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A Slimy Man Thrusting His Genitals


A Slimy Man Thrusting His Genitals

Because the Sexual-Predator-In-Chief has no sense of probity or even prudence about revealing his bottomless jackassery, he has ineptly barged into the national conversation about sexual misconduct by attacking Dems accused of it, endorsing pedophile Roy Moore and abruptly backtracking - fake news! - on his infamous pussy-grabbing tape. Yet another bad move: Brave New Films presents 16 women abused by a gross guy who's full of it, and has yet to pay.



Even after all of this personal testimony from women whom the Predator violated was revealed last fall, 63 million Americans still voted for this scum bag with a majority of white voting women voting for him as well. What the hell happened to this country?

“Preliminary exit poll results show that while she won women by 12 points overall (Trump won men by the same margin, a historic gender gap),1 Clinton lost the votes of white women overall and struggled to win women voters without a college education in states that could have propelled her to victory. I wrote Tuesday night about Clinton’s collapse in the Midwest — she saw Ohio, Wisconsin and probably Michigan slip away, all states President Obama won in 2008 and 2012 — and this appears to be in part because of her performance among voters who don’t have a college degree, including women. In Michigan, Trump won those women along with white men, their support for him drowning out white, college-educated women’s votes for Clinton. She won that demographic by 10 points, but these women account for only two in 10 Michigan voters.”

“Trump, on the other hand, found his strength among white women, whom he won by 53 percent overall.”

“A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV,” the actress and comedian said during a star-studded Facebook Live fundraiser for the American Civil Liberties Union. “You can’t look away because it doesn’t affect you this minute, but it’s going to affect you eventually.”


It is my understanding that trump is paying legal fee’s for staffers and maybe others caught up in this administrations mess. Maybe if there are more people filing more cases against more actions it will bankrupt him. Already he is loosing out on his branding of hotels and such across the globe. I heard on NPR today about a property in Panama going X-trump branding. What a brand to have plastered all over. Maybe a re-branding would serve him better, something like Groper Roper(steaks), Orange Hair Clubs for Men(golf courses), Fat Man Swinging Sticks(golf clubs), Predator President(head of government). I know it’s not right to make fun of a bad thing but it makes me sick at heart that this is happening and a little levity never hurt. The man is sick and he is making our country sick.


I am so bored with US government perverts I decided to write it like in this excerpt from a beginning chapter;

Tamara Rey was very frightened yet at the same time she felt a calmness flow into her body that helped her feel stronger than she had ever felt in her life. The president must have at least subconsciously noticed her stance and expression change for he moved a half-step back from her as she began to speak.

“Sir, this is the first I have ever heard about not being a citizen. Are you sure about this?”

“That was the director of Ice who just came in and told me,” the president said. “Why would he make up a story about you?”

Tamara felt her heart pounding. She was an almost twenty-one year-old athlete in perfect shape beginning to feel angry in front of an elder who was also president of the United States. She clenched her teeth and became a silent indigenous person of the jungle instead of a beautiful urbane young college student. Tamara felt her heart pound harder still. Strength flowed through her. A dangerous creature was standing directly in front of her at arm’s length. She could see by its body language that it did not know how she had changed.

“Did you hear me?” She heard him say as if in a slow motion dream.

“Yes, I heard you.” Tamara answered without moving a muscle.


When President iTrumpet put his arm over Tamara’s shoulder to comfort her with what he considered a fatherly hug, he had no idea that she was the western US college karate champion, or that his bullying had already turned her into an adrenalin pumped Cabrona; danger incarnate, the jungle goddess of defense. This moment was different than the one shared by Raúl and Obama; Tamara did not stop as Raúl had. Tamara reached up with her left hand and grabbed iTrumpet by the eyes, nose and upper lip so fast he could not react. She twisted his face while watching for him to move.

Tamara had planted both feet firmly in Oz and she knew it. She watched iTrumpet’s arms jerk upward. She let go of his face and raised her left arm to safety as she stepped forward and buried her right fist up to its wrist in his fat flabby solar plexus. Her preprogrammed left arm swung in a circle like a soft ball pitcher and joined with her rising right arm to harmlessly brush aside his still raised arms as he fell.

The room was silent except for wheezing gasps of the president attempting to breath. No one said anything to interrupt his whooping gasps for air. Tamara stood over the gasping president and was first to speak. “I am sorry, sir,” she began. “You put your arm over my shoulder and frightened me. I reacted without thinking. Please forgive me.” She turned to her coworkers and tried to apologize. Everyone remained silent. Everyone peeked but no one looked Tamara straight in the eyes; they were too hot to look at. Tamara was still Cabrona. Átlan Kamakazi.


He won the votes of 27% of the electorates, of which white women were the majority.


“Bottomless Jackassery” - brilliant and sooo accurate…to our nations great shame and detriment, but somewhat tame!
We must add criminal, racist, shallow, moronic, malignant, and vindictive…among sooo many other accurate descriptives of his bottomless pathological and self-serving behavior.


Hillary and the DNC purposefully elevated ‘Pied Piper’ candidate Trump. Hillary, the second most disliked candidate for president in history, saw this as good strategy. Playing with fire, she burned us all.

I’ll never forget. I’ll never forgive.