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A Slow River Flows Through the Campaigns


A Slow River Flows Through the Campaigns

Rev. Billy Talen

The teleprompters seemed to be climate science deniers. It was as if the political class at the microphones of Philadelphia and Cleveland suffered from a deep racial fear or even sexual fear – of the Earth.

Directly addressing the crisis of our lives was impossible. For Earth activists the conventions were an unnatural but familiar disaster. Hillary’s single sentence for the climate pushed it into the laundry list of progressive issues. I was slowly slumping in paralysis like everyone else.


Stop shopping for a POTUS candidate, Rev. Talen, you already have a great choice in Jill Stein !

Vote Green in 16 !


What do you mean "we"? I am totally tied to the earth and its cycles. I am a horticulturist and I have been aware of the crashing of the eco-system for decades. I am outside every day and can't miss it. I suggest everyone get out of the air conditioning and go outside for longer than it takes to get to the car, roll up the windows and switch the A/C to full blast. Jim Inhofe, my state senator, says climate change is a hoax. Besides being bought lock, stock and barrel by the oil industry, Inhofe spends his days in climate controlled comfort. I suggest he go outside and do some of the things his lying campaign ads pretend he does. Maybe he might notice the city lake no longer freezes in the winter like it used to. Maybe he'll notice the scissor tails coming back three weeks early in the spring or the quinces and forsythia blooming a month early every year. Maybe he'll notice the yearly average first freeze date is now November 12th instead of Oct 10th like it was 30 years ago. Of course he would have to pull his head out of Exxon-Mobile's ass to do so. "We" elect him and he represents only the narrow interest of oil companies.


It may not be a consum**ER** issue, but it is most defintely a matter of what we consume -- we are so busy reaching out for the newest toy that we don't see what is happening not only to us, but all around us. We need to stop and breathe, and help Gaia birth the END of this sad planet so that She can get on with birthing the new one; and while the end may consume all of us, at this point in time I will deal with whatever comes as long as it does NOT include One. More. Year of the utter inanity that we have lived through for too many years already!

Pwr 2 the WICCAN peons!


It might be a fine idea to vote Inhofe out of office.

And every other incumbent running for office, Democratic and Republican.

The whole bunch of them play an active role in this rampant corruption.


I've been feeding creatures in my yard most of the years we've lived here (10+) and what started out as a couple of squirrels, and a few birds has grown to at least 5 squirrels, a stray cat, 4 crows, a mama opossum and a couple of babies, at least 2 raccoons, and this week we discovered we have a ferret, along with numerous garter snakes and bluejays, blackbirds, mourning doves and cardinals. I know that global warming is anything but a hoax b/c these poor creatures are willing to risk life and limb traversing a city, just to get the food I put out for them!

Concerning the flora in my yard ... the tomato plant that I planted last year, came up voluntarily this Spring and I will be harvesting many beautiful romas next month! I truly believe Gaia has taken care of us b/c we are taking care of Her creatures. :yum:


"f we feel trapped by Trump and Clinton," let me finish that sentence... "vote Stein!" :wink:


Preach it, Brother Billy! Can I get a "blessed be"!


It's like we're living in that split-second of a car crash


The slow river that flows through the campaigns carries the heavy sludge of war. The United States has been at war almost every year since its inception in 1776.

If we want a better future for ourselves and future generations, we must stop the sludge weighing us down, and promote peace as vigorously as the monied "elites" promote war.


Get rid of Monsanto. Start there.

TRUMP 2016


Lots of good info here, Iskra, but the rich, the government, and militaries all consume. And they are very much limited and impacted by corporate-controlled information. So in that sense, it is very much and very completely a consumer issue.

I feel pretty sure that I am working a bit skew to your intentions in this, a bit skew to how you are using some of these words. I hope you will humor me for a bit because I don't think I see just how you are putting these together.

Climate is a consumer issue, mostly because the oligarchy are our principal consumers. It is so much as a thing can take time and also occupy space or be green and also tall. It is also very much an issue of oligarchy, as you point out. But I do not think that this makes it any less an issue of and for the general population. As consumers, we are also as a group a principal and mission-critical support for hierarchy. They depend on us far more than we depend on them.

It seems to me that there is left us a narrow range of more and less nearly adequate response and that very great differences in human suffering are apt to be incumbent on our choices--as usual. Very broadly, I think we can know the following:

  • Individuals are very mired in an international economy run by psychopaths
  • So-called "leaders" of that economy depend on it, often more than subjects
  • The economy destroys its support and everyone else's
  • The crisis occasioned by the above approaches

We might conclude that oligarchs will make massively bad decisions until the point that the changes take them out. That is an optimistic point here, by the way: the power that will be lost is one mostly used against us anyway. With a bit of wisdom in place, the loss of hydrocarbon power could well be a blessing. We are nowhere close to being able to make predictions adequate to the common and odd conclusion that the species is effectively extinct or that all hope is lost. Instead, we find ourselves enduring what appears to be a very large (and mostly still upcoming) strange-attractor-type shift in a complex, self-organizing system. Among other things, that means that our actions are far from predictably useless, but that any of them is apt to have a "butterfly effect" sort of impact. We can very well fight city hall. We must, in fact: that is all that one ever really does at a city hall, all that makes it a city hall.

In practice, of course, it will surely involve a very large and a deadly reckoning of some sort, amongst great and unpredictable instabilities of some sort. The question is not whether something can be done, but what to do. It is no great sacrifice to do things. We do them now, and we shall predictably continue until the poles melt or Hell freezes over, so to speak. We are doing something or other all the time; being mostly clueless about the results does nothing to change that.

Now, in this I think we share and observation, more or less. I don't think it is enough to just stop using petroleum myself, let's say. Exxon will say, "OK, great" and carry on with the militaries and the rich. However, they do carry on with your and my money and support as well, to the extent that we enter that economy.

It think we might also agree that it tends to be slow and hard to do things outside of that economy. So Clintons and Bushes sort of flying to a crash by Lear Jet while I try to walk away from Point Zero on foot.

What works is to buy little as possible other than what one needs to start a new economy. Insofar as that is done, the largesse of the current system can be directed to solutions. So if my shovel has a plastic handle and I use it to dig swales and plant trees, it might just be a bonus that the petrol for the plastic was not available for bags to choke the oceans or strangle birds or to fuel drones or make and deliver Roundup.

Altogether, the matter is not one that is not subject to consumer agency. It's just that such agency has to go quite a bit outside of what we usually understand by the term.


Look up Brand New Congress and get involved to the extent that you can. We need the involvement of lots of people to pull this off.


Rev. Talen, the urge to place everyone in the same "unity camp" twists language in ways that take the Truth out of it.

There is a chasm-wide distance between those NOT given voice at major debates and electoral shows and those who OWN the narrative and receive all the press and air time.

Therefore, utilization of the all-encompassing pronoun "we" when used to attribute cause to all souls when what is done--by deliberate intention--is done by a few, is disingenuous. I make noise about this because the term WE drowns out alternatives by propping up a sort of one-size-fits-all uniform categorization. It takes what Power does and makes the mistake that this dominant force somehow speaks for all. Since it clearly does not, it makes sense for people to distinguish themselves from these normative statements in order to begin to cognitively sculpt honest alternatives to them:

"You might say that this silence betrays a love of the fear of death. This late in the game, 2016, we fetishize our fear of death if we fail to speak up for life."

I had the privilege of participating in a session with an esteemed trance-medium. Granted, having been interested in the paranormal for more than 40 years I've met my share of frauds. Yet among them, 3 genuine sources stand out and what they revealed to this day holds major meaning.

I was told:

"Many want oblivion... an end to it all."

This was before all the talk of End Times, too.

And when I began to see, particularly among the Evangelical Christians (although one sect has departed from the Group Think to act on behalf of saving ecosystems and the Great Mother Earth) this idea that End Times was "God's Will," I realized what had been done.

That since life is regarded as a spiritual gift direct from Creator-Source, few would throw that gift back in the "face" of this Source. However, to come up with a seeming spiritual narrative that justified the destruction of the earth AS God's will would be a quick way to do what Jim Jones did on a small scale: convince millions of people that the END was near and God, himself, had called it.

How many wars have been called and fought allegedly in "God's" name?

How about primogenitor: This idea that ONLY the first born son was holy and therefore destined to inherit his family's fortune?

How about Divine right of King or the selling of Indulgences?

The elites have created a narrative that makes it possible for THEM to block investments in fossil fuel free technologies. This narrative makes it possible for them to poison the ecosystems and kneecap politicians from writing laws to block such acts.

End Times is the spiritual version of Free Enterprise. In both instances, the commons are robbed under the guise that graft, corruption, and sins against Life somehow fall under a Best Practices rubric.

Very few sins against humanity don't have God's name falsely attributed to the various and sundry campaigns of ruin. This is yet another.

MANY of us are keenly aware of the Earth Mother's plight--and many speak about it from Ronnie Cummins with his dietary advice to Vandana Shiva on the ancient farming practices that would reconstitute the soil and help to bring down atmospheric CO2 levels.

There's Bill McKibben's committed efforts and the Cowboy-Indian alliance, all the brave Kayakavists and journalists & environmentalists on the front lines of documenting the horrors.

To suggest that "we" don't care because corporate sellouts toe the Exxon-Mobil line is not a solid analysis... and frankly, it's not honest.


You raise points that I speak frequently about. Perhaps they need to be articulated by someone else.


... the moneyed elites bought out the major publishing houses, the TV & radio channels, and most newspapers.

They understand the power and importance of controlling the spectrum of the presumed-possible and keeping any alternatives to their fear-based narratives off the radar.

IF people had the tools of academe, major radio & TV & print media at their disposal, it would be far easier to change the narratives.

As you likely know, when Truth does get "out there," it tends to end up Balkanized. The Rush Limbaugh crowd is convinced they know the truth, and then there are the religious fanatics, the males who identify so strongly with guns you'd think they were a biological extension of their beings, and so forth.

Control of the media must return to The People.

And the way the academic world has been de-funded paved the path for "generous donors" like Monsanto funding research on bio-tech., or Big Pharma funding research on which drugs do what to the body, and so forth. Everything has been made to run like Washington's lobbyist system: A not just political pay per view.


That 'slow river' is so full of 800 lb. Gorillas that you can walk across and not get wet....or Elephants if you prefer.


But, really, it IS a consumer issue. Everything which we just gotta have, buy and toss away week after year, it all comes from once living diverse interconnected environments, which we reduce to toxic landfills, pavements, and "warzones." We do reduce all and everything to dollar values and profits and believe that our egosystems are somehow an improvement on functioning ecosystems.
We all do have and make choices. As Westerners, we hop in and turn the keys and drive and fly in circles, turn up n down the heat and air conditioning and consider too little if at all our impacts on pure water, clean air and healthy soil, which are actual wealth and security.
As consumers, we demand our cheap/slave labour made disposable products, which do NOT reflect "actual" costs to living systems and future life. We are eating the principal of nature and not living on the interest or within sane limits of policy.
Yes, ignorance beliefs, and education, and money seems to be all humans semm to care about. That and fenced off ownership of the commons and exploitation/reduction of everything to dollar values.
I have a challenge for all of us. Cancel our garbage service and live with all that we waste and throw away. Really, there is no away, and aside from food, most of what we consume is excess, and has little to do with either happiness or functionability of a healthy commons.
What are we creating and what are we leaving behind, and just what are we giving back to the commons?
We DO choose, with every waking dollar, and every trash can, week after year.
Too few of us bother to look in or consider our own trash cans and in the end, it is not the "leaders", but all of us, which choose.


He froze the Clinton professionals with dread. Dr. West spoke openly of the soul, prophecy, the agony of Gaza, and what it means to hesitate with your morals, as if to warn the Clinton professionals that they would be depressed by their hack work.

Some beautiful imagery, Rev. Billy Talen. Love your work/play.


You can get an Amen, too!