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A Sin In Thee: Making Up God's Part of the Conversation


A Sin In Thee: Making Up God's Part of the Conversation

Modestly declaring herself “just a vessel God has chosen for this time and this place,” Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who doesn't want gay couples to get married, has been jailed by a federal judge for confusing religious freedom with illegal discrimination, ignoring our time-honored separation of church and state, and self-righteously setting herself above the law - aka not doing her job. Wingnuts are giddily prepping for her sainthood.


You can't make this shit up! Only in America! A woman who is on her fourth husband declares that her conscience prevents her from taking any part in the willful destruction of "traditional marriage," by granting licenses to gays and lesbians. Kim Davis is an imbecile and her stand against same sex marriage is contemptible. It's tiresome to hear religious fanatics dress up their bigotry as piety and conviction. In the good old days, the likes of Kim Davis burnt witches at the stake and organized pogroms against the Jews. As Nietzsche argued, the righteous always need a target for their sinister designs on "goodness" and power. Kim Davis well understands that Jews and "unruly women" are off limits today, so she has decided to make do with evil homosexuals and lesbians.

Ms Davis is doing her best to win the title of a martyr. What a pathetic charade! The fool has nothing better to do with her life than to pretend virtue and get herself thrown in jail as a matter of "conscience" ? Yeah right! Kim Davis has delusions that she is someone important. It's obvious that she is a small-minded person who lacks creativity and compassion. She is pretending to a serious view of the world that she must likely does not have. One can easily see that she is a loser in the game of an interesting life, and she is now resolved to make up for that by adopting the ludicrous persona of a "true Christian." Let her stay in jail for a while, it might make her come to her senses. She needs to realize that life down here on planet earth, with sickness and death as unavoidable realities, is hard for all of us. Will it matter to her that two lesbians want to get married, when one day the doctor comes to her with the bad news that she has a serious illness? Try to live your own life Ms Davis; that is already hard enough. What makes you think that you know what is best for all other people? She ought to heed the lesson of her savior that one should not judge lest ye be judged yourself. A "useful idiot" like Ms Davis is repulsive, but one also feels (just a little bit) a vague sense of pity: here is a pathetic person who can't do anything meaningful with her life except lend it to the most vile kind of bigotry. Ms Davis says she doesn't want to go to hell by sanctioning same-sex marriage. But she is already in the hell of utter mean spiritedness and small-mindedness, only she does not know it.

The best punishment for Ms Davis--and it might be the only way for her to recover her humanity--is if she suddenly found out that one of her children was gay or lesbian. Ms Davis needs to be saved from her own worst self.


In a nutshell, these people are obsessed with sex!
People of Davis's ilk like to persecute homosexuals, but once progress happens or someone calls them out for what they are, they turn around all butt-hurt and play the victim. Martyred, they shriek "you are persecuting us!"
These people are on a crusade, because something is so missing in their life they have to expend time and energy trying to defeat natural progression and evolution of ideas. They like telling others they have never met how to live their lives. Many are hypocrites of the worst manifestation. But that doesn't stop them. "Gott mit uns!" They think their ideology is so superior as it is sanctioned by their god (so they believe) that they will expend precious energy and time attempting to get everyone on board. One size fits all, NO exceptions!!!!
These people are against masturbation, too!
So, how are they going to enforce these "sanctions" should the government ever enact their biblically-inspired sex mandates into law? Sex police? Window peeping drones?


I'd have to disagree, particularly as we don't see that kind of pointlessly predatory behavior in the most powerful non-humans (elephants, lions, tigres, rhinos). We do see it in certain species of weasels, and iirc in hyenas, but we have no stronger a relationship with them than we do with lions and tigers (afaik).

I do hope that woman stays in jail until the state supreme court removes her from office.


i don't mind "putting yourself above the law." i hope we all do that several times a day! The hypocrisy and irony are hilarious though.


I wouldn't wish it on her kids, though.
She is an elected official, cannot be fired.
I say...impeach the bitch.


If you're having a conversation with god then you are most definitely talking to yourself.


I thought you needed 'god' to talk back for you to be talking to yourself. Otherwise you're just babbling. smile


I live in Kentucky, and I am disgusted this was allowed to drag on and become the fracas that it has. No one is violating this woman's beliefs. She may live her personal life as she wishes and consider whomever she wishes damned, if that makes her feel good. BUT-when you are elected to a public office and are being paid by taxpayers, many of whom are of differing beliefs than you, you leave your personal religious preferences at the door. If you find that you cannot do that, then the proper thing to do is to resign so that someone else can fill the position. You don't get to keep your office and stomp your feet and refuse to do your job and still be paid.

I gather that many in the state legislature think she's just ducky, so I don't consider the likelihood of her being impeached to be very high, which is unfortunate. She should have been out on her ear three weeks ago and another election underway already. The people of Rowan County deserve a clerk who will do his or her job.


She's not going to quit till Faux News hires her - like god told them to.


Evolution is a scientific theory, which means that it is not "belief", but an explanation that best fits the scientific FACTS that we observe. The facts themselves are not in dispute -- they are merely facts as we observe them. The explanation of the facts, however, is not itself a fact, but what best fits all the facts observed. So, in theorizing about what best fits the facts we observe about the motions of the planets, stars, moon, sun, etc., Ptolemy came up with a theory of the motions of extra-terrestrial bodies that seemed to explain the retrograde motion of the planets, as well as everything else that moves out there. As a theory, it was a pretty good fit. But Ptolemy's theory was not itself a fact. Further investigation, and the gathering of ever more scientific facts proved Ptolemy's theory wrong. We now theorize about gravity and motion, and because we have not observed epicycles in planetary motion, we have discarded Ptolemy in favor of a theory that, at this time, best fits all the facts about planetary motion that we currently know. Evolution is the best explanation we currently have that best fits the facts we observe. It is not a religious belief at all, which requires no facts whatsoever, but rests on faith. The story of the creation, as described in the Bible, is not a scientific theory. It is not based on fact, but on faith.

If you believe that a God created the universe, then you must grant that whatever we observe in that universe is a direct observation of what God created. If we observe that E=MC2, then God created the universe in such a way that E=MC2. The same goes for evolution. If we observe that evolution applies in God's creation, then God created the universe so that evolution is a part of it. Religion tells us to ignore what we see and go on faith that what we see is wrong. I just cannot agree with such a system of belief, one that tells us that our rigorous observations of how the universe works is all wrong because people simply BELIEVE otherwise.

This conflict between belief and theories based on rigorous observation is not new. We once BELIEVED that the earth was the center of the universe, and that all the universe revolved around us. Kepler, Copernicus and Galileo helped us move from a BELIEF in how the universe operates into a theoretical system based on rigorous observation. If God created the universe such that evolution is what we rigorously observe, so be it. That evolution is a part of God's creation in no way negates the notion that God exists or that he/she created everything. Science explains what God did, how his/her creation works. If people choose to BELIEVE differently, all fine and good. We may as well choose to believe that Maxwell's equations are just as much a religious idea as belief in a geocentric universe, but personally, it is not religious faith that tells me when I flip the light switch, the room gets brighter.


Great comment!


I agree with the majority of your comment short of the last sentence referred to above. Best punishment is for her to spend time in the "general population" of a women's penitentiary where she will learn many more "positions," "moves," and meet many more "un-Christian" women than she never knew existed. Foisting her vicious, hateful beliefs and vengeance on a child who may be gay would be cruel. She would probably send them packing regardless of their age.


You find climate change a belief too, I suppose?
Unlike god and his alleged hatred of homosexuals, these are backed by evidence, not faith.


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Harleys suck. It's my personal belief, and I'm willing to take the consequences. Actually-there are some new Harleys coming on line that are worth looking at. About time.


Talk about how hard it is to fire/punish government bureaucrats. Took then awhile to deal with her.

A couple of days ago some server at an Arby's refused to serve a policewoman, cuz she was policewoman. Two days later both the server and the manager are no longer employed there.


Kim reread your New Testament. It's there to show you where the Old Testament needs revision
Pretty sure "Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's"....covers the point in the vernacular.
Do your job. Issue the licenses or move out.

Now about those voices ......


Raaamen Sister Raven!

Praise be to the only real God: The Prince of Pasta! For he speaks to me from Hell's Kitchen and I am able to read the future in his snaking entrails on my plate!

What is it he says to me?

He says: I have chosen you alone, My Drooling Disciple, to reign in my absence on Earth and punish the blasphemous false God worshippers who don't partake of the body of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Sorry Communion-Cracker and Kosher eating infidels!

Only Noodles are the real God! Nothing else will get you to Tomato-heaven.

The Good God Spaghetti gave his only berotten son, Spagehttios, to die on the kitchen pot of torture for us all! Give up your false Gods and deny marriage or rights to all others who don't worship in the Limp Noodle Church....

Back to you, Sister Red-Ravioli Raven...


Art thou a pasta purist or a blasphemous meatball maniac?