


Work less, contemplate more. It’s tough, but it’s the only way forward. Oh, and procreate less. That’s a tough one as young ones are adorable and treasures. The planet, she is finite. Let’s honor that restriction. It’s the moral thing to do.


A total paradigm shift is needed in the economy. The economy really should be just enough to meet our needs, not to make us each live in excess. Years ago when the work was done in the village, people sang songs, told stories, did arts, engaged in sports. Sounds like fun to me! If making america great again means going back to that sort of lifestyle, I’m all for it! ha… ha…


Working the planet to death

Pipe dream. Get ready to drop your standard of living on your low wage, part-time work week. And your part-time week is under 40 hours, so you will likely spend your whole day waiting to be called, working split shifts, or working the worst parts of every job since you will also not have job protections and often poor to no benefits as well.

Quite right about one thing – cutting hours while retaining a 40 hr standard work week is another ticket to penury.
The solution is two-fold: 1. Redefine the standard work week as 28 - 32 hrs. 2. Increase the minimum wage to $25 - $30/hr.
This concept of time to contemplate, etc. is as old as Thomas Jefferson, who hoped that Americans would establish the social and economic means to have the time to read the Greek classics in the original Greek. The idea of shorter work weeks and a more equal distribution of rewards along with a guaranteed income was also actively discussed throughout the '70s.

Andrew Yang is talking about guaranteed income now.

I see the comments here already, and encourage everyone to actually read through the author’s referenced paper. He’s not talking about establishing a shorter work week for employees. That has absolutely no impact on greenhouse gasses. He’s proposing a limit on productivity. Don’t cut hours for one employee to make room for another employee to also have a job. Just stop production at some level lower than currently in place. Shut down the factory, the power plant, the airport. Just stop producing.

Even more of a pipe dream.

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The work less meme sounds great. I’ve been hearing about it since the 70’s. It was a so-called “promise,” made by–I forget now. What this could do is give more people a better chance to have a job. The trick is getting companies to pay full-time wages for shorter hours…and pay more people the same. How will that work out economically? There would have to be a total revolution in how company owners view their profit margins.

The primary mechanism that enriches the rich and povertizes the poor is our funny money system (syndicate, really) is our deliberately mis-named “Federal Reserve System” that is NOT run by the government but by private bankers. Our controllers have an endless supply of loot (stolen money) to control us, have perpetual wars (for peace, of course) without 99.999% of the sheeple ever realizing they are being sheered on a daily if not moment-to-moment basis. Money should be a public commodity, not an enslaving mechanism that does indeed not just steal our money but our time and the quality of our lives. Until the funny money system changes, not much else will. I suggest you read “The Creature From Jeckyll Island” by Ed Griffin for a start of understanding. Gopherit

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Hunter gatherer societies use 4-6 hours per day to satisfy their needs, the rest of the day being spent in social interaction. Working 12 hour days to satisfy your slave master is an invention of modern society. Fuck-em.

That was the “Jetsons”.

“Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Good advice never grows old.

Ah, now that’s a whole different story!