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'A Significant Milestone': Majority of House Dems Now Support Impeachment Inquiry, Increasing Pressure on Pelosi

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/01/significant-milestone-majority-house-dems-now-support-impeachment-inquiry-increasing

It’s about f#€king time. If the Democrats delay much longer, it’s gonna be exactly like Representative Castro said at the debate, "If the Democrats don’t impeach Trump, Trump will say, “See, I told you a that I was innocent, even the Democrats have admitted it.”"


We are waiting. And waiting, and waiting.
It’s beginning to stink of left-wing cowardice.

I doubt it’s the left wing of the Democrat party—all 4 or 5 of them!—that’s dragging their feet.

Not quite what I meant. Should have just said democrats. The main point being the obvious stalling by caucus and committees.


"Ms. Pelosi and her top lieutenants remain skeptical of advancing a full-bore impeachment without broader public support and are steering the caucus forward with one foot tapping the brakes. "

Yet another NYT spin that is a LIE

Pelosi has had numerous opportunities to garner support and evidence.
Just go with Tax Returns as an example.


Including Kissy Kissy with Herr drumph

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If the Orangegutan gets impeached, what happens? Does Pence take over and the Rapture happens?

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Impeach Trump for what? The Russia-gate claims are BS Neo-McCarthyite garbage.

HRC taking “her win” for granted is the immediate cause of Trump’s win in Nov 2016. HRC was a widely detested candidate, who made clear she just didn’t care about the concerns of average citizens. Trump did a slightly better job of pretending to do so, even though he was lying, and Trump’s work mattered in 6 or 7 close states where HRC only slightly lead Trump in the polls.

HRC also managed to lose debates 2 and 3 with Trump.

Imagine if the Senate convicted Trump, we get the theorcrat Pence.

This Russia-gate pushing, including the “but he obstructed” claims, is helping Trump.

Good job Common Dreams. /s

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Other than sending Pence a message, impeaching Trump will not do much good. What is desperately needed is to impeach the whole Republican Party! Who are insouciant and by their cowardly silence condone and approve of their egregious, Mafia boss!


Saying no one is above the law is a meaningless abstraction until the DNC demonstrates it by enforcing the law. “Civil society must always act as a counterweight against the state in a democracy. Power even in a democracy, carries within it the seeds of tyranny.” Paine


I think the Corporate Dems would prefer Trump getting re-elected over a progressive candidate like Bernie or Liz.

At least Trump will keep their Bribes and Tax Cuts to their RICH Constituents flowing.

Bernie or Liz will put an end to the Gravy Train.

Why upset the Status Quo and their Corporate Donors by imposing an Impeachment Process.

Progressives should adjust to the idea that waiting for a Declaration of Impeachment is like Waiting For Godot, he never arrived.


Yes, RussiaGate as pushed by Rottenhams and the DNC is absolute BS, but 45’s multiple obstructions of Mueller’s investigation are not, and his multiple violations of the emoluments clause are not. In any case, an investigation in the House by a committee with subpoena power should precede any vote on a bill of impeachment, so there’s plenty of opportunity to find some non-BS violations to hang him with.

I strongly doubt the R-majority Senate would convict, no matter how damning the evidence, but respect for the rule of law demands that we try. Get the Rs on the record as supporting a criminal (and suspected serial sexual predator).


Yes but if the impeachment is based on Russian meddling with the 2016 elections, it won’t be going anywhere. On the other hand Trump has so many clear violations of the constitution as well as local, state, global laws that makes the Russia gate not only frivolou, foolish and unnecessary. If anyone was involved, it was AIPAC, the Israelis who helped Trump win the last election not the Russians.


They are only half done putting the trump/Russia connections together. As if the known dealings are not disgusting enough. And trump is more widely detested than HRC by most of us.
That doesn’t say much for either one.
The term Russiagate is a messy description. Are we talking about one particular instance or one of the 180 connections?

Not if you’re referencing Russia-gate obstructions. Those are BS charges.

Not the subject of the impeachment push. You know this.

So now the subject of impeachment should be sexual assult?

Your desperation is showing.

Nancy got very rich during her political career, taking bribes from the same corporations and wealthy elites who own the GOP.
Nancy & Chuck are moderate Republicans–enemies of FDR democrats.
Nancy has the added problem of female rivalry syndrome–she can’t handle the estrogen-rich righteous integrity of THE SQUAD.
Nancy, either impeach the traitorous criminal, or get out of the way.
You’ve done enough damage colluding with the GOP.
Time to retire and enjoy your bribe money.

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I wouldn’t pick on just GuildF312S.
MOST of us are desperate to shit can trump.


How about increasing pressure on Pelosi to resign? I think that millions of Demos have had more than enough of this spineless, pathetic Trump enabler. I know I have. Some people at 78 years of age are remarkable in their clarity and sense of purpose. Nancy is not. She is just another corrupt pol playing the cynical games of Washington, DeCeit.
What a fantasy to imagine if someone like Ocasio-Cortez was the Speaker! Trumpo the Klown could collapse from a stroke because he would know just what level of deep shit he would be in. He would FINALLY have to take responsibility for his actions - something he has never done in his rotten, stinking, corrupt life. I would just love to see him degenerate into a blubbering mass knowing that the bullshit, conniving, grifter days were over and that Justice was coming for him, big time. I know, I know, but I can dream can’t I?



Pelosi wants to see if they can ‘use the courts’…

Does she mean the courts that Moscow Mitch just packed with unitary-executive-theory Federalist Society members?