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'A Significant Milestone': Majority of House Dems Now Support Impeachment Inquiry, Increasing Pressure on Pelosi

The first thing that this caucus should do is replace Pelosi, House, Busts, et al.

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Ahhh, Thomas Paine, one of my Enlightenment heroes. A remarkable, progressive man who suffered for it , even from his contemporaries.

Pelosi doesn’t want to start an impeachment inquiry until there is broad public support - but the purpose of the inquiry is to gather the evidence that would generate broad public support.

I think that I see some circular reasoning.


Being individual 1 is enough to get the inquiry going. It allows the courts more reason to collect the info being obstructed. I know Republicans sure wouldn’t have waited this long. Nancy get the hell out of the way !


‘Busts’ should be ‘Bustos’, as in Cheri Bustos, of the DCCC.

The big question in my mind is…ONLY 50%!!!
I know most are DINO’s, but WTF.

“In every meaningful way, our investigation is an impeachment inquiry.”
NO it’s not, you’re getting crosschecked at every turn in the courts, because you wont open an official impeachment inquiry, that gives congress much more wiggle room in the courts.
It’s becoming very clear, the DINO’s don’t want Trump removed, just like they don’t want to win in 2020 with all of these skewed polls showing Biden’s still in the lead. Almost any dem candidate would mop the floor with Pence in 2020.
Since most in congress are rich, could it be they actually like the tax cuts Trump has provided, with talk of another in the future?

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Wouldn’t the democrats feel completely stupid if after all the lawsuits, and other court battles, end up saying that Donald J. Trump does not qualify to run for, or much less be president.
Time to pull out all stops and take impeachment as far as it will go.
If not, throw in the towel because law and order will mean nothing, as it is already bearing out to be.

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That stink you’re smelling, it’s the death of the Democratic party.

So you’re for the theocrat Pence then?

So you got nothing. That’s what I thought.

Ha, ha.

No, it’s a good term for neo-McCarthyism coming from the NY Times and establishment Democrats.

There’s no big Trump Russia deal or co-conspiracy. Even the “Trump Tower Moscow” conspiracy didn’t exist.

HRC elected Trump. And your ilk looks to be trying to re-elect him.

We agree on that. If not for her sense of entitlement, we could be nearing the 3/4 mark of the first Sanders term.

Telling potential witnesses to withhold documents or to ignore subpoenas is obstruction, plain and simple. What’s BS is Brand D’s failure to launch a formal inquiry, for reasons one can only speculate about.

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More divide and conquer. Robber baron Jay Gould said it best:

That’s not evidence. That’s wishful speculation. It’s very like Rachel Maddow.

Still not evidence for Russia anything and Trump.

Let’s start by recalling that Susan McDougal served time in 1998 for civil contempt of court for refusing to testify.
Build your denials from there.

So you got nada regards Trump Russia.

And instead try to move the goal posts to another bogus impeachment.

Sorry, but denials based on lack of evidence are the reality you have to cope with.

You’re making excuses.

You are making hash.
The nada is in proving the negative. Where is the proof challenging the Mueller report for example.
Beyond that there are a handful of impeachable offenses trump has committed.
Let’s go there.

Not evidence. And apparently you don’t know what “hash” means.

Don’t have to prove Trump innocent.

Challenging what? That the Mueller report doesn’t support the Russia-gate claims with evidence.

You’ve already tried moving the goal posts to non-Russia claims, but that’s not the subject here.

Psst, next time be familiar with the Mueller report, and his evidence free indictments.

Most of what you’ve posted is straight out of Glenn Beckistan.

I liked your comment and could you imagine AOC giving it the the evil bastard Trump If it could only be. I love AOC. Someone called her gods gift to the left. I agree.

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impeach ??? for what ? our president has not cause any issue of impeachment , please state the reason fool ?

impeach ??? for what ? our president has not cause any issue of impeachment , please state the reason for impeachment